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Look for the Blue Moon tonight. I’m sure I’ll be having one with Ash at Oya for Happy Hour and giving it a wink for old Mr. Armstrong. Who, I’m sure, no one made fun of as he aged. Fuck ’em Clint. You’ll always be Josey Wales to me.

Along that line of thought, something hilarious is happening. There’s desperation in the wind from those who would prefer Romney and Ryan not be so attractive as contenders. And they are getting ugly, man. Which, as Pops was telling me this morning, will only work toward proving who these jackasses actually are. And that this will only hurt them in the long run. Because, ultimately, no one likes an asshole. But if you want to test that theory, by all means. No one should stand in the way of your own self-destructive destiny.

Here’s a little anecdote of what’s been going on: all the flak about Ryan’s speech and how he lied and blahdiddty-blah is no doubt familar to most people by now. These charges were roundly refuted and de-bunked, all day yesterday (which, remarkably, didn’t keep Stephen Colbert from repeating the canard on his show. Why perpetuate the stupidity Stephen? You’re better than that.), and The Coach posted a kind of final thought on the matter that I thought capped things off nicely this morning. But yesterday, I posted something I thought addressed the charges pretty handily. And I got a comment on that post by someone who is a mathematical physicist (read: super-smart!) and his one take-away was this:

“A funny quote from this webpage: “So is it true? Barely.”

In other words, yes it’s true.”

Yes. This is the grand lesson he took from a piece that basically rebuts all the charges and finds one charge barely true because the detractors found a way to rhetorically make it stick. Never mind that it’s basically irrelevant. Whatever works. It just put me in the mind of another conversation I was partially engaged in yesterday based on a comment by another friend (also a physicist, who writes computer code as part of his work) but, as you will see, is a bit better at examining the big picture as it were. Apparently my friend had a co-worker ask him to remove the I/O statements from his code to clean it up. My friend was like — um, how bout I just give you two sheets of blank paper? The point is, you can’t be so focused on some tiny detail because you think that’s the problem. You may find that you’ve shut the whole machine down in your quest to be brilliant. Which, of course, is what removing the input/output statements would do to a program. These two conversations, occurring so close together yesterday, reminded me of one of the scariest things I’ve ever heard, said to me by a doctor friend of mine: he said, “You know how in most offices, there are some people who are really good at their jobs and really know what’s emerging in their field, and really dedicated to being the best they can at their chosen profession; and then there are others that you wonder how they are even employed? It’s like that with doctors, too.”

And physicists I would imagine.

Anyway, other things.

If you prefer to deal in the things that really matter and would like to avoid the smear campaigns and crap fact-checking, here’s something.

So…If it’s all shadow money and undisclosed, how is this happening?

Next on the list. I haven’t used my food processor in a while…

Love these guys.

Want. (I’m going to wait till it goes on sale…)

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There’s something really horrible about asking people to prove their loyalty to you by being a jerk to someone else. It’s just so Mean Girls. And when the part of Regina George is played by a dude? I swear to God it’s like your head might explode. Or, if it helps to get a grasp of the kind of behavior I’m referring to, there’s this. It’s nearly perfect. There are people that are only restrained, I’m convinced, by the social mores of the day. Joffrey Baratheon would just be a corporate raider today. Or a professional athlete. Anyway, Pops is always telling me that empathy is what separates us from the animals. And, while it’s good to give your head a rest, rebelling from your humanity in the interest of not having to think about how to transcend your base desires and cultivate a higher order of consciousness by using abstract concepts like empathy, grace, etc. seems tantamount to getting a really nice new phone (which I just have. Sorry. I’m excited. It’s been a long time coming…) and never taking the time to find out what functionality it has and what kinds of things it’s equipped to do. Anyway, working it out. And trying to remember that sometimes good people just get caught in the middle. And, when you reach out to others, they surprise you with their thoughtfulness and their love. I’m humbled sometimes in the best way.

My sister Juli asked me if it bothered me that Neil Armstrong died on my birthday. Oh hell naw! I feel honored that he slipped the surly bonds of Earth one last time on the celebration of my birth. My favorite story about the man is how he landed the lunar module without the aid of the computer and I like to imagine his last moments like the last 10 minutes of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Because I think he would understand what was happening to him in a way Dave did not. Anyway, here’s your parents on I’ve Got a Secret and your song Mr. Armstrong. Your light hasn’t gone out and it never will.

