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Because this is how Atlanta-based pizza parlors roll. I still need to go here. It takes me 10 minutes to walk there and I have yet to go. I’m a bad DC-er.

Alexander snuck past me last night while I was taking out the trash and stayed out all night in the rain. I went out to find him around 7:30 am and he was the most pathetic thing, crying his eyes out in the alley, soaking wet. So I brought him in and he slept for 3 hours and then started to whine about going back out. Crazy cat. Don’t he know there’s a hurrikin’ out there?

He’s keeping a watch on the drain that likes to clog. I like to imagine the crying is just his way of saying, “Drain’s a-ok so far!”

So I figure, since I’m off work, I’ll do some writing and cooking with the idea that the power could be gone late this afternoon. Although, as is usually the case, Sandy skipped right over the hard left turn into DC from the Atlantic and looks to make landfall in Rhode Island (or Atlantic City depending on how much you prefer your Hurricane stories to involve devastation of property). Most of the time Hurricanes do hit to the North of DC and, while I’m no earth systems or meteorological physicist, I wonder if it has to do with the dip toward the west the coastline takes just North of North Carolina. Like maybe the shallow water and the heat of said water may actually contribute to why the storms don’t cut left more often in that area. Anyway, just musing. Ash tells me that it probably won’t be safe to walk anywhere after like 2 pm (“It’s scary when it’s not safe to walk!,” she said. Truth.) So I’m emailing folks who don’t mind working and getting my thoughts out here as is my way. Also, making my signature pasta dish for lunch, and making some deviled eggs later (I don’t know why. I’m just craving them.) and possibly walking to meet some friends for a Hurricane cocktail. Should be a productive and yet lazy kind of day. My favorite kind of day!

Also, I think I will always say that it has come up a bad cloud rather than referring to these things as Nor’easters. Because I may live just a few miles south of New York City now, but by God I will always be a Southerner. And so will my colloquialisms. And my accent. Here’s what may be coming down the pike, no matter what you call it. Try not to freak out. Because humanity is resilient. And stuff like this gives us the opportunity to prove it.

Right, so things.

I’m assuming the algorithm here works with key terms like “Romney” and “Obama.” It’d be fun to try to beat. But then I’m just a language dork.

This sort of cracked me up. I like The National. And this is a great song and personally I think it fits. Perhaps you could take a minute and be reflective of why these students wanted to use this song — what were they thinking? Instead of overreacting and making them feel like they’d personally insulted you. Just a thought. Song below.

Although it feels like it, Halloween is not actually over. So, this is awesome. I won’t listen to the song in #2…

I’ve stopped letting the tragedy of this story and the relative media silence about it piss me off and just started to get comfortable with the fact that I may be able to celebrate the removal of the head of an administration that allowed this to happen and then tried to throw Petraeus and others under the bus (when, apparently, the CIA was never authorized to give a stand down order. The Coach tells me that can only come from AFRICOM or the President.) in just over a week. Like Sandy, we don’t know what’s going to happen. But we can predict. And I’m predicting.

See, this is just good old fashioned market competitiveness and they should let it be. (h/t George)

Also from George, a song I haven’t heard in years. But appropriate. Stay safe my mid-Atlantic lovlies.

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Secret society. We have a handshake and everything.The fraternal order of Willard…

So I found out my brother John and sis-in-law Sharon (parents of my pen-pal who’s about to get some Bertie Bott’s Beans from me for Halloween) are coming to Annapolis for a wedding in Nov. My first Georgia visitors! Woot! I think I’ll travel to them since I’ve not been to Annapolis and I hear it’s really pretty. Also, John and I like to drink and act weird so it’s just really good news.

Today has been an exercise in keeping my fool mouth shut. I wake up in the morning sometimes and I have so much I want to write about, and it’s perfectly crafted in my head, and I know it will zing and be sharp and pointed and hit ’em where it hurts. This is why my father warned my mother that I may be mean when I was still in diapers. Because I can be I guess. But It’s nice when, as the day goes on and I’m surrounded by good people who exercise restraint and kindness with people, I begin to take on some of their qualities rather than continuing to carry the qualities of those who behave otherwise. Sure, I don’t get the release of just telling someone where to stick it (in my overly-intellectualized and cryptic style) but I like myself a whole lot better. And I think other folks like me better, too. So, win.

So, a few things: First off, this needs to be said now. Note the age of this post. It’s time.

On to politics, since abortion still seems to be the most pressing issue of the day (yeah right. How bout this?  As the Coach noted, this story should be on every news channel. If the world hates us it is for the lack of honor and respect displayed by telling these men to stand down when they are trained to do everything but. Despicable.), I’ll go ahead and give you a few pieces on why the issue is like riding a crazy train. Because the lover of choice has this to say in response to Paul Ryan being absolutely predictable in the same opinion he’s had forever. Again, Ryan isn’t really making a statement here about rape. He’s making a statement about life beginning at conception. But make him a lover of rape or fundamentalist crazy if you must. My sister sent this along and they are good questions. Also, this is still happening. And no amount of “nothing to see here” is going to make it go away. It all reminds me of this scene from Patriot Games. “That is a kill.”

