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Charles is schooling me on Monsanto, hence the title…

Whoa…super slow day at work. Once again, I’m not traveling down to Georgia for Easter, but that’s okay. I’ll be down in Savannah in May and then the standing family reunion this summer. Also, NOLA later this summer if I can swing it. When I go down this summer I’m going to try to find my car title — I think it’s in storage. Hazard of moving from a three bedroom house to a one-bedroom apartment. — or get a replacement so I can trade the Maxima in for something more reliable. It means having a car payment again after being free of that annoyance for many years (13 I think actually) but it’s just time. I’m starting to feel human again…Although every once in a while I feel like I’ve made a horrible mistake and I call my mom and cry for an hour or so and she reminds me that there was something providential about my move here. And I believe her. Things are smoothing out, every day a little more. So I’ll continue forward. There’s still work to be done I suppose.

And we’re going to the batting cages tomorrow which is just making my little day. I’m going to try to squeeze both the cages and dance into the one day — assuming I don’t get talked into going day drinking somewhere with the boys. They’re bad influences.

Before I head off to find some Lenten shrimp somewhere, just wanted to throw a few things at you because the links have been piling up and I need to clean my house. Speaking of, someone’s been reading my diary:

She even has my hair.

She even has my hair.

As an addendum to the pink equal sign all over Facebook in support of gay marriage (“It’s not enough that you think people should just be free to do what they want, you have to change your f*cking profile picture so you’re not some kind of monster? It’s just tedious…” ~Charles (liberties taken with that quote)), here’s a quote from another friend of ours that sums up my exact feelings on the matter:

“I have adopted a political position thoroughly in the mainstream of my demographic, have done literally nothing to support the cause, and now I demand that I be celebrated for my courage!”

And this has nothing to do with my personal feelings on the issue. But it has everything to do with my personal feelings on the issue of the townspeople ruled by the naked emperor. This is a truly fascinating look at the issue from a Christian conservative. You should read it. It may surprise you.

So that silly dream I had about that silly movie Cruel Intentions made me go back and re-watch the genius Dangerous Liaisons. Truly great performances and acerbic insight into some things that have been interesting me personally lately. I’ll say this: if you see yourself here, may God have mercy on your soul.

I would totally marry this guy.

My grandma also used to make a version of this which, if I’m ever fortunate enough to host a proper Easter feast, I may try to make and serve with these. I’ll also have this, prepared lovingly in one of these. You should totally come over.


So, this kid is awesome. I’d have a hard time being mad at him. But I guess you’d have to be so he doesn’t become Frank Abagnale somewhere down the road…

Bahahahaha! We all know him….

Love, love, love, love. What a lucky kid.


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Docket rockets

Um, sorry to be overly critical — heh, but you know this man — but the pink “=” sign on Facebook is overwhelmingly shallow. I mean, that’s great that you support your gay friends and family or what have you but it’s as if everyone rushed to change their profile picture to PROVE it. Do you need that kind of affirmation? Fine. You’re all good people. And you are very talented at identifying a trend and jumping on board. Not that this one was hard to identify…Now that we’ve turned the focus where it belongs — on how awesome and sensitive all of you are — my question remains: can you be counted on to do anything that requires actually taking a risk in defense of freedom and equality or whatever you think the gay marriage issue is about? Because I gotta say, I look around and see a whole lot of silly flag waving and very little actual kindness in the street. I’ve heard it referred to as “slacktivism.” Makes me sad sometimes in fact. And where are all the protest/support memes when it comes to other pressing political issues like the debt crisis or the threats emanating from North Korea? If you want to be perceived as being involved then here’s an idea: get involved. Otherwise you’re just all copying that stupid haircut from Friends in 1995 or reading Game of Thrones a year or two ago because it’s what your friends did to be accepted and so you must now follow suit. The whole thing reminds me of the entire plot of that movie Heathers. Oh yeah — gay folks think it’s shallow, too. You should know that…

Anyway, I was asked to clarify how I feel about the gay marriage issue — imagine that. Someone cares how I feel. Kooky. Anyway, here’s where I come down on it: I honestly have no dog in the fight. It’s a bit goofy that the issue is before the Supreme Court because it’s an attempt to overturn a decision made by a state. That doesn’t sit very well with me ideologically. I think it would be much more palatable legally if it were just an organic attempt to amend the Constitution. However, I think — as this Onion piece makes hilariously clear — the 14th Amendment and equal protection are pretty clear. So….yeah, it all seems reasonable to me. I’m no fan of judicial activism — not the job of judges to move with the will of the people so much as interpret the law and all — but I get this one, and I completely sympathize with the desire of people to be wed and declare their love before the law and the state and the country and the world. So, if the Supreme Court decides it wants to just accept the way things are going — and they most definitely are — and get out in front, so be it. I’ll go to some weddings. If not, I think things will ultimately be okay.

