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Hey y’all. My friend Jason Fleury pretty well summed up last night’s game and I present it here without [much] comment. Number 10 is my particular favorite because come on man. Those gloves are sticky for a reason. Below that, you’ll see my other friend Jason Pye’s thoughts, which are pretty similar in tone and substance. But he was just over the Ga./S.C. line at Clemson watching the game so pay particular attention to his assessment of their fans. SEC is the best conference, but some of the fans (I’m looking at you Tennessee fan dude who I saw push a woman off her feet in the stands because she was in red and black instead of that hideous orange) epitomize why the South gets a bad rap sometimes. Anyway, we looked rusty. I still think we go the distance. Go DAWGS.

Fleury’s thoughts:

1. Clemson is a very, very good team and there’s no shame in a close loss to a very, very good time. The SECCG and a shot at the BCS Championship Game are still very real possibilities.
2. Aaron Murray put up some very good numbers, but he didn’t really pass the eye test. Certainly didn’t look the part of a Senior 4-year starter.
3. Todd Gurley is as good as any tailback the Dawgs have had since Herschel… and he’s a legitimate Heisman candidate.
4. Our OL continues to disappoint… just like it has for years.
5. Tajh Boyd is a stud. Michael Vick without the… “character issues.”
6. The Dawgs are verrrry young and it showed. When they gel in the next couple of weeks, this will be a very dangerous team.
7. The best pass defense is still a great pass rush.
8. Our offensive play calling still makes me want to pull my hair out. Are we just allergic to opening up the field by mixing in some playactions and 20+ routes? Or are we just committed to run left, run right, pass, punt?
10. If you play in the SEC and the ball hits you in the hands, you should catch it. No exceptions.
11. I honestly believe that if that game was played in Athens, things may have turned out differently. But it wasn’t, and they didn’t.
12. I would still rather lose a game or two like this every year with guys like Coach Richt, Matt Stafford, and Aaron Murray than go undefeated with guys like Urban Meyer, Cam Newton, and Johnny Manziel.
13. Time to take out our frustrations on the Cocks… I wouldn’t want to be Connor Shaw next week. GO DAWGS!

Pye’s thoughts:

Thoughts about last night’s game now that I’m awake and cognizant: 1) Clemson fans are terrible people. You don’t “boo” injured players from the other team. 2) Our secondary needs a lot of work. 3) Our defensive line and linebackers played well against a solid offense. 4) Bobo’s play calling. I mean, seriously? 5) And our offensive line is atrocious.

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