Anyway, here’s what I told a few new friends (they tend toward a more left-leaning philosophy) who asked me about it recently. I stand by it:

i’m afraid of getting into this because you boys are so AGGRESSIVE but I can handle this one quicker than Sean’s deficit/taxes issue: to begin, let me say that I believe life begins at conception and I am ALSO pro-choice. I can explain that to you sometime if you want but that’s where I start with this issue. I don’t like the comments made by Akin or Mourdock and Ryan was right to distance himself from them. This latest video where Ryan calls rape a “method of conception” is freaking everybody out but I’m not sure it should because a) what he says is, indeed, true: raping can fertilize an egg and lead to pregnancy. He believes life begins at conception so he sees this life as valuable no matter how it was conceived. this is nothing new. but he b)also clarifies that Romney has made a concession for rape/pregnancy and that Romney, as the man in charge, will make policy. so you can dislike what he believes but i’m pretty sure that you don’t have to FEAR it because he’s already disavowed a personal effort to make policy based on how he sees this issue, leaving that to the other man on his ticket.

This is always of interest. (h/t Henke)

God bless you Charlie for posting this where I could grab it.

Innovation is exciting!

Courtesy of my friend Lina. Y’all know how I love a good cover. And a cover of the Jackson 5 is so hard to pull off it may be a Halloween miracle.

Food and drink for your Halloween party. How beautiful is that dip? Also, since I’ve always secretly wished I was Sarah from The Craft, I like the idea of a witches brew…

Watch these if you dare. Some are obviously fake (but really scary) and some not so fake maybe (and not so scary). Boo.

Ze Frank explains the fine art of trading candy.
It is a skill and they should teach it in advanced economics classes.

Also, music for your fright night jam. So glad to see Bauhaus in there. Because they were scary as hell.

Booberry is the sh*t.

Apparently I’m going to have a cocktail with some friends for happy hour at the Mighty Pint(!) This joint is not really my scene — far too much insecurity in one place for my general peace of mind. Insecure people do wacky stuff, oftentimes resulting in some nasty behavior and that holds little interest for me — but I do love me some Corey et al so I’ll see what’s shaking after work.

Y’all enjoy yourselves this weekend. And remember: even monsters can have hearts.

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Call the po-po ho.


Okay, I have roughly 10 minutes before I have to crank out a draft op-ed for the big boss. So, I’m going to keep much of my snark in check until another day and just offer some links and things. I will say this though: I was flipping through tv channels and happened upon that sugary treat of shallowness known as Guiliana and Bill (or something) and watched as Guiliana prepared for the surrogate birth of their child. It disturbed me greatly. I’d rather be raised by Madea than a woman who refused to gain weight at the suggestion of her doctors so that she could healthily carry a child. Not sure what kind of influence this is on young girls but then I guess E! is just a trough of this kind of thing. Weird how something so saccharine can be so God-awful depressing…

Anyway, happily moving on from all that glittery fool’s gold…

So my favorite thing that came out of the third debate was the new “Big Bird” in the form of Mitt Romney’s an idiot and doesn’t understand that Iran is bordered by other bodies of water so how can he say something ludicrous like Syria is the path to the sea. Ahem. Work it out for yourselves simpletons. But I look forward to your guru leaving office, either in a few weeks or later on down the road. Because my Lord if that isn’t frightening. I’ll just leave you with a quote from the Coach as we discussed it:

“It’s like saying ‘Panama is Venezuela’s path to the Pacific’ and having them be like ‘Psh, what a retard…Venezuela can just go around Chile…'”

Think about it.

Mom says I should stay in town and have Thanksgiving in Southern Maryland with the cousins and extended fam. If I decide to do it, I’m making these. Because I think my Aunt Chong would dig that. Also, my sister’s candied pecans. I think I’ll be making these tonight in fact. I’ll post a pic when they’re done. I love them so much with morning coffee…

So fascinating reading for you while I work:

This is pretty interesting, especially given how Dems are beginning to squawk already about the Executive powers Romney may have upon entering office. Heh. (h/t George)

And on the other side of the spectrum, there’s this. The one referencing the cat lady vote is my favorite.

Also, the way he was looking at him leads me to believe he would have done this if he thought he could get away with it.

New restaurant by the office the boys tell me has half-off Sangria pitchers everyday for happy hour. That’s going to happen.

These should be tried I guess. I’ve always had trouble with Asian food made and served by hipster white kids who don’t see the irony in being politically correct while naming one of their rolls the “godzirra.” See, that is funny to me. But I’m a heartless bastard and don’t pretend to be otherwise.