And that’s how I feel about it.

In other Supreme Court “news,” I was crying reading this.

I had the opportunity to play with the Microsoft Surface pad last night thanks in part to this gentleman:

Don't let the calamari fool you: this man is a tech genius. And a crooner.

Don’t let the calamari fool you: this man is a tech genius. And a crooner.

The Trotter and I have explored the idea of getting one for work as our portable video viewer when we go to conferences and want to show a loop of our video work at the presentation table. Also, we just want to play with it. And someone put me in charge of this kind of thing so…kooky.

This is probably true.

Solid. Will always love this George Michael song and Iron & Wine offers a lovely rendition.

I love them both but now I’m thinking Ayn Rand may actually have been meaner than I thought. It was the atheism. Feel free to disagree but I think that’s what’s making her froth at the mouth. Although, full disclosure, I recently called someone a monster…but not as a notation in the margin and he was totally acting like one.


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Hey babies. No rants today, promise. Sometimes that stuff has to come out or it just sits in there and festers and I’m not about things festering up in my chest and heart. Spent way too much time as a young person festering and I don’t want it anymore. Original emo kid right here folks. I listened to The Cure obsessively and everything.

Anyways, I’m booking for the trip to Savannah and I think I’ve decided to make a little vacation out of it. I mean, I only have like 150+ vacation hours but I think I can spare a few days’ worth. And rather than a bring a date I have to babysit, I think I may see if my cousin wants to go or if my sis wants to make the trip from Atlanta and visit Baby D with me (and also meet my friends, none of whom my family actually knows. Which is really weird as generally speaking my family tends to meet the people I call friends. But I guess being so far away makes that harder. Although, there might be some good about the distance between the two as every boyfriend I’ve ever had has had to deal with the almost certain disapproval of the brothers and Pops. “Worthless as a dog on the side of a road,” was how Pops referred to Bad Andy. “He’s just a silly Nazi,” for Eric. “It makes sense: he’s Canadian,” for Chris (who was from Buffalo). And don’t get me started on the boys in High School. They never had any kind of chance, even if my dad already liked them because he coached them in football. Sigh. It’s hard being loved sometimes.) In any event, looks like a lot of the UGA friends from here will also be in attendance and, as the ceremony is in beautiful Forsyth Park and the reception is on the water, I anticipate a respite. And, if I can convince my travel companion — whoever that may be — to take a day trip, I’m heading to Charleston. And, I may even swing by Atlanta on the return trip to pick up the title to the Maxima. She’s been a good girl but I’m feeling the need for a trade-in. You just know when it’s time…As an aside, my friends getting married have a lovely little wedding page, with all the information about times/places etc., wrapped in pretty colors and swirly designs, and a gorgeous shot of the happy couple. This is the song that plays when the page loads. I love these people.

Hey y’all — baseball’s starting. Aww yeah.

The other day, Charles and I had the following exchange (excuse the pun):

1:02 PM Charles: Heh:
Dream big!
me: loooowered expectaaaatiooons…
1:03 PM Charles: Haha
I used to love those bits…
1:06 PM me: good Lord
they just have no shame
uh, yeah, so it’s actually not all that easy
sorry y’all!
1:07 PM also, you may not actually have it any time soon in your state
so, if you’re one of the unlucky bastards who’s work has to drop you because it’s prohibitively expensive
and we haven’t rolled out the exchange in your state
hang tight!
Charles: Yeah, our bad
me: healthcare for all!

Mary Katherine Ham expands on that sentiment.

My ideological objections to Obamacare aside, this thing is and always was a beast for implementation and going to a burden on businesses, particularly small ones. It’s something critics pointed out during the bill’s debate and passage, and they were called charlatans for it. Now, the challenges are personified in the stories of Baked in the Sun bakery, which employs 95 people, but is looking at losing half its profit margin to insure them under the new law’s requirements.

Or, there’s Bittersweet Cafe, a local favorite in my area, which employs 45 people. Its owner Jody Manor is understandably hesitant to add another branch and new jobs, which would take him over the 50-employee mark, making him subject to far more regulation under the Affordable Care Act.

The helpful, heartfelt message of the Left for these hard-working small business people trying to stay above water, employ fellow citizens, and deliver good products in a down economy while trying desperately to anticipate the costly implications of a law the feds haven’t even bothered to finish writing after three years? Quit whining.

