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Hey hey my boos. Have a few thoughts to spill out here, hope you’ll indulge me. Especially because I’m starting out with a solid whine: my right leg hurts like a beast. It’s debatable but I think I’ve hyperextended a muscle in my shin that has led to some ancillary pain in my foot and my butt. It’s all good — I’m nothing if not accustomed to physical pain as the result of over doing it — but Advil Liquigels have become my drug of choice of late. If I had to self-diagnose — which, if you know me, you know that, of course, I do — I think it’s a slight distension of the extensor digitorum (see above). Or, more to the point, a really nasty shin splint. (I know. I totally deserve it because I completely make fun of people for complaining about this kind of thing. Karma my friends.) So, I’ll give a run a try in the morning but I have a feeling that my swimming schedule might need some increase while the running might need a decrease. My obliques will thank me.

Okay, now that the crying is out of the way, my Pops and I had a pretty interesting talk the other day about what he calls a “hopelessness” that has become pervasive in our culture right now. He was talking about it primarily in economic terms. He told me that, back when Carter was President, he bought a tractor for his business that he paid 22% interest on. “22%! Can you imagine? That’ll keep you from wanting to buy anything even if you have the means to do it,” he said. And, what’s more he said, is that he sees the same kind of thing happening today, just in different ways. And to his mind it’s why people — even those who by most accounts have nothing to complain about (which is how the conversation got started thanks to me…um…complaining) — are quick to moan and complain about things in general at the moment. So much dissatisfaction borne of a general uneasiness about their economic future. So funny that this is happening in the era of hope and change. And I was convinced — first because Pops is extremely rational and level-headed, always reasoning through logic his observations of things — but also because a friend of mine on Facebook later posted this:

I never talk politics bc I usually don’t know what I’m talking about- but I do know that my monthly premium for health insurance for myself and [my son] went up 25% … and will be even higher next year when Im forced to change to an ACA plan???

I saw others who were talking about real numbers — $81 to $140 and so on. Someone commented that, as an insurance rep, many of his small business clients are having a “WTF?” moment so they’re forcing their employees onto the ACA. Which, of course, presents the whole other problem of: what if people can’t actually pay the new rates? I thought I would feel vindicated when people started becoming horrified at the reality of what this awful legislation meant to them in real terms. But I’m not feeling vindicated. I’m feeling very disgusted — both that it took them this long to realize it and that so many people (even those I know — one in particular — who understood the ramifications of this law) promoted it, and sold it, and voted for it, and ripped apart anyone who dared stop, crunch the numbers and say, “Um, wait this is really, really bad. And probably won’t work.” A friend of mine is fond of saying that America got what it deserved. But I don’t know if I feel all that sanctimonious about it. But it does make me feel like I used to in school a lot — like one of the smart kids who had to tiptoe around the sensitive ignorance of those unwilling to read a book. I know that makes me an intellectual snob. I think I just need to own it. I complained to my Pops that I think people are just showing a fundamental lack of intellect. He’s nicer than me (thank God) and thinks it’s simply a maturity issue. Okay fine. But for those of you who promoted this crap and KNEW how bad it was going to be — one in particular — I look forward to you having to tighten up your party schedule to pay for your insurance when you change jobs or your company decides to cut your hours or whatever. You totally deserve it.

So, back to the rabid complaining — I see a whole bunch of armchair grousing about stuff (a little late on the draw I might add) and it annoys me. You don’t like the way things are? Fine, I’m with you. Get in the mix and do something about it instead of just being a sideline victim. That’s what Ben Howe did. And, what’s even more impressive, he was self-aware enough to know that he needed to. I respect the hell out of that. His video is all about Detroit and what it looks like in a city decimated by corruption and cronyism. Watch it. Please. It’s your first game.

Speaking of the false promotion of bad ideas.

Okay, I thought I had more but I want to get back to watching Sherlock. It’s phenomenal. It really is. If you’ve thought of giving it a try but figured it wasn’t your thing TRUST ME, it’s so great. But before I get to it, this excited me because I’m a gigantic nerd. I’m owning that, too.

Finally, my friend Dave had never seen spaghetti cat. I know. But in the event you are also unaware of the absolute absurd genius of Joel McHale, here it is for your enjoyment. I hope you’re all doing something that makes you happy.

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