This was posted by a Texas friend of mine (who I assume is traveling home) with the statement that there “ain’t no time for the jibber-jabber in Texas.” I love Texas.

Been reading this and this at the same time. Because they relate. I swear being entitled just makes you bitchy. “I mean I know I got a new car but it doesn’t have the heated seats. And I really like having a warm butt. Sigh. I guess I can deal with it if I have to…” Gah.

The other day I sent a tweet out about Elmo being a Grover wannabe. Then a friend sent me perhaps the funniest thing I’ve read in a month. The internet is ridiculous. I love it.

Elmo doesn’t own dick.

Where was Elmo in the late ’70s and early ’80s, when Grover was carrying Sesame Street on his back? He wasn’t getting any help from hacks like Oscar the Grouch, and Burt and Ernie were busy hanging out at the projects. Grover single-handedly kept Sesame Street going, helping little bastards everywhere learn the alphabet.

But, along comes Elmo, whose only skill is laughing when he gets tickled, and everyone’s supposed to kneel and bow?!

Hell, NO!

Every day around 3 pm.

It’s happening this weekend and is always a great rivalry. Charlie’s already talking about the lives he ruins every year on the day of this game. I don’t know what he means but I think I may stay away from him that night….Also, the bulldog cracked me up. So chill.

The secret chemist in me just did a geeky cheer while wearing glasses and before slamming a beaker full of wine into the fireplace.

Thanks Madonna for continuing to miss the point.

Have some life and spirit.

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My beloved DAWGS are back this week after our painful loss to South Carolina and a bye week. A conversation occurred, prompted by The Distinguished Veteran, that maybe Mark Richt is just too nice to be a great coach. (I don’t tend to agree with this) It’s an interesting idea and here’s the article that was sent with this suggestion and the discussion that followed. Where do you come down on it in light of the Alpha Male Theater that is the current Presidential race and this kind of thing from the big man behind the camera? In a giant building. With security cameras at the door. Douche.

From the email:

Dude’s screen name on TOS is HacksawDawg, not sure of his real name. It’s long & I’ll just leave it here without comment for those who want to read it. Some may know more about this guy than I do… Most of it is chit that’s been said one way or another before, but I thought it was interesting hearing it from a former player & his conversations with other former players…


“My honest two cents?

Below is actually a compilation of thoughts from posts I made yesterday, but they come from not only my own opinions but those of other players from the Richt era I’ve discussed this topic with. One as recently as yesterday, and he started on our 2002 team. I, and many others from the early Richt years, think the program has had a void of dominant leadership for too long. It’s a common denominator whether the issue has been discipline, toughness, passion, etc.

Richt can get by on his calm, nice guy personality so long as he has dominant presences running each area of his program.

You can’t just have it on one side of the ball, though. Everyone wants to draw the line where it all seemed to change with BVG’s departure. That was only one half of the equation.

It really changed when Callaway left too. With BVG and Callaway, you had two nasty, grizzly, DOMINANT presences on each side of the ball. Both sides of the ball had a leader who the players were uncomfortable around. Guys you dreaded getting into the elevator with or getting stuck seated next to on the bus. They were coaches you avoided if you could.

People don’t understand or appreciate the dynamic we had in place when we had both BVG and Callaway. It could have been theater, but they didn’t like each other either. Callaway once threatened to beat BVG’s ass right there on the practice field when he dressed down one of his OL’s. They berated their players not just on football, but personal levels. BVG challenged his players’ status as “men” constantly. If Callaway hadn’t called you a “pu$$y” or a “worthless fat ass” that week, then you simply hadn’t been at practice.

And I’ll add another element with Fabris. Borderline insane, some ill-conceived schemes at times, but he brought a wildman attitude to special teams. And the other coaches clearly couldn’t stand him any more than the players could. But it sort of worked and reinforced an overriding attitude of tough, crazy…MEAN.

Collectively, those guys gave the program an edge. Just an unspoken sense that we were more grizzled than the opponent, and because of the daily crap the players had to endure with those leaders, there was a cocky swagger that whatever ran out of the other tunnel on Saturday was going to be an easier task than the men that coached them during the week.

And guess what – none of the players liked any of these three coaches. But they ALL respected them and feared crossing them. And yet, when we get together and recount our fondest memories, guess which three coaches get brought up the most? Yep, those three.

That crap is contagious and creates an atmosphere and culture of not only toughness, but MEANNESS. BVG and Callaway are MEAN. Fabris was legitmately CRAZY.

Staff chemistry can be overrated, IMO. Friction creates a lot of positive things in a competitive environment, Richt likes harmony and I have never thought him to be comfortable with confrontation, but the friction is what made him successful. And in fact, the players sensed the friction between staff members and they loved it. It was invigorating.