Let’s see, other things…

Ashley snapped a photo of a momentous occasion: My first Jumbo Slice at 1:30 am or something on my birthday. It’s a rite of passage for DC people I think.

Regarding the Apple win over Samsung (since I just bought one of the phones in question), I feel pretty much like this. Frivolous Apple. This is why I’m not a true believer. That and basically if you buy one of your products you are forced to buy them all. It just feels like slavery to the corporate logo. Put that in your pipes and suck it liberals who love Apple.

For some reason — I think because Ash was playing country music the other night. Jersey girl. I know. Weird. — I busted this out. Love this music. Here’s something I wrote on these boys lo, these many years ago…

One of my top 5 favorite dishes.
There is a place in Athens called 5 Star Day Cafe that made a version of this that was tres delicieux.

This woman cracks me up. I aspire to this kind of irreverence.

How refreshing indeed. Because doing good in the world is sometimes complex and hard to pin down.

Speaking of good in the world.

Working my way through these.

I love this time of year because it’ll be a nice walk home from dance class tonight, UGA kickoff 2012 begins Saturday at 18th Amendment for the DAWGS in town, Ash and I are going to the Nats game Sunday, and I think we’re going to do a little flag football practice on the Mall Monday since no one’s working. It’s like everything comes together in a mash up of Autumn awesomeness. And it makes me feel sexy. Like this.

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Once more around

I got nothing except my favorite birthday card:


Inside. Thanks Trotter. I’ll try to remain optimistic anyway.

And the fact that I completely love the farmer’s market:


And this song. Because it’s how I feel today.

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Way chill.

Hey-oh. Looking forward to some dance tonight. I’ve been such a boy lately what with all the sports and playing in the dirt and drinking beer with a bunch of dudes. I have to wear tight dresses to work and go be graceful in dance class just to feel feminine again. And, because it looks like our new quarterback in flag football is going to throw frozen rope, down field passes I might need to wear flowers in my hair every day of the week so I don’t start walking around like a dude and showing everyone my burgeoning biceps. I slapped my friend Julie on the butt at the Braves game the other night. I seriously need to go shopping and have a mani-pedi like quick. Digressing…

So, a few things. There’s still some things I’m trying to work out in my head and I’m sure as I do I’ll write about them. They concern the need to sometimes treat grown-ass adults like the children they insist on behaving like and taking away their toy, even if that toy is, in fact, you. I know. Cryptic. But you know how I roll. I’ll work it out. Till then, things…

This song speaks to me:

My friend Julie sent this to me. I’m personally a fan of #8.

So chill. He’s all, “Take it easy bra.”

I’m sorry. I cannot not. Every time.

Finding times to finish watching this. Pieces here and there while I await return emails or whatever. I heard about it a week or so ago and apparently, according to my sister Juli, it’s pretty damning. Good rule of thumb: don’t piss off Navy SEALS.

Oh for the love of all the babies, I need to make this. This is a Thanksgiving thing I think, for sure.

This shirt is amazing. My sister Lou loved this movie. Best Kurt Russell since Snake Plissken.

Sigh. NO. ONE. CARES. Nor should they. Politics pisses me off sometimes.

We avoided the sweep and the Wild Card is still in play but the Braves are going to have to keep it pretty tight from now until October if they want to stay in it. Because I was at the game they lost to Strasburg and the Nats are simply a great team. They simply are. And, with no disrespect to the Coach who said he will “NEVER be a Nats fan!,” I’m exploring buying the red hat if the Nats win the pennant. I’ve always said they’re my number two after the Braves. I come by it honestly. Mom’s from here after all. But pulling for the Braves till I can’t anymore… Also, there’s this.


Now, a flat out hilarious conversation I had with some folks I’m working with who aren’t actually members of my office but who have some common interests. This is how our work emailing eventually ends:

Me: “Sounds like a good idea. I’ll start keeping track of this stuff as I see news reports. Till then, there’s this:

[redacted website link]”

Colleague and friend #1: “[Redacted name of site] one of my favorite sites on the web.”

Me: “Great minds my friend.”

Colleague and friend #1: “And then there’s ours.”

Colleague and friend #2: “Fact: that is a line from Ernest Goes to Jail. Fact: I am not proud that I know that first Fact.”

