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Sibling rivalry

Eating some Chipotle so a few things before getting back to it.

The office mates and I like to go to Catholic Charities across the street and shop on our breaks and we tend to find things for the office in the way of artwork or glassware, and often we find things for each other. Case in point:

It already had the engraving and everything. Thanks Trotter. Now I have to find something for him, $6 or less...

It already had the engraving and everything. Thanks Trotter. Now I have to find something for him, $6 or less…

This kind of thing has always been fascinating. Not sure why exactly, but the need to understand the way this mindset works has always been something of an obsession for me. I’m sure there’s some buried psychology behind it but I think I prefer to not know what that is. In any event, my friend George posted a fascinating radio interview with the Unabomber discussing his relationship with his brother (who ultimately turned him in) by way of trying to explain the brothers Tsarnaev. As George said, “If you want to hear about how self-absorbed, egomaniacal, and generally out of touch a sociopath can be, have a listen.” And you should. It really is fascinating and — at least for me — therapeutic in understanding the way some people can do the things they do.

Speaking of the Brothers Crazy, the guy they’re trying to turn into his spiritual adviser is basically like — yeah, I knew him. But where he got these ideas had nothing to do with me. Charles said it reminded him of this:

Charles and I had a good time yesterday talking about how I prep myself for becoming a prostitute, since that’s the only option left — apparently — to women in times of scarcity.

Exactly and precisely. And it’s a weird thing to turn away from this kind of thing as if it’s not happening because we support abortion in some way. The truth is, you have to deal with the fact that these conversations are happening if you’re going to have an opinion on the matter.

Sometimes, Reddit wins.

Look for the mashup of Statler and Waldorf/Inglorious Basterds.

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 1.16.33 PM

Terribly important article here. Read it all and get comfortable with it because it is what’s happening and I think we’re going to have to make a decision about how comfortable we are with that.

Oh how much I love this guy. Already painted #24 on my Atlanta Braves tank top…

Good resource for the word nerd.

Tonight’s project. Just had to wait for the bananas to ripen…

Tomorrow I’m going to a happy hour and listening to one of the techie guys from SXSW talk about the increasing role of politics and technology at that festival. Looking forward to that. Hopefully I’ll have some cool insights for you. Till then, here’s some music to use as background noise while you consider what to do in the madness of today’s world. It holds up after all these years…

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Greeting peeps. So, here’s something while in between writing assignments: for a half second yesterday we were reminded what it was like to have the finer qualities of nobility and kindness speaking to us from a podium. I mean, this is a man whose reputation was so besmirched (and for the most part unfairly), it’s hard to believe he’s not full of hate. And yet, he looked over at our current President and sincerely thanked him and said, “We all love you.” And he meant it. I miss that.

Also, check out those kick ass socks on Dad. I like men like these.

Also, check out those kick ass socks on Dad. I like men like these.

And then this happened. In the South, we call this kind of thing “tacky.” It kind of puts me in the mind of something from one of the former life chronicles: I used to work with this woman who called herself by the nickname “Bunny.” For lots of different reasons, I was not a fan of this particular person. But the Bunny thing just killed me. It stemmed from the rabbit in the moon (which I think is the Chinese version of our man in the moon), which this chick had tattooed on her hand (an image of the moon with the outline of the rabbit) while simultaneously self-declaring her new moniker to be “Bunny.” She used to sign her little love letters to my boyfriend “Bunny.” I know…Anyway, I remember thinking at the time that the boldness of putting people in the mind of you every time they saw something as commonplace as the moon — or any other very common cultural saying, character, what have you … was both impressive and painfully/grossly narcissistic. It took me a while after my dealing with this particular person to stop seeing that damn rabbit every time I looked at the moon — thankfully, now, it’s back to the man for me. But the point is: not everything is about you. Some stuff belongs to us all. And inserting yourself into our enjoyment of library dedications or lazy moon ponderings is something bordering on a pathological need for attention. And it freaks me out. That’s all I’m saying. Also, maybe don’t draw red lines you can’t keep…

Okay, other things rapidly because I can only break to talk to you kids, not make a habit of it.

I miss my dog so much sometimes.

I miss my dog so much sometimes.

What bothers me about this is that it is a fascinatingly well-written account of something that this guy has probably very little real knowledge about. Unless you’re one of the guys tasked with information retrieval, my guess is it’s best not to speculate about what works best based on a very popular television show. Also, if it’s meaner to psychologically manipulate to extract information, what the hell options are left to us? Seriously, I’d like an answer…

This is marvelous.

This is marvelous.

We’ll all be genius photographers in no time.

“I would have felt sorry for the Lord. The theory is correct.”

Hahahahahaha! Saucy lizard. Which is a great band name.