I hate to dumb things down as Neanderthal-like dynamics, but so much of a competitive environment among men is based on perceived dominance. There is an unspoken heirarchy within any group of men. It’s why when we fired Martinez I harped for weeks here on this board that the #1 qualification for the new DC was to hire an “alpha male.” An alpha male is a real thing and it is necessary especially in football when you must manage a lot of high-testosterone, very confident young men, many of whom are alpha males in their own right.

Richt is admired by everyone, but in a room of strong men, he is not the alpha male. If the leader is not an alpha male, every one of his surrogates must be one.

It’s no different than parenting or managing anyone else. Even children sense weakness and dominance of presence. I have other parents ask how my kids are so well-behaved. Because I am the freaking alpha male in this family and they know ONE thing for sure – they’re not going to win any battle with me. Ever. Period. Poorly behaved kids are that way because they perceive weakness in their parents. It’s why fatherless kids end up on bad paths.

People romanticize successful teams, but in the early Richt years we had some bonafide turds not only playing, but starting on those teams.

And I tell ya something I’ve learned over the years…if they’re coachable, the turds make great football players because they’re just naturally mean and intimidating. Odell was MEAN. Derrick White was MEAN. Chris Clemons was MEAN. Those were guys who with their pads off in the real world would rather knock your teeth out than give you the time of day. Clemons is the only freshman I was ever intimidated by – he was tall, skinny, and quiet but that boy was mad at something in life, and I made sure it wasn’t going to be me each day. And you know why guys like that were coachable? Because Van Gorder was a more dominant presence so they fell in line.

Discipline is 100% about strength of leadership and the perceived dominance of the man in charge. It’s not about character education, it’s not about suspension policies. It is about genuinely believing the man in charge is a stronger character than you are, and an element of fear is there as a result. You fear having to deal with the guy in charge, not the suspension or penalty. When I was a kid, I feared my Dad, not being grounded. THIS is why we have discipline issues under Richt. They know Richt will hand down a suspension but ultimately love on them and give them a hug after they serve it.

Saban recruits plenty of thugs. But he has a stronger, more dominant presencethan they do and they don’t dare cross him. Facing Saban is what they fear most.

You cannot truly lead unless you are THE dominant presence. Richt isn’t, and he doesn’t have enough surrogates who are. Folks like to think Richt doesn’t know what he’s doing, but he absolutely does, and as well as anyone in the country. The foundational principles and methods of Richt’s program are nearly identical to all the great coaches in the game today, and I’ve always thought his most closely align with Urban Meyer. Perhaps that’s why Meyer likes Richt so much. Richt is a fantastic coach who understands the plan and the process to be successful, but he doesn’t have the presence to execute it. He needs that presence and dominance from his surrogates.

That dominant presence over the team isn’t there, nor has it been for several years. The plan is sound, but it must be executed with authority and unwavering dominance from the leadership. It ain’t there.

People are tired of this example but watch in pregame when we walk to the end zone after flex and run up to Richt on the 25. They don’t run, in reality. A handful of geaked up players do, but most of the team drags ass up to him, many don’t listen to what he’s says after they break it down, and too many look disinterested. That is disrespect, and in a public setting.

There is no fear in the program. There used to be.”

Me: Bailey has actually postulated this same theory to me many times. I think the last quote was something along the lines of “Look at Spurrier. He’s a terrible man. But he’s a great coach.”

The Coach: All the good coaches are. Nick Saban is quite possibly the devil. If Urban Meyer wasn’t coaching football, he’d probably be a serial killer.

And it makes sense that John Fabris was crazy. Why else would he insist on directional kicking when we were so clearly terrible at it? The kicker couldn’t kick it, and our special teams couldn’t cover it, but by God we ran it out there every week…

Captain Bannan: A very redeeming read. I have felt this way for years too. As the player noted, Richt may be a great guy, well organized, etc, but college football is more like joining the military than a Boy Scouts of America excursion.

Anyway — other things and stuff…

My cool flag football bruise. I had to back some girl up off me because she kept illegally putting her hands on me and they weren’t calling it. So, I took the foul and just chest bumped her with my hands up. I popped a blood vessel. But she didn’t touch me again. So, win. Also, chick, I’m bigger than you and I have four brothers. Just some important information.

Want. I pretty much have this outfit in my closet but I’ve never worn the shoes. I just get so TALL in them…

True story. I apologize for being hard about the Cosby sweater…Sometimes I joke and it hurts people.

This is myth. These people don’t exist in DC. But I think they’re about to…

I can’t watch the actual episode yet. Reading about it is enough (h/t Miss Cat).

Sometimes I really miss the South.

This video made me laugh so hard. Hingle McCringleberry is genius. The Coach said it reminded him of the second video and I must agree.