Me: “Now wait just a damn minute. Jim Varney was a genius. Ernest saves Christmas is one of the greatest holiday movies ever. And I’m not being ironic.”

Colleague and friend #1: “The bank scenes in Ernest Goes to Jail were filmed about 2 miles from my parents’ house.”

Me: “That makes me feel like this:”

Colleague and friend #2:
“I see you and raise you.”

Me: “Does this make you kinda famous by association?”

Colleague and friend #1: “Naturally. That, and four of my high school friends were Beau’s back-up band in Country Strong — the goofballs in the van scene.”

Colleague and friend #2 via Twitter: “Currently having an email discussion about the movie Ernest Goes To Jail. #LowPoints”

Finally, we’re all still glowing and tagging like mad on Facebook. Someone at one point took a picture of the UGA/LSU crew and by God I mean to have that picture…I’m going to have to start asking around…

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We won.

It’s been a lot of softball for the last few weekends so I don’t have much to say except I’m proud of my team. Also, competitive circumstances are like a window into the character of a man (or woman). So revealing. I may write more on this later because I saw some things I had forgotten about since it’s been, oh, 20 some odd years since I was on a championship team of any kind. Some of it was groovy and good but some of it was…well, not so much that as the opposite of that. Anyway, we won the cup for the first time. Cool, huh?

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Want so bad. Also, want a place to wear it…

Hi! Well, I don’t have much to say today as I have a little boogery cold and there’s a chance we’ll play 5 softball games tomorrow. This is assuming we don’t lose (single elimination from here on in) and we have a good chance of hanging in there till the bitter end. As a result, I’m a little brain dead. But I will be here later with my friend Lina, which totally lets me live out that Law & Order obsession I’ve always had. But I may have to go home and take a nap beforehand because, well, boogery cold and all.

Anyway, I just found out I may be able to travel to Manhattan for work in the Fall and that pleases me because I haven’t been — despite its proximity — since an ex took me on a whirlwind trip there several years ago (I think to try to impress me. It worked. Until I got to know him better and realized why he needed to do stuff like that. Just sayin’.) So, I’m thinking I may see if Ash wants to make a weekend of it. She lived there for several years (and is from Jersey) so it will be cool to explore the place with a local of sorts. Just thinking…

Football season is gearing up and some of us had discussed going to Athens for the UGA/Tennessee game but it’s the same day as Beerfest. For the love of Pete. I’m in a serious quandary…I know. I’ll shut up.

Let’s see, what else…still trying to make it to the beach. If it comes right down to it, I may just go South in the Fall and hit Savannah or something. I had an invitation to the RNC in Tampa but I don’t think I can get things pulled together quickly enough to make the trip and, given the workplace being technically non-partisan, I can’t ask to make it a work-related trip. I know. I’ll shut up.

Alright, other things…

This guy is bad, man. If he releases an album I’m on it.

Need to get back to the pool this weekend. Miss McClain and I were thinking of doing something for restaurant week on Sunday so maybe I can work the calories of that little excursion off before I put them on Sunday morning…

It’s official — I have to do this next week because the Georgia one expires. I told myself this would be the big moment when I decide if I’m staying in DC for a while. Looks like it. Which still freaks me out a little because people are still really mean to me sometimes here (I know. I’ll shut up.) and I’m sometimes worried that certain people who are really mean will just make my life a living hell. But I guess you can’t get away from people who need to kick people around to feel good in the world. I suppose I can handle them here as well as anywhere. At least I’ve made some friends, too. That sounds really whiny I know. But it’s all true and sometimes it backs up on me and I become like 11 years old…

Someone posted this today and this argument always makes zero sense to me. I’m not sure why Libertarians think that Romney is the least of two evils but there’s no way you can draw a parallel between, as I told my friend who posted this: “a free-market capitalist who has spent years as a very successful businessman and a well-liked governor and an extreme liberal — with ties to radical socialists like bill ayers and george soros — who would prefer to regulate business and let the federal government provide the largesse to the people, who only spent 4 years as a senator and was campaigning for 2, and who, it’s looking to me, will be a fairly unsuccessful one-term President (could be wrong there. we’ll see.) even if they did both support TARP etc.” As the Coach noted, there is no such thing as a protectionist Libertarian. If there is, they are misunderstanding both concepts.