Could look at this all day. The piano is fabulous.

Determined to try them all…

My boys are playing tonight. Pearce is all jealous because we spanked the Rockies pretty good. It’s okay Pearce. 2nd best is still okay.

Right, let’s talk food, shall we? This, but without caramel (because not my fave), so probably with a nice ganache instead. This because it is really the best way to make corn on the cob. Also good to just mix some butter with some red pepper etc. and slather it all over the corn, rewrap in the husk, and throw on the grill. And this because the test kitchen (read: the work kids) have agreed to try it out for me and, seriously, Chambord. Finally, this. Because yikes….

In closing, I like them both. But the writers should always get more credit than they do.

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But today I will refrain. I had a paragraph all written — and I’m a decent turn of phrase when I want to be — but, despite last night being a dark night of the soul wherein my life and choices were found wanting (still smarting today), Pops and I had a long talk about forgiveness yesterday that seemed to make rational sense from the perspective of never finding sanity amongst those who hold constantly opposing opinions from one day to the next (“Even in the same conversation,” said Pops) because, honestly, that’s madness; and if you cannot distance yourself completely from the current set of negative circumstances — a situation allowed only through forgiveness — you retain vestiges of a connection to those circumstances and, therefore, the madness those circumstances inflict. The struggle is this: while I can bear a lot of things thrown directly at me, if you reach out and cause a MOMENT’S WORRY to ones I love, you have harmed them in my estimation, you have crossed a serious line of war (see what Game of Thrones does to me?) and that is something I will not have. Sounds bold, right? Almost like a bluff? I mean every word of it.

So, I’m trying not to feel like I’m out of time today and I’m trying to remember that people sometimes do wake up, but of their own accord only. And I’m determined to find the joy.

I’ve torqued myself into a painful situation friends. A combination of heavy focus on the obliques in dance class (no complaints. I, like many women, suffer from muffintopsitis and so Maurice works on that with/for us), combined with the constant twist of the torso that occurs in softball/baseball from batting, throwing, running the bases, what have you, led to a pull on the left side of my body that hurt like a biscuit 2 weeks ago at our tournament when it happened, and very nearly floored me Saturday when I re-aggravated it. I called Pops, because he knows about such things, and he told me it sounded like an oblique strain and I should ice first, then heat. Also, rest and stretch. I did a cursory Google search and apparently it’s pretty common for MLB players and puts them on the DL for at least a few weeks (because it does effing hurt, son. Coughing, sneezing, laughing [damn you Corey], even clearing my throat, produces a twingy, lower side-back thing that’s a constant reminder I’m operating below par). Fortunately, we have a week off for softball and I’ll skip Monday dance and go Thursday and Saturday, and just go easy on it (I can’t miss dance class. It’s too much like missing church for me.) until it fully heals. I don’t hate getting older, but sometimes it pisses me off.

Anyway, moving on from that, Pops and I had an interesting conversation about the Boston bombers. He believes that the Tsarnaev brothers were intended to be suicide bombers but they screwed up because they wanted to live. Rather than just stand in the crowd with bombs on their backs, they dropped those bags at the feet of the likes of Jeff Bauman (big mistake wannabe terrorist. He beat you. Welcome to America.) In fact, they did everything they could to live, at least the younger did. And he almost did get away, didn’t he? If we want to examine the question of how those fortunate enough to escape a terrible situation in Chechnya could be radicalized here, in this country, perhaps we should include a discussion of the fact that the radicalization, if Pops is correct, didn’t take exactly. Living in a culture that promotes life over death for 10 years seemed to have some effect. Is this a good thing? It seems like it should be. I say we do everything to make sure that it is.

Pops is less optimistic than I. He’s a fatalist. I’m more optimistic because of things like this:

I usually avoid taking pictures of other people's kids but I couldn't resist today because these budding architects and engineers live a few doors down and built "Old Box Town" in the alley behind their house. That's a saloon in front of the boy in the back and the Sheriff's quarters are behind him. The sign out front says "Old Box Town" with a warning, presumably letting folks know that residents of Old Box Town do not take sass from anyone. After last week, this was an absolute joy to behold. Kids will always build box forts. God bless em.

I usually avoid taking pictures of other people’s kids but I couldn’t resist today because these budding architects and engineers live a few doors down and built “Old Box Town” in the alley behind their house. That’s a saloon in front of the boy in the back and the Sheriff’s quarters are behind him. The sign out front says “Old Box Town” with a warning, presumably letting folks know that residents of Old Box Town do not take sass from anyone. After last week, this was an absolute joy to behold. Kids will always build box forts. God bless em.