Of course, if you suggest that the whole thing was one intentional boondoggle to get us to single-payer you are a rabid, googly-eyed, crazy person and your family’s going to start getting “I’m worried about their state of mind” emails any day now. Of course, if your family has any sense, they’re going to agree with you…

Is it absolutely true that if you have no wish to engage in a cage fight with some other woman over some dude that you’re considered weak? Because I always thought it meant the opposite…

I’d pay $5 for a canister of some real Georgia grits every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

Deadspin has been tearing it up lately — which kind of makes me forgive them for the terrible Manti Te’o coverage — with this (a thing of beauty) and this (one of the best closing sentences I’ve ever read — So that’s what he did, and it was spectacular and kind of defied the laws of physics, and then he jumped out of the tree and landed on his feet like a fucking leopard and walked away from the tree without looking back like the whole thing was a movie and he just threw a grenade at the tree and the tree blew up and all that’s left is a raging fire and rock music in the background and sex.).

Nom. I think this may an excellent Spring evening patio drink…

Sometimes I just let this site tell me what to do. It hit the mark today but I have no idea about juniper berries. Gin, however, I know about…

Honestly, funny zombie movies are preferable. And does anyone else think Pitt looks like a broken and defeated man lately? I just have no interest…Is that bad? (Kidding. I don’t care what you freaks think…)

Now for the thing I really can’t wait to show you. This is my teach. Isn’t he gorgeous? This is part of piece he’ll be performing in April, and he taught us some of it Saturday in class. We learned the entire first minute (and I picked it up fairly well except for that pirouette to the slide out on the floor. Because the turn goes one way and the slide goes in the opposite direction. He makes it look easy. It’s not.) and it’s my favorite kind of dancing. Siiiiiggggghhhhhh….

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Random Friday funny

Random Friday funny

Hey hey, ho ho. Something needs addressing. I realize how much this little forum is about me. It’s not something I’m unaware of, it’s just my place to do that. If it comes across as a vanity project, that’s okay. But it’s more my therapy diary. Seriously. This is how I retain the slivers of sanity I manage to hang on to. So, just know, in real life, I’m not quite so into all things Sarah. I hope.

I managed to find swai fish topped with pico de gallo for lunch today at Bittersweet Bakery. One good thing about the Va./Md/DC area: lots of Catholics so places remember the fish-on-Friday Lent thing. So, while I scarf that down — and dang, it’s good. I might try to re-create. This is pretty close, using halibut (I mean Tilapia. Blergh.) instead of swai. Oh, and swai is an Asian catfish. Perfect for this kid here. — here’s some stuff before I start writing something they actually pay me for…

It has been reported to me that I hold grudges and maybe that’s fine, but I need to scale back the annoyance at every little thing the object of the grudge does because that’s not healthy for me. That’s probably true. The thing, though, is that I’m pretty ridiculous about giving chances and forgiving and trying to see things from other people’s perspectives. I do the best I can. And so then when I’m told by someone who has done AWFUL SHIT for SEVERAL YEARS that the reason they treated me that way was because somehow I MADE THEM (Holy crap, that’s demented), and when I further discover that all the time I was trying to be understanding and forgiving and a friend they’ve BEEN TALKING UNTRUE SHIT BEHIND MY BACK to make me look like a fool and make them look … shit, I don’t know… desired? (Although how being a raging prick makes one desirable is beyond me (It’s important to hang out with people who nurture the best qualities in you!)), it’s like, “Okay then. Zero chances for you ever again. Not just behaviorally, but as a human being. Henceforth, everything you think, like, want, experience, etc. is shit in my eyes. Expect me to demean you and share it with the world.”

I know that’s wrong. I’m working on it. I think this might help. But I make no promises because frankly it might be time for me to take a bat to some knees. Metaphorically of course. Ahem.

Okay okay. Close rant tag.

This shirt kicks my butt. The price keeps me from buying it (it’s a tee shirt people. Come on), but it’s mad cool.

I’m missing all the babies in the family lately. They’re all such cool kids. Makes me sad sometimes to miss their growth…

Going finally down U street to pick up some Girl Scout cookies this weekend. They are not needed, merely desired. But the longer days means running in the evenings again. In fact, I may walk up to Tenleytown after dance class Saturday and go for a nice long swim. It’s been a while so I’ll start with 30 laps or so. It’ll be a nice cool down from dance and I think my muscles will thank me. That’s my justification. I’ll thank you to project your judgement elsewhere.

I’m thinking everyone who works at NASA should watch Alfred Hitchcock’s Torn Curtain. “You’ve told me nothing…” Great movie.

I remember once, because my brother honeymooned here, telling someone I loved the name Lucia for a girl. Looking back, it’s kind of like the time I told a good friend of mine my favorite baby name for a girl — what I would actually name my girl were I to have one. That friend named her daughter that name a few years later. Not just the first name. But the first and the middle. I’d like to have friends that let me have my dreams without claiming them for themselves.

