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Friday Thought Dump

Hey. Finally sitting down to have a beer and do a little writing, and watching the Nats/Braves and O’s/Blue Jays games simultaneously. My Braves have good things ahead, but they just decided this wasn’t their year. They still could conceivably pull a wildcard out of their behinds, but they’re not playing like they want it so I’m not banking on it. Also, the Pirates are. And that’s okay because it is really exciting to watch these two local teams get into the post season excitement. The Orioles are a seriously badass team. I don’t think the Nats have the chops and, frankly, I will enjoy watching their fans join the true fan club, the one that requires your loyalty despite breaking your heart. I just want to see if they have it in them. But I’m pulling for the O’s all the way.

I bought a hat.

So much so I bought a hat.

So, October should have some good baseball. And I do love good baseball. That O’s team reminds me the early 90s Braves team. I was fortunate enough to get to see a lot of their post-season play at the Ted for several seasons and, seriously, if you like the game, there’s nothing more exciting and amazing than pennant races and World Series games. Go to the stadium if you can Nats and O’s fans. It’s such a great experience. Happy for you both. (But more the O’s.)

[Wrote that a few days ago…today starts here. I am pleased with my hat purchase though.]

Alright, I figured something out and I’ll be brief but it was something of an epiphany so I’m going to mention it. I’m truly sorry, some dudes, for not understanding I’m supposed to be a high maintenance witch and get mad and peace out when you do something rotten. I just figure people screw up so I don’t automatically beat a path when someone acts like a jerk. I’ll just try to talk it out. And I like this sort of philosophy of life. I’m sort of discovering now that I’m expected to get indignant. Sigh. Okay. But please don’t think I’m cool about things because I don’t care. I do care. That’s how I show it. Also, you guys are exhausting.

Okay, it’s been a while since I posted anything and I’ve hoarded a bunch of links, but many of them are no longer even interesting to me so I’m tossing several. The following are things that are still crazy after all these years. Or something.

My Pops and I — as we do — have been talking politics when I call home and he made a statement recently about the prospect of Romney running again that was maybe not flattering, but maybe not inaccurate. He said that Romney would be a great peace time President but lacks the strength to be a war time President. Pops likes Perry for his strength, he says. I’m starting to understand why.

I know things have gotten weird, but I defy this kind of thinking. Resigning oneself to the madness of man almost requires a decision to abandon hope. I refuse to do that.

This was a good read on what I agree is an effort to cause damage to the game of football, at all levels of play. It’s no secret that the NFL has some problems, but I think for the most part those problems have to do with the way football players are seen as entertainers rather than men. It’s one reason I like this idea of college football programs working to develop the man inside the athlete. Like my beloved UGA. It’s an important concept, one the boys I know seem to get really mad at me for because it means we might not win EVERY GAME. OR A NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. I get it guys. I do. But read the stories from classmates of Ray Rice at college if you want to know why it matters.

On that topic, I recently was fortunate enough to hear George Allen speak at a meeting I attended and he — because he can — talked a bit about the Redskins logo controversy and pointed out two facts I did not actually know: the logo was designed by a member of the Blackfeet Nation; and the Navajo Nation has a football team on their reservation in Arizona and the team’s name is, well, you know. I mean, be offended if you want I guess.

Stole the following quote from a very liberal person I follow on Twitter. I re-read it frequently so that I remember there are people who are so self-centered they believe that what they want — here, peace — will automatically change the minds and desires of others. We can practice peace till the cows come home. I’m certain James Foley was a peaceful man.

“So many innocents died on 9/11. Let’s use this enduring loss as an opportunity to practice the value of peace.” —No US president ever

And on that subject, “But now, in the wake of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, it is the U.S. that seems to be yearning for an escape from the burdens of power and a reprieve from the tragic realities of human existence.”

Pops took me to task not long ago from comparing NATO to the League of Nations. He said because it was tied to a treaty, it was a different beast. But I’m with George Will. Perhaps it can be rebuilt as a useful group representative of just more than a few countries. Is that a good thing, though?

Hey, y’all be cool this weekend. Let’s talk soon.

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A change of shoes

Hi! Heading to the Shenandoah here shortly to this marvelous event, so I have about 10 minutes to crank this out. But I needed to clear my head of a few things and, as per usual, this is how that works.

Serious question: since when did all running shoes become lit with the unholy light of Day-Glo? Oh, some of you may be unfamiliar with the term. I forget, I’m getting older. Marketed as paint in the 60s, it was obnoxiously bright pain that shone under black light. The term came to refer to any electrically bright color, of which the 80s had a lot. And now it’s back, and in all the running shoes. Sigh. Have never liked it. I’m pretty much a Nike running shoe purist, but went with Saucony this time because my retinas were threatened by the only Nike trail running shoes at my local sporting goods store. But even the Saucony shoes look like this:

They worked a little Day-Glo in. It's apparently the law.

They worked a little Day-Glo in. It’s apparently the law.

Anyway, I hope it’s a short-lived trend. But I’m seeing it everywhere again. And my eyes hurt.

Okay, other things, and probably not too intense because I’m time crunching…

I’m sort of — in a very weird way — glad I don’t have much to offer anyone at the moment. Because at least I know if someone wants to be around me, it’s because they like me, not my stuff or what I can give them or get them. I know people are together for a lot of different reasons, and I’m not judging what works for others, but I don’t think I’d like that. And I don’t think those situations last very long. Not happily anyway. And I gotta say, when a woman you know tells you that she knows how to handle her husband when he wants to talk back to her and not get in line: “I’ll just f*ck someone else if he’s not careful”, it’ll mess you up a bit. I’m tired of couples like that, and I’m tired of that kind of disrespect for finding someone who’ll put up with your sh*t. Once again reminded of that scene in the Sabrina remake where Sabrina chats with lifelong bachelor and business magnate Linus about marriage:

You probably don’t believe in marriage.

Linus Larrabee:
Yes I do. That’s why I never got married.

Also, as an aside, what is it with the 20 somethings these days? I swear to God they are so mean to each other. It seems to be how they relate. They can’t express an interest or affection for something without it being criticized by their peers, often their significant other. And they have zero self-deprecation — they are all AWESOME! But we pretty much know why that is: everyone gets a trophy and the internet is your own celebrity stage. Jesus Christ they’re annoying. Which reminds me…

On the subject of the millennials, a wonky political pundit I know casually made some comment the other day challenging the millennials to be as unnecessarily paranoid about Iraq as we were apparently in 1991 and 2003. Because, ostensibly, we have nothing to fear. Come on man. You can quibble over the fact that it wasn’t Iraq — although I believe the funding and ideology flowed pretty heavily out of the region — but let’s not act like there’s nothing to see here. It’s irresponsible and kind of juvenile.

And on the subject of NATO — I’m still curious as to why joining up with a world “police force” is better than just acting on our own. I honestly don’t like the precedent it sets. But then it’s pretty much what this President has always had in mind. Just a reminder: The League of Nations was a failure. And I have a feeling Putin’s somewhere grinning.

One of the scariest characters written in my opinion, in a very good and very creepy book. And he’ll be amazing.

Makes me think of the Twerp, who was an avowed atheist to impress his friends and get back at his mom for making him be Catholic. God what a complete drag that guy was. Anyone that smirks at your need to believe or makes fun of how stupid you are for having faith in anything is a miserable f*cker.

Still getting a handle on this guy, and this is an old one from a writer I love. Also, it speaks to this weird thing we export: extreme shallowness.

Anyone who interviews other people for a living needs to read this.

Well, I’m closing out baseball season next week with a trip to see the Braves at Nats Stadium with my friend Ronnie Tuesday, and then up to Baltimore with Jason to see the O’s play the Yanks Friday. I’m hoping to see both teams in the post season — the O’s have it clinched, the Braves might get a wildcard slot. But it’s been a good year for both teams, so I’m satisfied.

Okay, I’m out. Y’all be good this weekend and watch some football. I’m still in my survivor group. Hooray!

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