Okay, leaving all that negative stuff because most of this was written last night and I have SO MUCH WORK TO DO…But I also get to make some homemade croutons tonight from some crusty country white bread I got at the farmer’s market Saturday, so it all balances out…

My buddy Dan on how libertarians view terrorism.

This guy is a hero in my office.

So this looks pretty delicious.

I might want to see this.

Good piece, makes me miss reporting.

Listening to the Canadians talk about a terrorist cell. Charles believes the reports that there’s no link to Boston. I’m a bit more skeptical. We had a fight about it. Damn you terrorists.



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Photo courtesy of Baby D.

Photo courtesy of Baby D.

Any soldier worth his salt should be antiwar. And still there are things worth fighting for.
~ Norman Schwarzkopf

Okay the busy has been inordinate today so I can’t really talk but this Boston story is just fascinating to me so I wanted to weigh in on something:

First, were I reporting on this, I think I would begin to angle my stories in such a way that every Muslim family living in this country understood that their teenage kids are perfect scapegoats for this kind of victimization by the radical elements interested in bombing their way to the promised land. I’m not naive enough to think that there aren’t some folks out there who won’t care — and may even celebrate that fact — but my guess is there are plenty of families who may have wanted an escape from that sort of thing by moving here and we should be talking to those people.

Second, it seems these guys were trained and bankrolled (although an FBI profiler is on the news in front of me right now saying no way, no how to that idea) — and then cut loose once they were identified by a man who absolutely refused to die when his legs were blown off and, in fact, woke up and insisted, first thing, on speaking of the man who tried to kill him. Once cut loose, they just freaked out, and the mayhem started. They needed money and to get out of town. Now look, I’m no professional profiler, but this doesn’t seem that hard to figure.

The point is: if there’s a larger cell funding these disgruntled dudes they are bad, bad folks, with no loyalty, no sympathy, no regard for humanity, etc. and et al. And I think it’s time we all got real clear about that and began to act accordingly.

Okay, enough of that.

There’s this line in that movie Raising Arizona (one of the best movies on the planet, amiright?) where H.I. McDonough tells Nathan Arizona that he and the missus (Ed) are splitting up because they’re both reckless and if they’re both equally bad, then they aren’t any good for each other. Sometimes I feel like that…I mean, it’s not unreasonable to expect the people in your life to rise to a level of decency and respect befitting their potential, right? Makes me so sad to see people asking folks to be the worst they can be.

I got nothing else today except that I’m playing a few games of softball tomorrow, hitting up SoBe for some karaoke tonight (I hope, if I don’t get lazy…), and that this will be made some time this weekend.

Be strong and kind this weekend babies.

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As we speak, Fox news is reporting and trying to confirm that an arrest has been made in the Boston bombing case. Marvelous, marvelous work by police forces, citizen journalists, media outlets, and businesses like Lord & Taylor who made their surveillance available to help (hopefully) nab this bastard. Seriously, excellent work. Proud of my country today.

My friend George was at the race when the bombing went down — he was in Lord & Taylor, in fact, shopping with his family after his brother finished the race. He was interviewed for a podcast about his experiences. You can hear that here. He makes some really interesting statements about citizen journalism. And thank God above that he and his loved ones made it out okay.

So, while we wait, here are few diversions to take your mind off of your absolute need to see this asshole beaten in the street. Or is that just me?

Let me just say that Mark Sanford cracks me up. He marries the heiress from Chicago, who foots the bill for his early campaigns and really exemplifies that whole “marriage is for social mobility” argument made to me so pointedly in the past few years, then embarrasses the mother of his four children publicly with his Argentine hot mama, then breaks into her house. I love guys like this. They know nothing except their pathological certainty that they can do what they want, when they want. Their needs are the highest morality (that’s a direct quote from the same “social mobility” great thinker from above who, oddly, insisted that the gay marriage issue was about “love.” Wrap your gray matter around that inconsistency…). And they are always surprised when the Argentine hot mamas, so eager to surprise them at the podium of a press conference announcing a Congressional run, are not so eager to surprise them in the court room to face charges of trespassing. Cracks me up. Seriously.

The Gosnell thing, if nothing else, is just absolute proof that we need to revisit the abortion debate because the sanitized version of a world with legal abortion turns out not to look like they said it would.

I was still working as a reporter during the anthrax scare and this just looks a lot like that. Anyone else tired of this shit?

My buddy Dan is hilarious (even if he does say that everything is always — ALWAYS — my fault). Also, I saw Dan Monday at our softball game and I can’t think back on that game without a total face palm. Seriously, I’ve played a lot of softball in my life and that was the worst I’ve ever played. I can laugh about it now. Kind of…Dan said I was why we lost…(I think he’s kidding about that but one can never be sure).

