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Decided to post today after all because I’m all hanging out in the hometown and feeling cool about it. Having a fried bologna sandwich at Empire State South, one of the first things I ever learned to make:

And I'm not even a fan of sweet pickles but it works man. It totally works.

And I’m not even a fan of sweet pickles but it works man. It totally works.

It’s a good. Starting to check back in on the work projects and have been blissfully unaware of the world for a few days. Save one topic that keeps rolling around in my head, but that’s not really for public consumption. I’ll just say that I remember once reading that Reese Witherspoon, when she started to become successful, felt a pang of “so there” to all those people who thought she wouldn’t make it or were content to let her slip out of their lives because they thought she wasn’t good enough for them or was too much of…whatever…or didn’t perfectly match their preconceptions or possessed the personality quirks that led them to walk away from Reese Effing Witherspoon (I know right?). I like that story, even though I recognize that maybe taking joy in the knowledge that someone is ultimately too stupid to know what they have in front of them is perhaps not the most loving way to approach these things. Not sure quite where I’m going with that but suffice to say sometimes I think I may feel something similar. Hell, sometimes I feel it already. How’s that for two adverbs used probably incorrectly but appropriate colloquially? Sorry for being the English geek but it’s where I started and pretty sure is there for good.

Anyway, Modest Mouse is playing overhead and I’m going to bounce. “Alright already we’ll all float on…” Here’s something so wickedly cool to entertain you till we chat again:

Best lists.

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Hey errbody. I’m crackalackin’ out the last day of work, although I’m not actually hightailing it south until early Saturday morning. Looks like I’ll be taking 95 down instead of 81 because I don’t trust the fog after the weather the Shenandoah region is supposed to get tomorrow night. Fancy Gap is no damn fun in the fog. I know because I’ve done it. I’m not so much great with the heights inasmuch as my foot shakes on the gas pedal and my hands grip the wheel like it’s my tether to Earth. You throw fog in and, while the height factor is no longer visible, you know it’s there and you’re only driving blind over a huge mountain. Anyway, speaking of tomorrow, since it’s been tomorrow on the planet for several hours now, I think it’s safe to say the Maya were chewing Marijuana leaves like the Inca chewed cocoa leaves. I’m sure that was fun and all but if you were really prescient, you would have seen hipster panic and known not to mess with us like that. In the event we survive another day, here’s some things to still like about our South American ancestors’ ability to get things right.

I don’t have much today. I think I’m still gonna hit the dance studio later. It really does just feed my soul. And then I’ll be tooling around tomorrow in the rental running some errands and preparing to head to beautiful HOTlanta for the week! I’m wondering if I’ll come back to DC… I was telling my sister today: I’ve failed miserably in some ways here but I’ve also succeeded in some pretty interesting ways as well. I’ve made some friends and established some aquiantance-ships, and learned a whole lot more about what nasty people look like and how they behave (how do people get so hateful at such a young age? That continues to elude me…). But I’ve also lost some friends, and misunderstood acquaintances as true friends, and learned a bunch about how good people are tenacious about being awesome in the face of overwhelming odds. And I’m doing good work that I’m proud of. So, I don’t know. Maybe I can continue to see what happens here. I know that some of my joy is — sometimes it seems intentionally — perverted and made ugly. That’s hard to negotiate but insecurity simply behaves that way and nothing can change that. And then there has been unexpected joy from places I never imagined it coming from. Anyway, I’m only kidding about not coming back. Kind of…

Anyway, not sure when I’ll write again but here are a few things to chew on till then:

Want. I’d use them, too.

Okay. They’ll be looked into.

This was on last night and I watched it in lieu of actually joining the world for a drink. Because sometimes you need to just tuck in. I look forward to sharing that sentiment with someone else.

Love! Choose Your Own Adventure books — yes, this makes me old and I have the lines in my face to prove it. Which means I know a whole lot more than your silly little self. Now go away. — were among my favorites. And then of course, so is The Bard. Which put me in the mind of this fabulous film that I need to re-watch soon…

And now, because Ali P’s dance playlist introduced me to it, here’s a digable tune, appropriate right now in many ways:

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I just wanted to share some love. We all need it.

I just wanted to share some love. We all need it.

Hey y’all. So, since last we talked some real bad shit went down in Connecticut. I don’t want to be disrespectful to those grieving — I can’t even imagine how they are coping and, frankly, I don’t want to do them a disservice by talking about stuff I really know nothing about. I find it nearly impossible to speak or write the name of the shooter. And I’m having a bit of guilt because I vented out some rage over this to a friend and I’m sorry for that. I know that shooter had trouble. But he skirted over into evil and I can’t find it in my heart to see him as a victim. Perhaps this makes me a monster, I don’t know. But I do know that this was a perfect storm of bad and guns are not the only topic that should be discussed with respect in the coming months — let’s go ahead and talk mental health and drug withdrawal, a simultaneous indulgent and neglectful style of parenting in the age of pills vs. discipline, access to guns and the reality that the 2nd amendment might actually be referring to an inalienable right to defend our lives and how you shouldn’t bring a knife to a gun fight, and an ever pervasive culture of apocalyptic warnings and a slowly evaporating push to be positive and a declining desire to find hope in the apparently hopeless. If we’re going talk, let’s talk. I think Klavan nails it here: “They never say anything that would inconvenience them…”

Okay, other stuff and things. Maybe happier things.

