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Believe Me.

Hi! I won’t belabor how long it’s been since I’ve written anything. I’ll just say it’s good to be back. I have spent so many mornings with great ideas to write about — excellent analyses (in my humble opinion), moments of epiphany, ridiculous and hilarious observations (in my increasingly not humble opinion) — and never put them down. I actually think I was quite angry there for a while and I have a strict policy of trying not to share that kind of thing. Gratuitous bitching really doesn’t help the world, and it’s not all that useful to an individual either.

And then Donald Trump happened.

And I realized that perhaps it was time to speak again, to counter what is essentially the living embodiment of putting angst out into the world and watering it and watching it grow. And not in an annoying, whiny way (although The Don certainly does that), but in a way that incites frustration and rage to bubble up to the surface in those who have trouble keeping perspective for whatever their socioeconomic, psychological, cultural reasons. And, if you need some convincing of just how serious I think this is, I just quit one of my jobs over it. I was asked to be a little more forgiving, a little less directly disgusted, in my writing about it. And, well, no. It’s too important and means more to me than whether or not I can hook my star to someone who may make a little flow out of a Trump presidency. DC tests you like that. I continue to pass, at least by my own metric. And I hope the country will join me in that grading system; which is to say, I hope a plurality of voters will  determine that The Don isn’t just woefully politically under informed, emotionally and temperamentally unfit for leadership, borderline retarded when it comes to policy, and morally very nearly repugnant, but that he’s also, at heart, basically a liar who doesn’t give a shit about anything. He’s not a fascist (although he could easily move in that direction if he was given the power to do so which, because he’s running for president, he would probably never be). He’s more a nihilist and an anarchist; except, of course, when it comes to keeping his own interests protected. Then the bureaucratic system works just fine. For him. But not for you, Trump supporter.

You should still be angry.

One of my issues with libertarians (and I lean heavily in their direction on a significant number of issues) is their tendency to revert back to a status quo position of “watching the world burn”. They enjoy a Trump because it gives them the joy of self-righteously promoting this kind of thing, wherein the idea that Trump is a fascist is explored and found wanting in favor of the idea that, hey, American politics are always violent so, meh. Everyone relax.

I hate that kind of complaisance. Some stuff is important. On a personal level, it was important enough to quit a job over. On a macro level, it’s the potential demise of this grand idea of a Democratic Republic we’ve been floating for a couple hundred years. And, pardon me for the embarrassing passion, but I’m not quite ready to just let it go without a fight.

Anyway, a friend and talented writer addressed this back before the turn of the new year, and it’s worth your time. It basically outlines how Trump is the thought leader for these guys:



It’s the Big Lebowski. Just look it up.

I’m almost certain that we will look back on this moment in our political history and see a YUGE fork in the road. The lens future generations will use to view that fork — whether it looks positive or brow-wipingly serious — will be determined by just how far we let this man infiltrate — and that’s what it is — our precious political process.

And, while I am, in fact, a supporter of Marco Rubio — something I’m sure I’ll cover in a future post, I’d be with him on this issue even if I planned on voting for Cruz (who, if he can win it, I’ll breathe a sigh of relief as big as his home state). Because you can lay the blame at the feet of the protestors who disrupted the rally for the violence in Chicago. And that would be appropriate. And you can lay blame at the feet of the Trump supporters who have trouble keeping a cork on their whisky bottle of rage. Also appropriate. But some of that blame is undeniably on the careless man himself, who, by the way, knows exactly what he is. He is the snake we took home and cared for, all the while, knowing he was a poisonous viper. 

And that, my friends, is on us.

And I have no intention of looking back and regretting that I didn’t stand up and at least scream “danger!” into the wind. As Steve Hayes wrote in one of the best things I’ve seen about the weirdness that is the Donald Trump run for the Presidency:

“The main reason I won’t support Trump is simpler and more personal: I couldn’t explain such a vote to my children.”

Which road you choose matters.

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