Just bought myself some Braves birthday tickets for Tuesday. Because I need to start being nicer to myself.

Want to know why people are depressed and hateful all the damn time? Because this is the stuff we get from our newspapers. Man. I wanted to slit my wrists.

Alright, nap time. Since I come into the office nursing a cold, I feel no remorse for taking a half day. I got my work done anyway. Because I always play like a champion. Have a nice weekend loves.

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Let’s start with this:

“When economic distress reaches a certain point, the individual citizen no longer uses his political power to serve the public weal, but only the help himself. His ideal of political liberty pales before his ideal of economic equality. Once this sentiment has eaten its way into the hearts of the majority of a nation, any political system is doomed
to failure. It is useless to tell the embittered masses that their political and economic rulers are not responsible for their misfortunes. It is equally useless to point out to them that a revolution with its attendant disorders would not improve their situation, but would hopelessly compromise it. The world is not ruled by reason, but by passion, and when a man is driven to despair he is ready to smash everything in the vague hope that a better world may arise out of the ruins….The number of those who are beginning to think in terms of socialism is increasing. The adherents of the middle parties, who oppose this development, are dwindling in the same proportion that the number of independent, progressive and self-reliant citizens is being diminished through the increasing pauperization.”

– Erich Koch-Weser, Minister of Justice of the German Republic

I’ve posted this before but I’m feeling like this about Romney/Ryan. And that’s a compliment. Because competency is very important in the highest office in the land I think. And, it occurred to me this morning that, as much flak and we take here in the US for looking at things like leadership through the lens of business, it’s a tendency I like because it speaks to the idea that some people are qualified to do a certain job. And some, are not. Now, does this require a certain detachment? Sure. And it’s a balancing act to remain steadfast to things like “the best fit” etc while remembering that we are dealing with people and not numbers or cogs in a machine, but I have faith that people can do that unless the above set of circumstances (alluded to by Mr. Koch-Weser) becomes the entrenched culture. And I feel like our current administration has been actively trying to create that universal pauperization because discord means power for the people at the top. As an aside, my pops said that if he were to be involved in a horrible accident and be close to death and laying on his deathbed — even if he was forced to lay on his stomach for the pain — he would refuse to die and ask that the television be placed on the floor because he WILL NOT MISS the vice presidential debates. And, I mean, I see where he’s coming from. My friend The Coach noted that Biden is a stutterer and, being a fellow stutterer, he wonders if maybe Biden makes gaffes so often because he stops mid-thought and picks an easier word. The Coach says this happens to him frequently. But I maintain that this does not explain his years of service to jerky people who push bad policy ideas. So, I give him a pass for public speaking but not for his associations. Sorry.

Similarly, this is just fascinating. I mean, admitting you’re gearing up for the smear is a new media boldness I’m not sure makes folks trust your search for the truth. Which my Pops says is what the moral man (or woman) concerns themselves with. So, I guess, admitting the immorality is something…just not sure what that something is…Also, Pops called the unlikely voter thing a day or so ago. Sometimes i wonder why he didn’t stay here and do political work instead of spiriting mom back to Georgia…he has less patience for bullshit than I, I guess.

Okay, other fun things as usual. Because stuff is heavy out there right now (and I’ll be down there this evening for pizza because you don’t get to win violent hater jerk boy) and it’s a really good thing to just stop, drop and laugh…By the way, The Coach just told me the Washington Post reported that the shooter had “differing views” than the Family Research Council. Yeah, like, in his opinion, shooting a security guard in downtown DC makes sense. Crack reporting there WaPo.

This is making the rounds. Hilarious. Also, all true.


I want to go to here. It’s close to my hood. Maybe I will…

Happy bday Julia. My sister and I used to watch you and laugh about you hitting the wine a little hard. Not a thing wrong with it.

My co-worker and I were just talking about googling fuzzy puppies when you’re having a bad day. Thank God for this.

I think the policy ad wars are fascinating. Is it just me or is fighting the idea war new for political advertising? I guess when you have no record that’s all you can do…

A reminder from the CAN tournament DJ. Forgot how much I like this song, in an uncomfortable way.

And so it begins again. It’s like a warm blanket every Fall.