This would be a nice addition to the library.

Speaking of, here’s a dish I grew up eating thanks to the Slavic g-ma. I’m sure her recipe is better — I think I recall my sister having it somewhere — but this one seems pretty similar. I might lose the tomato paste though…

I think I’m a mash-up of all of these (I like to think I am anyway. I aspire to be a polymath.) but mostly 2 and 3. Of course, those who work with me may see things a little differently. Ahem.

This one’s for Charles. Happy Passover my friend.

This music’s for me today. I don’t think this is too much to ask.

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My friend Caleb took this. Truth in a New York Subway. So Simon and Garfunkel-esque...

My friend Caleb took this. Truth in a New York Subway. So Simon and Garfunkel-esque…

Things I learned at mass today: The Catholic Church wants to strike a balance between the great moral teachings of the past and the ever-morphing challenges of today’s world. And they mean to do it through empathy and love. But also with strength and perseverance. And I’m cool with that. Also, that the worst kinds of people and experiences are the ones that tempt you toward becoming a hateful little troll who’s lost faith in the good things of the world. And that you should avoid those people and experiences if you can. That said, it is a mistake to confuse people who seek love with the ones who seek your division from the body of Christ, which is what we call it in Catholic land. For example, this kid here does not seek that division and so we should not exclude him from that body. It’s really kind of simple and we make it excruciatingly complicated…

I posed an ethical question to Charles today: if someone offered you $5 million to spout off support for horrible policies that you knew didn’t work and were, in the end, destructive, would you do it? We decided that the answer may require an examination of circumstances; if you, for example, had a very sick child at home and that $5 mill may mean the cure, that’s one consideration. But selling out because you want to vacation in Santorini — and that would be a hard one for me — is pretty gross. Because I’m not sure the immediate and fleeting gratification of the selfish pursuit would be worth the price. But the life of a child might. Anyway, just curious.

Breakfast for dinner and dinner for breakfast. Carbonara craving.

I can say I have been to several of these places. Still got it. But apparently I need to try the grilled cheese at Stoney’s…?

The logic of this seems backward to me

Heh. Seriously, screw this kid. This is nothing more than self-aggrandizement, pure and unadulterated. And you got caught little Mr. Wannabe. Deal.

You just now figuring this out Atlantic?

Effortless and feminine. Grace. I aspire to it.

Agreed. He’s a nice man. You should all be ashamed of yourselves for being so mean to him for so long…

I went to a birthday party at Penn Social this weekend and all along the walls are huge, iconographic DC images. In one corner stands this. Look it up if you’re unfamiliar. Glorious.

Charles says the sound of Justin Upton’s bat hitting the ball makes him a little weak-kneed.

Oh dear. There are so many things wrong with this woman’s argument I don’t know where to start. But I’ll say this: it’s hilarious to me that she’s become a liberal hero. That just speaks volumes.

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Go Green

Dublin. One day...

Dublin. One day…

Happy St. Pat’s friends! Ireland is a bucket list place for me, although I probably shouldn’t mention that because the little “me-firsters” who have resources I’m having to work to achieve will certainly take great joy in telling me of their Emerald Isle exploits or how they’ve just booked their flight. It’s so weird — I know a girl who just went, and I couldn’t be happier for her. Because she’s good people and doesn’t flaunt her good fortune like it makes her somehow a better person for having the opportunity to do something like that. Hint: you can go every great place in the world but if you suck, you suck. You just suck on several different continents. Which is why the world has trouble with us. So, ya know, thanks for that. Also, I think I need to just eliminate any contact with those kind of folks…Man have I become a snob or what?

Here’s a little nugget from one of my favorite Irishmen: “If you look for truth, you may find comfort in the end; if you look for comfort you will not get either comfort or truth only soft soap and wishful thinking to begin, and in the end, despair.” ― C. S. Lewis

Also, this is magnificent.

I’m staying in bed till noon today and I don’t need any of your grief about it. I have spent the last 3 days exhausted from too much work, far too much alcohol — for me, but I’m kind of a light weight since turning the quality versus quantity corner somewhere around 35 — and not enough sleep. So, today, bugger off with your “It’s St. Patrick’s Day!” brouhaha. I did my Patrick’s Day-ing last night at a friend’s BDay/Going-Away party, and am currently enjoying a dash of Bailey’s in my coffee as I lay here, looking at the mound of clean laundry that will be folded and put away MUCH later today. Will I get up and go to 5:30 pm mass? Probably, because really, I like the idea of celebrating the life of St. Patrick like that. Especially since I forgot again and ate chicken on Friday. I have been so dismissive of fasting this Lent. Some work needs to be done on that…But I will be tackling the mint chocolate shamrock reveal poundcake shortly. It almost became a ninjabread man reveal cake because by God if no one in this town had a shamrock cookie cutter. Sur la Table did have a clubs cookie cutter though (as in playing cards clubs), and so I’m improvising. Anyway, I’ll update with photos as I go along with that. Poundcakes are always hard to get right as they can end up dry if you’re not careful. But this one calls for a bunch of buttermilk so it should be pretty moist in the end.