In an email about our FF game this weekend, Charlie (the smartass) wrote the following:

“Also, my Spotify told me that Sarah is listening to Nine Inch Nails right now so lets be nice to her this weekend because shes obviously going through some dark shit. haha”

It was randomly selected by the radio station I was listening to but I did get called “insignificant” earlier this week so I admit, it was therapeutic.

Silky! “He enjoyed himself, and good for him.”

Ash and I will be here later for dinner — if she’s not too mad at me. She thinks the fact that I let myself get called “insignificant” makes it almost impossible to be around me…

I enjoyed this. Find the biggest straw man and attack it. Big Bird never saw it coming.

Also randomly selected. I love this album and cannot help but move when I hear this song. People walking past my office door just sadly shake their heads…

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‘Stache pacie. “We don’t need no stinkin’ milk.” I have to look away to stop laughing and get anything done.

So, how ’bout that debate last night, huh folks? Everyone’s calling it a draw because Obama won on style (whatever that means…I guess in the theater of debate I get it but my pragmatic side is like “Who cares about style!” and then my rational side is all, “Uh, voters do, genius… .”) and Romney won on substance. The lies from Obama were disconcerting as was the applause for those lies from the Hill staffer kids I was surrounded by. Just search out the energy issue if you don’t believe me. Or, ya know, read this. But I was excited to see that Romney is not intimidated by Obama. Not physically, intellectually, emotionally or in any other way. I dig that. The Coach said it reminded him of Gore’s attempt to intimidate Bush (Stupid move with a Texan even if you are from Tennessee) and sent me this link (relevant moment 30 seconds in) with this comment:
Me: the body language was awesome
like obama would get up and stalk over
and romney would just turn around and stand still
and then take a step toward him
and obama would stop walking
it was beautiful
Coach: Yeah
I was reading about that yesterday
Apparently Rob Portman is something of a debate prep genius
I’d forgotten this
But back in 2000, Gore tried to do the same thing to Bush
Like, stand awkwardly close
But Portman warned Bush about it
So when Gore came walking up while Bush was talking, he just kinda looked at Gore and gave him a little nod like “‘Sup, little buddy? Let the grown up finish talking, and then you can have a turn.”
And it totally backfired on Gore.

Speaking of men and intimidation, this was an interesting read. Sometimes I wonder if honor of any kind, internally-focused or externally-focused, really matters to men anymore. Because guys, it’s really sexy. I’m not gonna lie.

Someone buy this for me for Christmas or something. Please….

Here’s another one for the guys. Pretty sure I know these guys, although they’re a little younger. (Looking at you Brother John and Steve)

Don’t be jealous.

I’m sure this will be watched at some point. Evidence of Klosterman’s greatness. Who else writes about this stuff on a sports site?

Now, for music. First, y’all know how I love a good cover.

Second, y’all know how much I love Dylan. Someone posted this and it’s a great live version of this song.

Third, when Ash and I went to Beerfest The Dan Band played this and Ash is a huge fan of this song. And now she’s a huge fan of the Dan Band. Good work guys.

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What’s happening freaks and geeks? I’m cool, I’m cool. Planning on heading — I think — to this joint over on the Senate side of the Hill to watch the debate later with the IT guys (who’ve become something like friends) because I’ve got to have at least one person with me that I can roll my eyes at when the kids start getting excited about some crap information they’re hearing or terrible behavior that actually indicates POOR leadership skills. The VP debate was an exercise in patience to be sure. So we shall see what tonight brings. I hope this comes up. A Facebook friend said this today on this topic:

“With this president the ‘buck’ tends to ‘stop’ with George W. Bush, Europe, Japan’s weather system, ATMs, oil companies, insurance companies, the 1%, YouTube videos and now Hillary Clinton. But never him. Lucky guy.” ~Mr. Joseph

Also, my sister asked an interesting question a day or so ago: why is it that liberals are so effing conservative? I mean, I’ve heard many of them express discomfort with Obama — even dislike — but insist they must vote for him again because they don’t want to take a Romney leap of faith. That’s a tremendously conservative viewpoint, not wanting to get out of something bad because you don’t know if you have a soft cushion of something better to break your fall. Sometimes things are bad enough that the unknown is actually preferable. It’s always struck me as odd that liberals aren’t so very liberal with their ability to simply have a little faith. Interesting.

And, since the recent marching orders have been to lambast Romney’s tax plan and the murky details about it, I point you to a place where you may find some of those details. You probably didn’t hear this during the VP debate because you couldn’t hear over how hard you were laughing at Biden being rude but you should go ahead and check it out now. I wonder how many of you won’t read it simply because of where that link goes…sad…

There is no Democrat alive today who would make this speech. If JFK were alive today and hadn’t changed, he wouldn’t find room for himself in the Democrat Party. The things that JFK says in this speech are daily mocked, laughed at, impugned, made fun of, and the people who believe in these things are targeted for personal destruction. We got ’em from somewhere, is my point. We dredged ’em up from some archives. But we were the first major media outlet to find these in the archives and play them, and here they are. It’s old and scratchy, no doubt, it comes from 1962.