Quote of the day: “You know your fish and chips place is legit when the Royal Navy walks in.” ~ T. Martinez. He’s referring to this little establishment.

These are just cool, if a little hard to see…

Cherrise, the choreographer of this beautiful piece, just does fine, fine work with her Atlanta outfit Project 7. And the song makes me weep…

This site is endlessly fascinating, especially if you’re into maps. The Google Holiday Map card is so cool…

Just discovered this album because my brilliant redheaded nephew (hey David!) posted the lyrics to the third and fourth stanza on facebook and, having sung this as a solo in chorus in the 5th grade (heh) I did a search for the song on Spotify and this was the most popular version. The album’s good fun.

Dinner, because it’s easy peasy and I have stuffs to do…

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The Christmas tree in Columbia Heights by my house. It makes a trip to the grocery store a pretty experience.

The Christmas tree in Columbia Heights by my house. It makes a trip to the grocery store a pretty experience.

So, things are getting weird out there. I try to imagine ever being in a situation where I see an old man working a hot dog cart and feeling in my heart “Yeah, we need to destroy that hot dog cart. That old man needs to be shown a thing or two.” I suppose the point is to intimidate people into keeping their fool mouths shut and just accepting the way things are. We should all, as it was suggested to me recently, just try to find moments of happiness in an otherwise bad situation. To survive I guess. And there’s some truth to that. But damn man…do you stand by and let an old man’s business be destroyed? Or actively promote through word and deed the policies that allow for this kind of thing? The least we can do is to point at that stuff and say no. That’s bad. That’s not a good thing. And it most certainly is NOT common sense. What’s that saying about evil and the good man doing nothing…? I have no desire to hang on the martyr cross or anything but I also have no desire to live life as a coward. And so I have to say tearing down Clint Tarver’s hot dog stand was the work of thugs and racists and we need to be looking at what stirred that up and actively working to fix it. Cause it’s broke y’all. Broke and busted like that no account boyfriend your dad said he never wanted to meet. But that analogy might only work for me…

Speaking of broke and busted, here’s Rob Parker of ESPN talking about the rising star of the NFL, RGIII. I was just reading about this yesterday — and had to send it to someone who made the tired intimation that not voting for Obama MIGHT equate to racism. God that’s so effing tired. As a woman, I can relate to being called all kinds of bad things for not calling myself a “feminist.” (Here’s basically why. I don’t relate to these people. I just can’t — it’s anti-intellectual.) I’ve written about it before in this space but I don’t want to go into it again because it can be depressing to write about. But I tell ya … people that call you bad things and try to exclude you from their group because you don’t get on board with everything they think are not impressive people. Not open-minded, not kind, and not smart. At least those in the music world still like a “rebel.” Parker, your bitchiness looks like jealousy. Just sayin’.

Okay other fun, Friday things so we can get to our weekends in the right frames of mind. I have a million cookies to make this weekend and some house-cleaning and what-not to accomplish so I can head home for a FULL WEEK!!! Seriously, I’m excited…

Want so bad. Yes, I see the price. But it’s a Halston…

Oh Hank Johnson, just stop talking…

This is not a development I take lightly
and, while this guy seems to welcome the idea, I do not. And I’m not being paranoid. But in the game of world politics this looks like a brilliant chess move.

It’s pretty obvious that there is bias in search results and I think it’s sort of funny to suggest that the algorithms (it’s so hard for me not to write logarithms. I try to use these words interchangeably…don’t know why…) are somehow NATURALLY showing bias. Think about that for a second. Computer algorithms organically segregating results…Sorry artificial intelligence lovers, I don’t buy it…

My favorite Christmas treat has got to be my second mom Mrs. Wilson’s poppy seed bread. This is the basic recipe, with a few minor tweaks. She used to wrap them in foil with a cute little plaid ribbon and walk them over from next door. The glaze was all gooey and sweet and the bread had a nice crust on the outside that was just…man, Christmas memories. I got the recipe much later as an adult and I’m sure I’ll be a making a few this weekend for the work kids and myself. I predict several pounds of fun being added to my midsection over the holidays…Which is why I’ll be spending my time here working just that much harder…

It was my favorite of the books but I hear the movie is quite long. That’s a Peter Jackson staple.