Alright, other stuff:

CPAC was interesting this year. I’ve finally come to the understanding that I may actually be an absolute independent, in thought and politics and everything else. Because some of what I heard there repels me just as much as what I hear hard-core progressives spout off. I suppose one can be fiscally conservative and pretty forgiving of some of the more socially liberal stuff without needing a party designation. For a long time I’ve identified as conservative, not necessarily Republican. But I do like some of the young turks in the party. What’s happening though — and it is directly related to my professional life — is that the party system is competing with these non-affiliated conservatives for money, and it’s largely due to super PACs, something I personally think is a good thing. Does it give the crazies a voice? Sure. But it gives everyone else a voice, too. And some of those people turn out to be Marco Rubio. And I’m fine with that. Anyway, the Big Boss and I managed 5 radio/tv spots in about 2 1/2 hours. So, it was a productive use of time. And I saw some friends I hadn’t seen in a while. Success all around. Also, I found these cookies at a little store at the National Harbor. The lemon shortbread are sublime.

In honor of the day, here are a few fun facts about the Irish language. The verb/subject/object thing fascinates me. But then I’m a bit of a nerd about that kind of thing…

I hadn’t mentioned it because I didn’t want to give my enemies a reason to feel good, but I was beginning to think Alexander had been stolen by some hippie neighbor who coveted him because he’s beautiful and looks like the Cheezburger cat. Z hadn’t been coming home at night. So I had been leaving his little window open and just closing that room off from the rest of the house, leaving enough of a crack in the door so he could come into the other rooms but not enough that the cold was unbearable. And I saw the little beast yesterday morning around 5 am. He’s been sneaking in at night, stuffing his face, and apparently prancing right back outside to go hit up the ladies. I’m pretty sure he’s got other houses he visits, where they feed him and laugh at his jokes. Such a hustler. I love him. I’d worry more but he wears a collar and I just have this thing about caged animals. I cannot stand the thought of it. I think boarding is inhumane actually. Some people think this makes me irresponsible. But Stella always had a dog door and a fenced-in yard (partly why I think moving here was so difficult for her. She was also 13 and already moving slow…I’m never going to feel right about moving her here, though. I think I may always feel like I betrayed her. Dammit.), and if I had to leave her, she had a pet sitter. And any cats I’ve had wear collars and are indoor/outdoor. My neighborhood has a similar disposition, even going so far as pitching in to get some of the strays fixed and collaring them with someone’s number. So, Z and I are in a good place. But the little jerk needs to come home more where I can see him. Because I hate worrying about him and thinking the worst of my hippie neighbors. Anyway, this made me think to tell you that.

I danced pretty hard to this song last night. But not the barbershop quartet version.

The girl you wish you hadn’t started a conversation with at a party made me pee a little. Also, Louis C.K. as Lincoln is pretty brilliant.


Holy cow this is fantastic!

And some tunes for your Sunday, however you’re celebrating today:

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Viva Il Papa

UPDATE: Argentine. Good call Papal Conclave. A Jesuit. And Francis is a good name. St. Francis of Assisi is sorta the best Saint. Just sayin’. Although he probably chose the name for Francis Xavier…Apparently he’s been known to visit AIDS patients and wash their feet. Would you do that?

Just watching Catholic stuffs on TV and debating with Charles about how, despite the first Pope being Jewish (St. Peter), they tend not to award the Papacy to devout Jews. “Your whole religion is based on the life of a Jewish guy!,” Charles said. I think he just wants to combine the little red yarmulke with the tiny head curls (Payot, he tells me they’re called). It’s a fashion thing.

So the new Pope is about to appear on his balcony. Maybe Dennis Rodman is right — although I can’t for the life of me figure his logic — but whoever it is I hope he brings, well, a little hope with him. Because I’m over the dead-eyed disbelief that’s been so pervasive. It’s just boring. Watching the Papal procession yesterday in The Sistine Chapel was great. I was there many years ago and it truly is sublimely beautiful. Anyway, if you think Catholicism is uncool, just check this out. We know what’s up.

Here’s some stuff while we wait.

I think I’m going to add some bourbon to the frosting and make this…

This is so awesome. At first I thought it was a real column. Which is why it’s so brilliant…

Checking all these out.

(“Man, how long does it take for a guy to put on a dress?” ~ Charles. So wrong.)