Anyway, looking forward to a cocktail with my buddies and then letting it all go for a few days. I’ll say this: on the weekends, do not talk to me about politics. Those are my days and you keep your dirty mouth shut. Moving on.

From my pen pal. I’m thinking I’m going to make him a collage as well from photographs of DC. It might be a bit of a project but I think he’d dig it…

So, you guys heard about this, right? I reckon this guy proved that you can survive this kind of thing, which is excellent news for our astronauts. But, after a conversation I had with Bay about skydiving — something he’s done and I’m pretty sure I never will — this concept is enough to make me fear the physics of changing the atmospheric pressure too much to cause the numbers to change…But good on you daredevil man. Your place in history is secure.

Also, Bay, the reason I don’t launch myself at men when I’m out (an expression Ash and I are fond of) is because the minute you express interest in a man, every single woman within earshot is on him like white on rice. Competition is more interesting to them than the actual man. and that grows tiring. Trust me, I’ve seen that tendency manipulated by men, promoted by women as an excuse to suck, and generally accepted as just part of “the game” enough in my life to just keep my cards folded neatly inside my vest pocket. Just to finish that conversation…

I think this is going to be something enjoyable.

Have been told I need to see this ASAP.

I’m sort of in love with this.

Oh sweet LORD this woman speaks my language. I was, not an hour ago, having a discussion with the Trotter about Pinterest and how I sorta feel like it’s a hotbed for this kind of sentiment. And I don’t think I’m much of a woman because I don’t do any of this stuff. I mean, I try to be kind but that’s different, right? Right….??

Eugene does it again. I agree with everything in this post and also remember the Magnum PI/Simon & Simon back-to-back gloriousness. The 80s had some good things going for it.

I think I’m just going to dress the sluttiest I possibly can and just go as a slutty Halloween costume.

Will be making this for Sunday night dinner. I have a rule with recipes: the less ingredients, the better the dish. People try to get too complicated with food. Its distracting and often times not very tasty. This looks right up my no fuss alley…

I hope this kid lives and continues to speak. And that the world protects her. Because we should.

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Complicated indeed

“If a wise man has an argument with a fool, the fool only rages and laughs, and there is no quiet.” — Proverbs 29:9.

As I understand it, this is pretty much how it went last night in the bottom of the 9th. I was getting my dance on. But I’ll be there tonight…

Last night’s game must have been the most boring thing on the planet until BOOM, bottom of the 9th. And it made it all worth it right people who were there? This is what I’m saying about post-season live baseball and, really, baseball in general. I’m a 90s Braves baby — Pops had season tickets behind home plate for years — and I love that Zen energy where nothing happens FOR.EV.AH. Until…it does. Just like life, folks. DAMN I LOVE THIS GAME! Looking forward to later. Ash and I are getting there early and finding a place at our favorite rooftop bar. Win or lose, should be a good time.

So, how bout that debate last night, huh folks? All I can say is that I think Ryan won but how would we know because Biden wouldn’t stop being a raging d*ckhead long enough for him to make a point. My sister thinks Ryan was probably well aware of how Biden was going to behave and the goal was to just…let him. Just show the world how he is. He comes, says Juli, from the “Paul Krugman school of debate: just cut someone off and say they’re wrong. And that ends the discussion.” And that is what we saw last night. All I know is that I have had many meetings with dudes (and some women) like this and they are the most annoying, counter-productive people that no one really likes working with but they’ve been around so long you’re obliged to take the meeting and make them feel relevant. Ryan’s two minutes at the end were pretty much the redemption after a painful hour of mugging and sneering and, I’m sure, powerful urges to reach across a table and just pop the smile right off someone’s face. The irony, of course, is that Ryan is the total wonky geek and he was being disrespected by the meat head jock. But the kids at the bar I was at — many of them I’m sure geeks themselves — seemed lost to this point. Whatever. But it was proven to me today that people do get what they deserve (I won’t go into it but THANK YOU CHARLIE!) and so I have little doubt that Ryan will have the last little snarky laugh. Also, this is pretty much exactly right.

A’ight, other stuff. I have to get crackin’ on some things so I can bust out of here early and head down to Cantina Marina before the game. Yeah, given the weather, that might not happen…But Ash and I are nothing if not determined…

And, bought.

I’ve seen many of these and would like to see them all. Is it obvious I’m a total film nerd? Because I am. I remember an ex gave me a book of Roger Ebert movie review columns of classic films and I was like “This guy totally knows me…” And he did, too. Too bad he couldn’t say no to that chick that was already married.