Making it slowly through these…

This is just golden.

I have a love/hate thing with del Toro but this is like The Terminator meets Alien meets Transformers meets The Abyss so that can’t be bad, right…?

Is this a useful endeavor? I don’t know. But it’s awesome!

I woke up singing this. One of my all-time faves.

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Seeking softer


Hey y’all. Almost done with the Christmas shopping. I have my cookies for my care packages decided upon — my ninjamen cookie cutters are in the mail. Now I just need to mail my Christmas cards this week and I’m in good shape. I’m coming off an epiphany and I only have a few minutes to write because I have other things to do that actually garner me resources to eat and pay my bills. But while I’m gnoshing on this egg salad sammie, let’s have a chat.

I discovered last night that my spiritual doppleganger is Vince Vaughn. Maybe I think that because I just watched The Watch (Good stuff. Shame it coincided with the Trayvon Martin case because it’s actually hilarious and more Americans need to familiarize themselves with Richard Ayoade, like, yesterday). But I just think that Vince and I share a tendency to call bullsh*t when we see it — and maybe feel a little bad about it later.

See, I came across this piece yesterday and, seriously, I thought, despite the URL destination, it was a link to an Onion piece. I still don’t know what a locavore is and I refuse to look it up. (Okay I just did. I wish I hadn’t. Groups, groups, cliques, cliques, isms, isms, isms…). My initial reaction was to crack up at the absolute hilarious irony of self-described former tree-hugging vegetarians discovering (because no one knew this before the hipsters brilliantly figured it out) that hunting a) doesn’t make you evil and b) is actually good for the environment. I sent it to a friend of mine who thought it was funny, too, but told me “maybe [I] need to lighten up.” !!!!!

Turns out he was right. My friend maintains that hipster hunters probably aren’t the same people who have made people feel shamed and bad about being backwoods, redneck animal haters. And while I’ll acknowledge they’re probably not PETA members, I feel fairly certain that many of them were in the grocery aisle eyeing my nutter butters and deli fried chicken with obvious disdain. Or running around telling people how ashamed they are of being from the South because that hunting culture just never sat well with them. But my friend has a good point — this kind of stuff should really only be snickered at, not worried over. It’s going to be hard for me to reconcile that they can just decide one day that something they’ve made people feel really, really horrible for doing (ahem, Sarah Palin) is okay and they never have to acknowledge that they were awful in their judgment and, God forbid, actually publicly apologize. But hey, they’re learning. And I guess we can be happy about that. Can’t you just hear Vince Vaughn saying that entire paragraph aloud, running about 20 words/sec? I can… Anyway, I’m really looking forward to getting back South for a little while and getting a bit softer because that’s what’s bugging me the most. I don’t want to live that cynical all the time. I want more of this. Getting back to the pines and folks who say good morning and yes ma’am and sweet tea and lazy drawls should smooth my edges a bit. And I’ll try real hard to lighten up. But — and here’s the epiphany — I’m not sure I can talk to people who don’t think hipster hunters isn’t at least marginally hilarious. I’ve always prided myself on reaching across that aisle but my Lord…you’re just missing something if you don’t get why that’s funny.


Nothing better than a good movie soundtrack.

Thanks Coach. This is just good fun…

This is what I’m talking about Charles — “male feminists”? What the hell does that even mean? I know I need to lighten up but my God how do you do that in the face of this kind of nonsense? I think I need to drink more. I think that’s actually how people who say they understand this stuff make it through the day…And I’m not even being snarky…

I need more of this, too. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous…

It’s the new normal. The kids are running the playground. But, as Greg Gutfeld notes, they always screw up. Cause they’re kids. So, get ready to clean up in a few years…Sigh.

Ode to Joy indeed.

Gah, no. Just no. Making kids dumber and calling it smarter is bad, bad, bad…

For the hipster hunters during this holiday season. I give them this: they can like good music.

Worth a listen. Especially the Rat Pack album. But here’s one of my faves:

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Alright, I have a few minutes, so I’ll give you a few things to think about (just like Linda Richman. And if you don’t know who that is you need to work that out because it’s good stuff.)

So we had our Holiday Party last night and Trotter’s brew was delicious. I didn’t think about getting a picture of my dress — mostly because I’m not a huge fan of having my picture taken since I’m not the most photogenic of creatures — but I do have one of the boys:

Aren't they handsome?

Aren’t they handsome?