And finally, for your food and drink, there’s a new Blue Moon a’comin’. It’s a perennial favorite of mine so looking forward to trying some Apple Caramel…

Also, this will be made by me at the next party I attend. Prepare for that Corey.

Anyone who knows me knows how I feel about Krispy Kreme donuts and Creme Brulee. I saw this and nearly passed out.

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Why I heart the golden ratio…coincidence is bs man.

Hey kids. So, after the first weekend of the CAN tourney I will say that we look pretty good this year but, given that it’s single elimination next weekend, we’re going to have to continue what we did this weekend. And we’re losing a few key players to other commitments. However, we do have some depth, even if yours truly barely has an arm anymore and I pretty much have to reduce the amount I throw or it feels like my arm might just drop off at the shoulder. But we had four people hit home runs over the fence — Marieo, Strok, Austen, and Randall. And Strok’s was a line drive over the fence. It was so ballin’. I haven’t uploaded all my pictures yet but here are the few I cribbed from others and took on my phone. Also, just found out our new UGA game watching bar is 18th Amendment on the Hill. This is hilarious. But only to me. First the Coach’s recap. Cause it’s funny and explains it better than I have time to. Also, our new motto is apparently something along the lines of “put some mustard on it.” I carried a packet around in my sports bra the last game. Yes, I know. It’s weird. But ballplayers are a superstitious lot.


Thanks to everyone who made it out for the first weekend of the softball tournament this weekend. I really appreciate all of you making my job easier by showing up on time both days. It’s not easy getting 30 people to the same place at the same time, so thanks for making it as painless as possible.

For those of you not in attendance, or those of you whose memory of Saturday is a little hazy, we started off with a strong showing against perennial contender Indiana. After giving up two runs in the top of the first inning, our defense clamped down and our offense took control of the game. We won 14-2 after five innings. Most everyone in the lineup contributed to the offense, but the highlight has to be Strok’s line drive home run over the left field fence. The ball probably never got more than 15 feet off the ground, but it was laser beam. Legend is that he derives his strength, much like the biblical Samson, from his hair (and, curiously enough, by pounding mustard packets). In Strok’s case, however, the hair in question is his Cookie Duster porn-stache.

Marieo had another fantastic pitching performance. Annie had a Web Gem of a diving catch in right center; and Longmire, Randall, and Cassidy combined for a 6-4-3 double play that killed an Indiana rally. And a round of applause to Will for toughing out a sprained ankle and still swinging a good bat and making plays at third base.

In our second game, we faced off against LSU for the third time this season. After shutting them out in the top of the first, we proceeded to hang eight runs on them in the bottom of the inning. Randall cranked an opposite field home run; and two batters later, Austen (fellow mustard packet pounder) hit a frozen rope over the left center field fence for his first-ever CAN tournament home run.

We had a 10 run lead and batting in the bottom of the third, likely on our way to another mercy-rule victory, when the skies opened up. We were unable to finish the game against LSU, and thus went back to the Holiday Inn bar. I have no recollection of what happened after that.

On Sunday morning, we had to do almost an hour’s worth of field maintenance before the field was even playable. Thanks to Longmire, Sarah, Matt, and others for helping out with that. Once the field was playable, we had a quick 14-2 mercy-rule victory against Arizona state. (There seems to be a pattern developing.)

Aside from the rain, it’s hard to imagine how the first weekend could’ve gone better for us. We had a tough draw, and we demolished it. Given that we’re the only team in our pod that currently doesn’t have a loss, we’re guaranteed a spot in the second round, regardless of the outcome of our game against LSU. I haven’t heard when or if we’re making up that game, particularly because our game against LSU is irrelevant if Indiana beats ASU (which they should). More details on that as they become available (which will likely be tomorrow). BE PREPARED TO PLAY VERY EARLY ON SATURDAY. I’m going to do my best to make sure that we don’t have to play early, but it’s within the realm of possibility that we could be required to finish our LSU game at 7:00am or earlier. Please direct all complaints to the CAN commissioners.

Great job this weekend, Dawgs. The games get tougher from here, but we’re playing some of our best ball of the season. I like our chances. See everyone Saturday.

Thanks and Go Dawgs,

Furthermore, the beer/jello shot stats are as follows:

– 99 kegs of beer
– 72 teams
– 1.375 kegs of beer per team
– 226.875 cans of beer per team
– 220 jello shots (1/3 of which we consumed ourselves)

Great showing all around.