Post debate this makes even more sense.

Next on the list. Sometimes I have to give the red meat a break and pork just has so much more flavor than chicken. I mean, if Chipotle has taught me anything, it’s that carnitas is the superior choice.

My friend Eugene has done this killer thing where he watches late night 80s videos and then reviews them. Love so much…

The wisdom of Dr. Tynes: “Anybody else want to know who Biden’s dentist is?”

The wisdom of my 6-year-old nephew and pen pal (from his mother): “Gabriel and I went to Target today. We happened past a hot pink bra with big black polka dots. He walked to it, felt it and said (with a guilty look on his face), ‘It’s complicated…'”

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Concentric circles

Okay, I’m letting it go after this. But the Braves should be playing right now for all kinds of reasons and everyone knows it.

So here’s how you square it up Nats — come out with the bats strong in the first inning. You need to do this to save a little face after Monday’s game, and you need to do it to win because The Cardinals are one of those teams that are the opposite of my beloved Braves — so-so in the regular season, beasts in the post season. Bryce Harper needs to calm the eff down with the showboating and start relaxing at the plate and hitting the damn ball like he’s clearly capable of doing, Werth needs to stop being afraid of hitting the wall because the Cardinals seem to have little problem with it, and Jackson needs to keep some heavy breaking stuff in his pitch rotation. It’s smart to save Gio. Tomorrow’s game is big. To my friends who are going to be in attendance — good Lord enjoy yourselves! Nothing like some Major League playoff action at the ballpark. I’m pulling for you Nats…

Here’s a funny vignette that occurred to me on the train this morning: I once was staying with a guy friend of mine for a few days and I went the first morning I was staying at his apartment and bought some oatmeal. When he saw it, he gave me a sad little “awww, you tried” smile and said “I don’t really like oatmeal.”


When I was buying the oatmeal I never even thought of the dude. I bought it because I LIKE OATMEAL. And it was so weird and confusing that I was immediately being made to feel like a failure for something I had never even tried to succeed at and, because I’m not the kind of kid to immediately point out how incredibly stupid and presumptuous someone is being if I like them and don’t want to hurt their feelings, I didn’t say anything. I just can’t make someone the center of my decisions on whether or not I want to buy oatmeal FOR MYSELF. Doesn’t mean I won’t consider what to buy for them as well but crikey…I have a center to my life and I love when people travel in that orbit but that center tends to be larger than a single person and so, well, sometimes I just buy oatmeal for myself. But tell me what you like and I’ll pick something up for you, too.

Anyhoo. Funny the things that come to you when you have time to process.

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You got the love

A friend posted this and I just loved how arbitrary it is. I have conversations with people about politics sometimes that are close to this logically sound.

Hey hey. So, much went down in the Georgia sporting world this weekend. Very emotional stuff, folks. But it’s important to keep it all in perspective. For example, Saturday after the DAWGS were crushed on the national stage (again) a few of my fellow UGA alums were so despondent that they were unsure if they could carry on and have a good time for the rest of the night. Prompting an Australian gentlemen who has become a de facto member of the group to ask incredulously, “Seriously? Just because your sports team lost?” I think that’s pretty right. Also, why is it every time we don’t deliver in the most stellar, awesome way ever, Mark Richt is a horrible coach that needs to be fired? I tire of that nonsense. He’s quite obviously a great coach. The boys let HIM down Saturday. Sorry, but that’s how I see it. And it looks like there may be at least something else to blame for the way Murray appeared preoccupied. But I tell you, after watching what went down, I think Richt and Murray should have a little chat with the offensive line because they were a wall of jello. Anyway, that’s my take. And I hope we don’t lose another game this season because if I have to hear one more dude who’s never stepped foot on a gridiron complain about Mark Richt’s coaching (they — and women — are always the loudest and most persistent in the “fire the coach!” squeal fest), I’m going to start vocalizing how misguided they are and that never ends well (although I think my friends find it funny. Ahem.)

Interestingly, on the subject of taking things too seriously, my Pops was pretty disgusted with the Atlanta fans for their behavior following one of the worst calls ever made in Major League baseball and the one I hope eliminates that second wildcard weirdness. I tend to agree with this article and, as my friend Bay mentioned this weekend, kinda found it appropriate and a fitting protest. I like that Gonzalez protested the entire game because the officiating wasn’t all that good from jump (Pops disagrees, saying the behind-the-plate ump was actually pretty accurate if the computer generated strikezone box can be believed). Nonetheless, it’s the Nats turn to face the Cards and they’ve already beaten them once in the series. So, I’m feeling a little Natitude. It’s been hard for this kid because I have issues with association — that is to say when people who have been absolutely horrible to me REALLY like something, it’s hard for me to like it as well. Even if I do. But I think this is actually a flaw of mine. And so I’m skipping dance class tonight and heading up to Lou’s (that’s my go to because it’s huge and has a nice covered patio and is roughly 3 blocks from my house) to cheer on the Nats. They are a great team and it would be nice to see them go to the mat. Hopefully that will calm down the fans a bit. Because I saw them get into fights in the stands at the last game I attended and that’s just ghetto. But in a different way from throwing beer on the field to protest a bad call. Ahem.

