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Bring it to me

Hi — I’m just enjoying the day off. I have things to think about and get right with because doing what’s right matters, no matter what people try to say to talk you out of it. I started over when I moved here. I went from living in a 3 bedroom house I owned to an apartment that seems sometimes like that first scary apartment I had by myself after college and a summer living in New Hampshire. But only sometimes. In any event, I don’t know what will happen — things are moving and changing and so I feel the need to really hold on to the core of what defines me and that core has everything to do with the principles given to me by some very proud and honest people. I know someone who has suggested lately that this is a way of hiding for me; a way of shielding myself from taking a risk, cloaking myself in my so-called “ethics.” I think that’s nothing more than you putting your shit decision making abilities off on me, thank you very much. But look here, don’t drag me down because you need affirmation or a partner in crime. There are plenty willing to live there with you and roll those dice that the results will be satisfying. My time for that has passed. I have certainly not been so strident in my ethics in my younger years and I found that the results of the decisions I made then were ultimately tremendously dissatisfying. And so I’ve tightened these things up as I’ve learned and grown. So I would be careful about judging the wisdom of one more experienced than yourself. You may find that you create your own resentment and lose something valuable along the way.

Anyway, with that little vent released, I may head down to Iwo Jima with the Arlington contingent to watch fireworks here shortly. I had fun with that crew last night. Ash and I have this amazing ability when we are together to meet the owners/bar managers of the places we have dinner. At Virtue Feed & Grain it was because the bar manager had been in the restaurant industry in Atlanta prior to moving to Va. so obviously all our drinks were on the house. Last night, at Faccia Luna, a special place for Ash because they actually know how to cook Italian food and she’s an Italian Jersey girl who knows bad Italian upon smell, Joe, the 65 year old owner, danced some salsa and regaled us with talk of all his cars. He then had an impromptu tasting of several different rose and red wines. (“tasting” here is defined as half glasses. There were about 10 on the table between Ash and I by the end of it.) And he played the hits of one Sam Cooke. The following in particular. Another reason I like Ash? She can identify Sam Cooke about three chords in. