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Hi, been awhile. Again. I know. Sometimes I just get busy and distracted and overwhelmed. But I always come back to you crazy faceless people out there who may, or may not, just be bored enough to read this. Actually, what I come back to is the need to dump my brain via my fingers tapping at a keyboard. It’s very healing. You should try it some time…

Anyway, first things: my lovely English friend Matt has continued to extend the invitation to come visit London and stay with him and his charming wife. I believe, if I can squirrel the money away, I just may do it some time next year. I’ve never flown by myself before. And I’m not sure I want to. But I’m thinking about it…

Was talking to my mom about the Ferguson stuff and something sort of clicked for me. The fundamental problem is that there’s a ton of “activism” — and I use that word pointedly — that came into that neighborhood and incited a lot of anger, but chances are those same tendencies won’t be on display in the aftermath when the neighborhood tries to rebuild. That’s how you know the people that came to “support” that community are full of it. Incidentally, I agree with this. Someone put it rather succinctly on Twitter by responding to someone else who said we “needed to know what happened.” This Twitter genius was basically like, the decision to indict has nothing to do with what we think we need to know. It has to do with whether or not the evidence was there. And, based on what I’ve read, that cop was defending himself appropriately. Is this to suggest that there isn’t some misuse of power within the ranks of policemen? Of course not. And maybe there will be a bright side to all of this because those things will begin to be addressed. But let me just say this: do not invoke Martin Luther King Jr. in any attempt to riot and loot. King had a very clear goal and was, in fact, adamant about not giving anyone a reason to discredit him while he walked the path. Eyes on the prize and all that. The goal of the “protestors” in Ferguson was simply chaos. Nothing finer than that. Or, if there was, it was buried under calls to “burn this bitch down.” I’m pretty sure King would be rolling in his grave at simply the terrible vernacular, being the brilliant man of letters he was. Anyway, enough on that.

I was going to wax all smarty pants on the XL pipeline, but I think I’ll save it till the new Senate takes it up again next year. I believe it will be the primary engine that gets the economy moving again and I look forward to things beginning to move in that direction. Of course, what with the flooding of the job market that just occurred, it may be a slow growth. But my Pops reminded me that many of those illegals will not trust right away that this law will always be their out. It can be overturned, and they likely know that. So he thinks a great many of these people will continue to operate a shadow economy. “It was all about getting new voters anyway,” Pops said. “Which may end up backfiring on the Dems as well. These are blue collar people who care about church, family, earning a living. Sounds more conservative than anything else to me.” Also, hahaha.

Then there’s this guy. I tell ya, there are two people I would not want to be questioned by: one is Trey Gowdy, the other, Darrell Issa. Have fun you sanctimonious blowhard. I actually look forward to the way you try to weasel and gloat your way out of your grilling.

Okay, besides being a little annoyed that people try to talk to me sometimes like I’m a victim — especially if whatever they suppose I might be struggling with (they’re generally wrong. I’m in pretty good spirits most of the time.) is something they had a hand in creating — I have no other real insights except I’m making this beautiful cake for Thanksgiving with the cousins in S. Maryland. I bet it’s great with a hot spiked cider drink…

Other thoughts:

Personally, this is the one I think most likely. Easiest to pull off, least amount of cost to the aggressor for the most damage.

The more appropriate question is, is she ready for us? There’s an awful lot of conservatives up there on The Hill now…

I really love Twitter.

Hagel should read this. I found it pretty informative. Speaking of Hagel, the short list.

Way to honor your allies. Jesus.

Ha, you don’t say. Kids like boundaries and limits? Shocking.

So try to keep it together.

Gah, this issue is the best example of using language to confuse people I may have ever seen in my lifetime. Because net neutrality sucks. Remember when the Syrian government shut down the internet? That’s what net neutrality gets you. Believe it.

If you have a little mutt with some pit mixed in, read this. Roscoe gets dirty looks and people yell at me about it because they’re weird. This article made me feel better (and confirmed they’re weird).

Excellent piece on Bill Murray and Catholicism. And Latin.

It’s always been alive and well with me. And my friend Sarah apparently.

All the dancing:

I love this dress, but I might want it shorter, and tighter around the legs…

I watched this movie again the other night. The guy who wrote it is from Marietta, a suburb of Atlanta. Perhaps that’s why it has always resonated with me. In any event, fins performance by Spacey. As usual.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I hope it finds you with loved ones.

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Hey y’all. I’m finally getting some things out of my head, but there’s so much — because it’s been a while since I wrote anything here — I’m afraid it’s going to be jumbled and nonsensical. But then — Who are we kidding? — that precedent has been set. So here goes…

Not to start off on a downer note, but I’ve been wondering lately if something might not be really wrong with me. I seem incapable of just shutting up and plastering that American Beauty smile on my head and eating a ton of shit to be “happy” in a relationship and have the “perfect” life. I’m starting to believe those women who call all that stuff being “patient” and “loving” when it has always seemed to me their efforts were more about being manipulative to get the things they want. Which is a little bit the opposite of loving. But, as I said, something may be really wrong with me, I don’t know. I’ve been crying about it a lot lately. Just because it’s confusing, not really because it makes me sad. Awwww, I know. I’ll work it out.

Irregardlessly (great word, yes? Thanks Dave.), I’ll be back in Georgia here shortly. Leaving tomorrow morning sometime — at least that’s the plan — and will be hanging out back at the old stomping grounds in Athens for the UGA/Auburn game. The insignificance of such an event to the vast majority of people is not lost on me. But there’s a family mentality to it that’s hard to explain. I can be going for a run in DC, wearing one of my UGA shirts, and someone will slow down in their car, roll the window down and yell “Go Dawgs!” at me. I recently reconnected with an old friend — someone I haven’t talked to in many years — who lives in Texas now. But at the end of one of our conversations I mentioned heading back to Athens for the weekend and he signed off with a “Go Dawgs!”. Football people get this kind of thing I guess. Anyway, it’s a positive and I’m looking forward to it taking my mind off that other stuff, the stuff where I feel like I might be broken or strange in some way for wanting to — man, this is going to sound pretentious — live authentically. Let me throw some dirt on that: live with as little bullshit in my life as possible. Dreaming that impossible dream I guess…In my head I keep hearing that woman I know say, “Now, let’s keep some perspective…” to justify giving the go-ahead to do shitty things to get the good stuff (good stuff is defined there by the individual. Our shitty things are unique to us).

But the game draws me South, and I’m wondering where the UGA team that annihilated Kentucky was against Florida. Mason made beautiful tosses last week, and the defense seemed to understand how to stop the run. Maybe Kentucky’s just that much worse than Florida, but I don’t think so. Anyway, no sense dwelling on it. It’s just good to see them again. There was a lot of Richt hating following the Florida game — which did pretty much knock us out of National Championship contention — but then a friend of mine posted a brilliant screed from one of his friends about how ridiculous all that is. I won’t repurpose it here, but the main points were 1) Richt is the best coach Georgia has ever had, and very likely will go down as one of the best in the game before it’s over. The only thing he lacks is a National Championship. And the fat lady hasn’t even started humming yet on that one. And 2) he’s so good, in fact, that he has made the fan base a whiny, demanding, spoiled child who doesn’t even remember what mediocrity feels like. And I couldn’t agree more. So the tribe is heading South to test the theory. Right now I have a full car, including a dog. I have no idea how it’ll all play out, but it’ll be interesting…

Okay then, I could talk work — there’s some stuff happening that I’m learning to negotiate — but I think I’ll keep that one close to the vest and just talk news of the day instead. Because hey, turns out the country was pretty sick of being lied to and manipulated and treated like children. Weird, right? The bigger flip in the midterms is what happened in the state legislatures and the governor’s races. I mean Maryland and Illinois both elected Republican governors. Let that sink in…I’m not sure what this means for the 2016 Presidential race — I have some theories — but I know this: Progressivism is a loser at present. Sure there are still the low-info voters who might be sold (and, oddly, they look a lot like the upper middle class white kids from suburbia), but the Twerps of the world turned out to back a really dysfunctional and pretty ineffective view of leadership. Speaking of the Twerp — and here’s hoping this is the last time I speak of him ever — he made a comment to me after the 2012 Presidential election, in his charming and kind way, that “If you can’t find something to be happy about in the next four years, that’s on you!”

Hey Twerp…I’m pretty happy now after the shellacking your sorry ideology took recently. In fact, I’m smiling thinking about how you felt about it. Because of this. And this. And oh my goodness, this. And, the best for last, this. That last one of course because of the love letters. You know about the love letters, right? Anyway, I feel like I should thank you. Knowing you was so instructive and completely solidified exactly what kinds of things result from that aforementioned American Beauty smile.

Other things…

Well, at risk of just carrying the downer on into perpetuity, was anyone seriously confused that these guys were working hard to be players? They’ve been suffering from a Napoleon complex for pretty much ever. So, we’ve helped them step into the spotlight. Hurray. Oh, you question that we helped them? Wonder no more.

I know my mother wants to see me write about Gruber. All I can really say — and I said this to her over the phone — is that the man speaks the truth. They do think the rest of the world is stupid. He admitted it and got caught, although I don’t know how much he actually thinks he did something wrong. Because he’s a dick. Period.

Okay, besides, this and this, I’m going to leave things there. Except I want to weigh in on the great rendition of Fortunate Son at the Concert for Valor — people, music is best when it’s free and unfettered. It is sometimes the best of the First Amendment. Can it change hearts and minds? Yes. But lest we start burning books like the freakin’ Nazis, in the words of the great Paul McCartney, let it be.

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