This is unfortunately true…

So is this, although I take issue with the almost comical style of this missive, I get tired of this kind of thing, too. If it’s not enough to just be yourself, you may be hanging with the wrong crowd. In any event, quit stealing my shine.

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Because I've had the conversation about blaming me for other people's wretched behavior to avoid acknowledging that the choice of companionship is, for the second time, prone to nastiness, for the last time.

Because I’ve had the conversation about blaming me for other people’s wretched behavior to avoid acknowledging that the choice of companionship is, for the second time, prone to nastiness, for the last time.

[NOTE: written yesterday after 2 Optimal Whit beers and a very delicious hamburger. Food drunk, beer tipsy. Forgive any rambling.]

Okay then, the weather is tight. I walked down to church this morning and it was like — and I’m sure on some deep, biological level it was EXACTLY like — awaking from hibernation. What a beautiful day. I almost don’t like being inside even writing and enjoying a hamburger and a nice wheat beer. It’s that gorgeous out. But writing is sometimes a compulsion so an hour to indulge is in order.

I can’t decide if I should be bummed out by something or not. I have recently discovered the warpath. And I’m walking it. It’s not actually in my nature to do so. I’m not a pacifist exactly; I simply prefer to relegate my battles to appropriate battlefields, which is to say, there are things worth the fight. Politics. That’s worth the fight, particularly in my professional realm of free speech versus the alternative. The mock war of competitive sports — if you’re able to keep your humor about you — is an appropriate field of battle inasmuch as it requires discipline of mind and body as a war would. I fight myself over dance. Every class is a new challenge and those who’ve trained as dancers know what I mean. You are your own standard to beat. But matters of the heart — I don’t know. That realm has always seemed best saved for love, not hate. Joy, not rage. I’m not naive — I get that interpersonal relations, if they’re worth it, require a good scrapping occasionally. But in a general sense, it’s never seemed appropriate to me to consider relationships, romantic or otherwise, between people as fields of battle. So, the warpath I’m walking, given the interpersonal nature of it and my marked inexperience at war in that realm, is one of defense, and frankly it irritates me; particularly when defending against people you’ve never met. The internet should be used for good, not evil. I know I’m being cryptic; intentionally so.  But specifically: One of the great disadvantages of being genetically descended from very sharp people, and geographically descended from very tough people, is that when necessary, the tough and sharp (read: sarcastic and biting) come out during survival mode. And, well, I feel bad about it because in this case I sorta kinda told someone what kind of person they are through the lens of the people and place I come from. I let my family speak for me and they are a lot less forgiving of inanity, a lot less likely to put up with bullshit, and a lot less willing to suffer fools than I.

Anyway, I said I didn’t like the war. I didn’t say I couldn’t do it. What’s funny though — and it’s happened so much in my life I’m forced to accept it as truth — is that when I finally decide to fight the battle doesn’t last very long. Retreat happens almost immediately. As I said, I come from sharp, tough people and they trained me. There’s a reason I hold back. Because the result is always watching the back of someone’s head as they run away. Has anyone else noticed that it’s always the softest sorts — the ones quickest to get out of dodge at the first sign of something less than easy — who are the loudest about demanding their way and blustering about like little tyrants? Napoleon, you can take your complex and shove it man.

[And so begins today…]

“He felt that his whole life was some kind of dream and he sometimes wondered whose it was and whether they were enjoying it.”
― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Happy Birthday Douglas Adams. Hitchiker’s was a real bonding moment for me and my friend Jiggy back in college. I thank you for that.

Looks like I’m heading to Savannah this spring for a wedding. Thank God! One of my favorite places on Earth. Should be rejuvenating…


Want. How good would these be in hot chocolate?

Okay this seems worthwhile. Here’s an alternate version that uses garlic which, who’re we kidding, makes it the better version.

Spooky action at a distance. What if Einstein is right and the explanation of this debunks the whole discipline? Science is infallible!

Weird aside: I find Buzzfeed amusing, their horrible political coverage notwithstanding. But I’m generally annoyed after reading anthing at their site because they trade in the rhetoric of “The Best Blankety Blank Ever” and “The Most Awesome Inane Thing You’ll See In Your Life” or “The Coolest Not-Cool-At-All People You have to Know to Be a Complete Human Being.” It just feeds into that whole useless competition (seriously, Foursquare) that is pretty much ensuring we have a bunch of whiny people with the “I’m better than you because I found out about the next big thing first. And I went there twice!” mentality growing up into what we expect will be leadership positions. Stop it Buzzfeed. At least try to make them egotistical over something that matters…

Pumpkin curry can jump but the buttermilk chicken at Bar Pilar is next on the list because that’s basically in the hood…

Have a good Monday y’all.