The boys before our games. They’re pretty wonderful. I’m not gonna lie.

Pretty sure this was after Strok’s homer…

Calling the Dawgs. A pre-game ritual.

My nail art for the tourney. Johnmire said, “Why do you have Maryland nails?” Others said NASCAR. Which is more appropriate…

One of several slip-n-slides. Solid.

Ash. We had many comments this weekend.

This is just a random from Bilbo Baggins in Old Town. It makes me laugh.

UPDATE: Lina sent me a few more and I’m going to post them knowing that you will all now know just how gorgeous I am. Stop. Really. But the second one is so good. So, so good.

The new kid Annie. She’s pretty good at the whole softball thing.

The epitome of the candid shot. I. Freakin’. Love. It.

Here’s a really big shot of my head. Enjoy.

Okay, let’s talk about Paul Ryan shall we? It’s no secret I dig him. Smartest guy on the Hill maybe. Pops and I talked about Romney’s decision and, while Pops thinks that there are people who will freak out about the programs Ryan wants to cut — and they’ll believe it’s Medicare but they will be very wrong because that program is being robbed by the other guy. You don’t have to like the truth but it remains true — he says that those people may choose not to vote. And that this is a direct attempt to have a serious and clear conversation about which direction we are headed as a country, which sounds silly if you refuse to be anything but solipsistic, but is actually pretty important. Anyway, I maintain that this was basically a reaffirmation that Romney was serious when he stood on the stump after the Obamacare mandate was declared a tax and said he would repeal the legislation as a first order of business were he to be elected. If anyone can do that, it’s Paul Ryan. He has, in fact, offered another plan but apparently the world barely knows who he is much less the kind of number-crunching work he does. Typical. Get with it kids. The dude’s a fiscal genius and it would be in your best interest to acquaint yourself with what he does. So depressing I feel the need to say that…Anyway, here’s his speech following the announcement. It’s pretty good. And I think this scene from Tombstone is absolutely perfect because the look in Kilmer’s Doc Holliday’s eye is intense and uncompromising. And I think Romney and Ryan have that same glint.

Other fun things while I try to get my head back on straight…

Nice. Cold fried chicken may be the best leftover in the world.

This is cool. Because look, whether you’re on team Aniston or team Jolie, the girl got screwed over and it’s good she found a hot man. We should all have that in our lives. And we will if we don’t lose hope. I still dig you Jolie, but you got sloppy seconds and you are a man stealer. Although I think we’d be friends before Aniston and I. Because I like to drink and smoke and talk trash, too.

This cracks me up because it is what I work on every day and the amount of misinformation that gets passed around as fact on this issue is astounding, and that Kucinich thinks elections are really for sale because, dude, you’re still in office and I gotta think that someone could have bought your seat by now…


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And so it begins again…

Well, tomorrow begins two, possibly 3, days of nothing but softball, beer trucks, concession food stuffs, cute guys as far as the eye can see, yard games, competition, dirt, sweat, naps, hotel dancing, school spirit, hanging with LSU people and Corey’s guns coming out. I’m already tired but looking very much forward to it. I’ll try to post photos as we go on the little Twitter feed over there —->. Wish us luck. We have a good chance of doing well…

I don’t have too much to say today because some things I’ve been mulling over require thought to put into words without offending anyone unnecessarily. They revolve around the recurring epiphany I keep having where I realize that people are totally clear about what brings them together and, though I may find their circumstances unappealing, the majority of people are fairly aware of the bargains they strike. I know…cryptic. I’m sure it’ll crystallize and make sense soon and I can communicate it here. Because that’s how I work this business out as you know…

For now, fun Friday things. Because I love the thought of people getting a kick out of something on an otherwise bad day. So, with love…

Speaking of Corey, here he is after our scrimmage against Minnesota the other night showing the kickballers how to move. Because someone has to. They let me pitch our scrimmage game and I think I actually got some begrudging respect because I, too, can put some junk on the ball. They figured out how to hit me late in the game but it was too late by that point. It was a nice jaunt down memory lane, even if I do try to throw fast pitch and get called for illegal pitches 1/3 of the time…

Corey shows the kickballers the deal.

This is just true. The man would be insane to give them the gun and the bullets to kill him.