On the subject of skipping dance, this also affords me the opportunity to make it up by going to a Tuesday night hip-hop class at the Atlas location. I have yet to go to this location because it is RIDICULOUSLY hard to get over there short of driving, which I’m avoiding at present. But the guilt of missing dance tonight may force a metro trip to the Hill tomorrow after work and then a cab ride home. Also, because of the video below. My friend Ali P. is doing some dancing with these guys and that’s just cool. Been missing hip-hop a bit lately. It really is a loose and funky way to dance that’s like nothing else.

Anyway, redemption came in the form of the Dirty Birds and I think RG III may rethink being so much of a running QB. There’s a reason those guys throw the ball away RG… .

In closing, before I give you just a few other diversions (you know how I do), let me just say that sometimes people do come through for you, as was evidenced this weekend during our little flag football double header (we won our first game y’all. Against Alabama, too. Nice…). Sometimes I get all blue because I think people are basically selfish and terrible — I’ve met a few of these people in my life — and then a friend just shows up. They just show up for you and you just have a good time. A better time than you’ve ever had doing that exact same activity. And man, it’s really just worth all the other crap to know that there’s even one person who bucks the stereotype. Good stuff. And it made a friend of mine from High School’s recent writing even better when I came across it this morning. I need more of this in my life.

Right, other things.


The wisdom of Dr. Tynes: “Caveat Emptor… Grape nuts have neither grapes nor nuts (but instead appear to contain brown aquarium gravel and industrial grade ceramic pellets).”

Science as well. This is too cool man and I swear if it comes out we’ve built stuff like this because of some knowledge of alien technology I will not be surprised. Until then I remain skeptical. But it would be cool, wouldn’t it?

This could be good.

Holy crikey WANT! This might have to happen…

Next on the list. I’m sure it won’t be as good as my brother Dan’s (he uses like 8 different kinds of beans) but the cornbread is intriguing me…


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So how bout that debate last night, huh folks? I voted for Romney in the 2008 primaries and knew less about him then than I do now but last night I was actually PROUD that I liked him. Four years ago I suffered through the Facebook hemming and hawing about Obama, the ubiquitous (and plagiarized) HOPE poster, the wide-eyed adoration of people that didn’t need much more than a superficial line about post-racial goodness to be convinced that Obama was the future of the country. Those same people sound oddly like crickets to me today. Now, none of this means Obama won’t take a second term — given his amazing showing in the totally unbiased polls, if he manages to lose, says my Pops, expect screaming and yelling and possibly even lawsuits because HOW COULD A MAN SO OBVIOUSLY AHEAD LOSE!? But, in the spirit of the repeated assertions that we would hire more math and science teachers under a second Obama term, let me just offer the following:

Liberal bias?

Anyway, this Onion piece is actually pretty accurate and hilarious. A great combination. But I think this is actually what we witnessed last night. I suppose everyone prefers to hang out with people that think the way they do. But the result is a nearly tragic disconnect from people with different life experiences. What’s more, the disconnect becomes an insurmountable gulf if you refuse to try to bridge the gap. There are people who insist Romney is like that. I didn’t see that last night. But I have always seen this from our current President. I’m willing to entertain the idea I’m wrong on either of those points, but failing some pretty good proof, I maintain the elitism is what led to that looking down, tight-lipped, uncomfortable demeanor of the man we trust to remain affable, collegial, and yet tough and sharp enough to represent our interests both here and abroad.

Alright then, other things. I have some actual work to get out and promote but in closing I’ll say this: the air seems different in DC today. And I like it. I’m not gonna lie.

‘Murrica, Nerd American style.

My sister-in-law sent me this INCREDIBLY USEFUL site. My brothers are falling down on the job man…

The Braves play the Cards Friday in the wildcard game…I’m trying really hard not to think about it but it’s killing me Smalls….but I’ll be somewhere watching at 5 pm. Count on it. I think this is a better game for the Braves than a tie-breaker for the division so I was cool with the Nats taking that. Also, they deserved it. They played well. The rest of October will be cool to watch. Till then, there’s this.

The Falcons play the Skins on Sunday. I’m about THIS CLOSE to getting tickets…And UGA plays SC Saturday night….And my little flag football team has a double header that day…So much sports awesomeness I’m overwhelmed…

Finally, I feel like this sometimes, in general.

Now, in honor of the debate and the rest of this month and next:

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