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Heya. It’s early and I’m enjoying some coffee and Lucky Charms (what with St. Patrick’s Day around the corner we need to celebrate all stereotypes) so thought I’d put something out before getting serious about serious matters.

So, Rand Paul, amiright? I mean look, I’m no card-carrying member of the Cult of Paul (the senior or younger), however some of my favorite people are so I cast no aspersions. But he generally makes sense to me and his election was pleasing. Yesterday’s filibuster, however, was a remarkable new thing because he did something we haven’t seen in a while: he acted on principle, and spoke passionately about something he believed in, and he left the Senate floor to thunderous applause. Ace nails it here:

This filibuster excites me for the same reasons — a return to the Old Ways, the ways that actually work, the way American politics is actually supposed to be conducted, with Senators offering thoughtful defenses of their positions and, above all, insisting that this nation is We the People not We the Ministers & Lesser Bureaucratic Warlords of Whatever Current Government the Public Has Had the Folly to Install In Office.

I don’t entirely agree with Rand Paul, at least if he’s arguing for an absolute bar– the Terrorist On His Way To Deliver a Working Nuke to NYC obviously (to me anyway) merits a unilateral exercise of prophylactic lethal force (assuming time won’t permit regular order to be followed).

But this filibuster is bigger even than that issue (which is itself large). This filibuster is about the basic character of a Democratic Republic, and restoring that character to good working order.

Amen and Hallelujah. When Barack Obama was re-elected, a dude I know who helped vote the most cynical pack of politicians into office (again) said, “If you can’t find anything to be happy about over the next four years, that’s on you!” Leaving aside for a moment that I don’t tie my happiness to who’s in the executive office — the assumption of which is what makes that person just a dude and not a man — let me just say this: Sen. Rand Paul just gave me something to be happy about in the realm of politics. And also in the larger world of man. Because belief in something (as opposed to living a philosophy that can be summed up with the maxim “everything has a price”)  touches a deeper string and plucks it and leaves it vibrating. And I haven’t gotten that from a political figure in quite some time. So, silly guy, it is on me. I assume that responsibility gladly. Thanks for your, um, support? Related maybe: I’m not even sure what to make of this but I hope it’s a good thing…

Right-o. The snowquester bust is one of the funniest things in the world to me. My Pops asked how the weather was, if I was crunching through a foot of snow, and I said, “Yeah, no. It’s raining. And not even that hard.” Pops just laughed and laughed because, having lived in DC for a time when he was in the Army — where he met Mom in fact — he said they used to joke that the Russians (this was Cold War era people) missed an opportunity every time there was a warning of snow because DC literally shut down over the mere threat of a few inches. It’s all just an excuse to take a day off work. But I guess that’s violating the first rule of fight club to mention that…Anyway, I opened up the door this morning to check the weather (because I kick it old school and let my actual senses tell me if I need a sweater) and the neighborhood cats were pretty much dancing to showtunes only they can hear. So I think Spring is on the way. Hooray! We have our pre-season softball tournament coming up in less than a month and that’s generally when the tide turns…The summer wind, came blowing in, from across the sea…And to celebrate, I bought a new suit:



So, Chavez has left the building. Seriously, good. You know there’s something stinky going on when Sean Penn and Oliver Stone and Jimmy Effing Carter (what the hell…) are lamenting the world’s latest loss of a Marxist-socialist dictator who was chummy with everyone who absolutely HATED America, and in the meantime, all the Venezuelan ex-pats in Florida are dancing in the street. “Those guys (Penn, Stone et al) are socialists because they can afford to be,” said Pops. “And I think we have to make a concession for Dennis Rodman. He’s an idiot. But Penn made his millions by convincing Americans to go see his ratty-ass performances. And then he signs up with, and cries over, a guy who hates us. There’s no excuse for that.” Truth. Here’s something from back in the day on the guy they’re going to miss.

I love this and it would be great for dance class.

And these are just fun!

“They truly are the most transparent administration. They just don’t mean to be.” ~ Pops

Come on man.

Pretty sure I know some oatmeal haters who will read this and, of a sudden!, discover they like rolled oats after all. Because that’s how keeping up with the Joneses works. In any event, couldn’t agree more.

It’s why Heineken tastes like a skunk left a poop in your beer.

Jennifer Aniston won. Seriously, Justin Theroux blows Brad Pitt clean out of the water.

Giving this a shot this weekend.

Now for some awesome tunes. The first is just a good. The second is new to me and is growing in my heart but the video is fabulous. And the band’s name is love-worthy.

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NOTE: Please forgive the painful lack of transitional sentences below and the general stream-of-consciousness rambling. I was only half-awake and half-caffeinated when I wrote the following. Regards, S.