I mean for real. I wouldn’t give him anything to use against me. And Harry Reid can whine about it all he wants.

We actually walk out the door like this at work.

Miss you Stella Blue.

Had reason to be reminded of this great book recently. I think I might re-read it.

A good friend and one of the best dancers I’ve ever seen. “And David danced before the LORD with all his might.”

I’ll be trying to determine the relative nastiness of campaign ads here in the next few months. But, in the event you think negative advertising is anything new…(h/t Miss Minton)

Boogers. Love them.

Next on the list. Maybe tonight since I have to tuck in to be out the door at 8:30 am…Get ready Ash. It’s a good time.

Now a few from the early teens. My sister used to play this stuff incessantly in our room. I still love it.

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Flag football is happening again with some changes. I’m sure I’ll be writing more about that but it should be interesting to see what happens. Also, prepare yourselves for tournament pictures from this coming weekend’s shindig out in Greenbelt, Md. I hope I capture the spirit of the thing, if that’s even possible…

So, even though it’s been a really long time since I was in High School, I recently took the advice of a much younger friend and watched the movie Easy A because, as my young friend said, the main character reminded my friend of me. So, curiosity got the better of me. After watching the film, I’m taking that as a compliment. And it was cute, firmly establishing Emma Stone as the next great ingenue for sure. That chick is pretty funny and quite a refreshing relief from the dead-eyed whining of the Twilight teens. Christ, pull your shit together vamp boy. Stone reminds me a lot of Anna Faris and Reese Witherspoon in her ability to be simultaneously adorable and hilarious. This, ladies, is a way better combo than being stupid and slutty. Just my two cents. Anyway…the film was funny and cute and had all kinds of literary references (hence the “reminds me of you” thing, I think) so I enjoyed it. But what really struck me about it was that it dealt with that teen angst thing of being the outcast in a different way than the films from my teenage years (which the main character voiceovers a very nice montage of. [also — don’t hate the preposition ending. I found out it’s grammatically correct so I don’t want to hear it.]) That little scene made me go back and find this video. The rap from the guys in the background is still thrown around by old friends of mine from college to indicate utter stupidity. “Lloyd, Lloyd all null and void…”

My point is that, while I loved my teen movies when I was actually a teen, I never identified with the outcasts. But I do with Stone’s. Because I remember feeling like all the High School drama and the attempts to appear edgy and outside polite society and the snarky nastiness intended to hurt kids who couldn’t defend themselves and the need to feel superior while all the time emulating those who you’re trying to feel superior to…was ultimately just hilarious and exhausting. And, as the intellectual snob I know I am, it always seemed a bit…I don’t know…boring? Unfortunately — and God help me especially in a place like DC — some people never really grow out of who they were in High School. And I recognize almost daily these same archetypes. Sad. Also, hilarious. Really, really hilarious. And I have the urge to do a version of this little act almost every day because BURN. Anyway, digressing. But thankfully, not all the way back to High School…(Also, don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned it, but I heart Stanley Tucci. He’s awesome in everything he does.)

Other things…

I came across this nifty site the other day and I just want to put this out there for me and anyone else who can use it. It really is all about the company you keep.:

Free yourself from negative people. – Spend time with nice people who are smart, driven and like-minded. Relationships should help you, not hurt you. Surround yourself with people who reflect the person you want to be. Choose friends who you are proud to know, people you admire, who love and respect you – people who make your day a little brighter simply by being in it. Life is too short to spend time with people who suck the happiness out of you. When you free yourself from negative people, you free yourself to be YOU – and being YOU is the only way to truly live.

Okay, maybe I am still in High School because this cracked me up and I’m sending it to all my girlfriends. Because wow…

Hahahaha! Your hilarity for the day. I want to be friends with this announcer.

Unfortunately, when they’re too cowardly to face you, you’re left relying on karma. That’s okay. It works, too.

My favorite bookstore has done this. Seems like a good read…

As a general rule, soccer bores me. Except when the nieces and nephews play because they’re so cute and good at it. But this was pretty exciting and at least the women don’t fall down and cry every other play. Just sayin’.

Mmmmmmm….cauliflower and bacon and butter….

What if you’re on Facebook and you allow really stupid shit to be posted?
Is it better to be an idiot or a sociopath…I bet that’s actually a hard one for some employers to answer…

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