Truckin’ along from there…

Gah. So, because, as a friend said, people who go to church get leave passes and people who want to go hang out in town and loiter around the movie theater don’t, this constitutes religious discrimination? Pfft. To quote my friend: “He seemed more pissed off that no one gave a shit that he was an atheist.” That’s pretty much how it always is. “Look at me! I rebel against your conventional ways!” Um, yeah, no one cares…

Okay stuff like this freaks me out. Especially since this is happening, too. I’m not paranoid or anything — ultimately no one can do anything about data mining except check out technologically and that’s not happening with this kid — but this seems like denial before accusation. And that’s just weird…

Super fun site, lots of cursing (I like curse words. I’m not proud of it but there it is…). She feels about beets the way I feel about quinoa. I see it in the grocery store and I’m just like, “why?…”

Another possible holiday cookie, inspired by a place in Atlanta I didn’t even know existed. On places to visit when I go home list…

As most entrees keep the focus on the fish, you’ll want to order a couple of side dishes. There are plenty of tempting offerings, from beignet-style corn milk hushpuppies to potato gnocchi with lobster butter. We enjoyed the sautéed mushrooms and the wood roasted beets that were drizzled with a smoky vinaigrette.

Klavan always makes a lot of sense to me. As does Hanson. The new fairness is anything but.

There is now only one commandment in the new Kingdom of Fairness: Make less than $250,000, and the government will ensure that you, the deserving, get your fair share; make more than that, and the government will demand that you, the undeserving, pay your fair share.

That is all ye need know.

I’ll be checking them all out.

Sorta digging this. I almost want to turn something into a Christmas gift…

I’m really hoping to see this show. Might be my Christmas gift to myself.

Okay, I have to head over to the Washington Hilton to hear the Big Boss speak. Y’all be cool.

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Association issues

‘Sup? I had most of this post written yesterday so I’m going to add a few links before a 4 pm call because I want to talk about my beloved DAWGS’ valiant effort Saturday. It was heartwrenching and beautiful and I loved the way they played like men and vikings. And I hope all this can finally put to rest the ridiculous notion that Mark Richt isn’t one of the best coaches the program has ever seen because, as this Bleacher Report article points out nicely, building a program is a long haul. Getting rid of the person who built it now seems like crazy talk to me. But, as a friend of mine said Sunday, “I just hate to lose.” We all do my friend. But those boys on the field and their coaches hate it way more than we do. Let’s show them some respect for the amazing game they played — and I mean the best one I’ve ever seen and rightly called possibly the greatest the SEC has seen — and not thank them for putting their hearts and souls and blood and guts on the field by calling for the head of their leaders who love them and stand up for them. Loyalty in sports is also part of the win.

So, because I grew up discussing football games in my living room with the brothers who all played and were all very good, and my Dad, who was also very good when he played as a young person, I called my Dad and talked to my little bro about the game. They know the game of football well enough to catch things others miss and both Pops and Dan, independently of each other, said there was a lot of holding going on that Alabama wasn’t being penalized for and that Georgia was. Pops reminded me that Alabama had ONE penalty — for 5 yards — going into the 4th Q. In the SEC Championship game and (who are we kidding) the National Championship game for all intents and purposes. That does seem — odd… . Especially when this kind of thing was happening. Don’t know if you can see it here but the ref pretty much watches this go down and never even reaches for his flag. and this was absolutely intended to hurt Murray. Were he a bigger man, physics would not have been on his side when he came down on his neck and shoulders and this could have been very bad. In fact, Murray had to go cop a squat on the sideline and he looked shaken. Must have been a sobering moment for him to realize that the refs weren’t going to protect him from 350 lb linemen. And yet still we came within 5 yards and a time out of taking that game from the reigning champs. And I think both Richt and the team deserve accolades and love for their efforts. As for the Richt “meanness” issue, and maybe it’s just because I watched my brother Andrew lose his chance at playing college football after a nasty hit IN PRACTICE his senior year of high school tore every ligament in his leg to the tune of more than one surgery to correct, I don’t have much respect for a Saban who teaches his guys to take out the QB. Would always rather have a Richt because, look here, Alabama did NOT beat us as much as the clock just ran out. Even Saban admitted it. And with the questionable officiating tacked on to that, Richt, to my mind, has proved that his style of gentle giant coaching works, works well, and develops the character of these young men — and I don’t care if you hate to lose. That’s important. Just look to Kansas City if you have doubts about that.

Anyway, I see good things for the future of the UGA football program. And you can hold me to that. Go DAWGS!!!!!

Watched this again this weekend. So great.

Well this is pretty exciting! Ancient aliens!!!! (ahem…sorry. Just got excited…)

I’ll be dancing later but I figure I can stop in Cleveland Park later and pick up some bacon. Because fried rice is something everyone should perfect…

This is a fun little listen. Used to write for this publication. Seems like a million years ago…

I knew it! Alexander does have a kind of thug look in his eye most of the time. Couldn’t listen to The Prodigy for a while because it was one of the bands the ex ruined for me. Association issues….

Okay this is just boss. And if you want to see these two in some of their dancing pieces, I’ve included a few below. Inspires me, too.

Allison at this link. Such a beautiful piece.


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