Hi there. How you doin’? I have a few minutes this morning to offer thoughts and links before writing. And writing. And writing. Who knew contribution limits and corporate spending in elections was so sexy? I think back to what I was doing before I came here and it was more in line with this kind of thing. Fantastic article by the way. But the most stunning part is the nugget (heh) about the predicative capabilities of McDonald’s employees. That’s both gloriously random and wonderfully high-achieving. I also used to write frequently about this kind of stuff. I still engage, I just don’t get paid to do it anymore. Mari Vanna, for example, won’t be giving me complimentary caviar so I’ll write about it when I go with a friend with whom I have a firm commitment to humor me and try it out. But I’ll be trying it nonetheless. Food is my extravagance. Anyway, there’s that other experience of watching people change as a result of living in the big, bad city, and it’s something I can attest to. Metamorphosis all up in this place. Some good, some really ugly. My mom says the ugly, as I’ve described it to her, is like the kid from the small town who isn’t eaten alive because they figure they’ll adapt in all the worst ways to survive. It’s easier and quicker that way I suppose. But then when they go home, no one recognizes them. And they really don’t get — because being all puffed-up about yourself sort of precludes self-awareness — that they’re kind of pitiful. Yeah…definitely seen that transformation before my eyes. It’s heartbreaking. Kinda reminds me of this (which I stole from a friend’s FB page):

Weirdest part is that these kind of folks can be involved in relationships and yet this is still their reality. As I said, heartbreaking.

Weirdest part is that these kind of folks can be involved in relationships and yet this is still their reality. As I said, heartbreaking.

So, while DC is phenomenal in so many ways, and I truly love it here and see what made my g-pa who he was, there’s a lot of scrapping and clawing and hating going on, too. But I had this little epiphany about the haters the other day while watching some of my friends play rock band (I know): I’m pretty sure the goal of those who hate is to leave you with their nasty little attitudes and turn you into something as hateful as they are. Um, thanks, but you can keep that rage and spoiled-rotten rant. I have no use for it. But I’m glad to see the back of your head as you walk away.

So, I’ve been meditating on a saying St. Augustine, the North African genius, was fond of using, “Nisi credideritis, non intelligetis.” You will not understand until you will have believed. Or, as Charles put it the other day, “you gotta trust” it’ll work itself out. And you do. Also, I was reminded of that saying because it was used by Walter as a scientist having a crisis of faith on the show Fringe, which I’ve fallen in love with. I’ve finished it but am re-watching certain favorite episodes like the one where Olivia makes a decision to save Walter rather than kill the baddie and the baddie tells her how weak she is for that. But she’s not weak. In fact, the whole show revolves around her identification at a young age as being very strong. So, the jerks will tell you one thing. You can choose to believe it. Or you can be glad to see the backs of their heads as they walk away, transformation complete.

So this is happening (from Politico):

GOOGLE AMPS UP LOBBYING, HIRES NEW FIRM: Google has hired Garrett McNatt & Hennessey; Carpenter 360 to lobby on all provisions related to technology issues, according to Senate lobbying disclosures. Mitch Hunter and Chris Carpenter will be lobbying on behalf of the technology giant. Hiring the firm follows the company’s re-evaluation of lobbying contracts in 2012 when Google ended its contracts with Tuggey Fernandez, Holland, Knight and Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr. The tech company also recently brought on JGB & Associates in January and Sandi Stuart of The Stuart Murray Group in July 2012.

Google spent a whopping $16.5 million on lobbying in 2012 as it faced an antitrust probe. Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld, Capitol Legislative Strategies, Crossroads Strategies, Franklin Square Group, McBee Strategic Consulting and Podesta Group were among the firms that lobbied on behalf of the company last year.

Just sayin.

Also, just stop it New Republic. Don’t you recognize pure political maneuvering when you see it? Furloughs probably weren’t necessary and were used as a way to make the human capital feel the scary. This is how politics works and it’s done by both parties and in every administration, although some seem to dispense it with a little more frequency. It’s up to journalists to recognize it for what it is and point a finger at it, preferably with some humor and good intent. Something closer to this. Because the alternative is frightening…

One thing I like about programming is that, while there’s a bit of a learning curve because it is exactly like learning a new language, once you get the hang of the syntax and rules, you can do stuff like this. Not sure I’d want to do it for a living because I think I’d stop liking it. But if you’re lucky you build something you can hire developers to run. Zuckerberg knows…Also, I still loathe Foursquare. Have a major purpose already…

George is on a quest and he’s a good writer. Also, a really good dude. Definitely let DC make him a better person, not the horrible alternative.

Yes, yes, yes, yes….

It’s not really beautiful per se, but what a machine…

Finally, Ho. Ly. Crap. Dora the Destroyer is 6. Let it sink in. Such a baller.

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