A friend of mine is having lunch here today. It’s on the list for Austin…

Logan Circle is a great part of this city and this looks like my kind of place. France was a romantic and beautiful place and this appears to have captured that vibe…

Positive that this would be a good addition to my wardrobe.

It would appear that Florida stands alone, with maybe a few friends from S. Ga. Which makes sense because S. Ga. is basically N. Florida.


Sorry, that was mean. Here’s C.S. Lewis to remind you that some people are nice.

Beware the fabricators with a dictionary.

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Hi! I have like 15 minutes so…hi! A few things…

The Braves, amiright? Had a good couple of days watching the sweep go down and my new favorite player in the world is Evan Gattis. He’s like this giant lug of a man who is supremely agile (somehow), is an absolute utility player (where can’t he play?), and apparently suffers a little from a lack of awareness of those first two things. Read his back story. There’s a reason he’s a 26-year-old rookie. Humble can be good you know… Anyway, I had to talk a Nats fan off the ledge Saturday and remind him that, a) the Nats beat us to the division championships last year, and b) just because the Braves look like freakin’ rockstars and right now (and right now is very early), his team is still one of the best teams in baseball today. This is the weird thing about Nats fans — very fickle. I chalk it up to a lack of practice of following a team through the ups and downs of years of highs and lows. Anyway, the Braves, with their 2nd and 3rd string, kicked ass. And I liked it. And I have proof:


Other things:

Made this last night. So easy, and pretty tasty. I threw some cashews in there as well and next time will nix the thyme (not a huge fan), but still delicious and should keep me from spending frivolously for the next several days.

And now for the greatest cooking blog on the planet…Thug Kitchen. Had me crying laughing last night. I mean come on…

Brilliant? Yes.

Brilliant? Yes.

The internet in a picture.

Well-played K-Mart.

The Gosnell thing continues to piss me off. This guy nailed it. We have normalized and sanitized the practice and we created this fucking monster.

Here’s a good song, because they did that little Bear and the Maiden Fair thing on GOT last night. Cool huh?

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Apparently the Amish in Ohio play some mean softball/baseball.

Apparently the Amish in Ohio play some mean softball/baseball.

Hola mis amigos! Just a check in before finishing up the work before me and heading to Nats stadium to watch the first game of the first Braves v. Nats series this year. Our little crew will pre-game a bit at the bullpen while I wait for a friend to join me. It took me forever to find someone to take my other ticket! (forever=3 days) I had zero problem hanging out at the Red Roof by myself — I’m a big girl like that — but it’s nice to have a friend to be excited with when Upton hits a home run and Gattis scurries around behind the plate like a freaking spider. You can read about how awesome he is here. Now, given the thing I have for catchers — having played the position forever myself — I COULD BE a little biased. But Cary convinces me that he’s a special kind of dude. In any event, the Nats are very, very good. As are the Braves. I really have no idea what will happen…But it’ll be fun to watch! Also, this was a great, great play from the White Sox game last night. The close up’s even better. Seriously, I love this game.

Speaking of spiders, this morning, there was a black spider the size of a labradoodle in my shower, as I live in a basement and spiders like to party subterranean style. Anyway, I chased it out with some bleach cleaning spray that didn’t kill him, but did piss him off. And he hung out behind the toilet while I showered. And the whole time I was lathering my hair and cleaning myself, I imagined pulling the shower curtain back and having him and 50 or 60 of his kin staring at me, wet and naked and totally vulnerable. The point is I may be a bit of an arachnophobe.

So, just to weigh in on something officially: the neglect to cover this story is a g*ddamn outrage, period. I mean, we’re not talking “bundles of cells,” a charming euphemism I’ve heard to justify abortion, we’re talking babies crying in pain. Makes me sick and if it doesn’t make you sick, then you are a psychopath. Yes, you are.

Speaking of psychopaths, this is what things look like in Syria. I just want to send this to every single idiot I’ve met in DC not aware enough to just thank God they live where they do.

It’s work-related, but #3 was interesting.

My friend who posted this noted that the only way this makes you love red pandas is if you mute the sound. But good lord if you do you will fall in love…

Next on the book list. The Alchemist was beautiful. I expect this to compare.

If I met a man who had these on his shirt I’d think well of him immediately.

The haiku and the one about the newspaper give me great hope for humanity.

Still love the Kitten Covers. This one’s for you Julianna:

Now the album is calling to me from Spotify...

Now the album is calling to me from Spotify…

My friend Ali P. added this song to her Dance Tunes playlist:

And so, of course, it led to a revisiting of one of the best pieces of dance going. It is a study in absolute release and unmitigated control. I cry nearly every time I watch it. Enjoy your weekends babies.

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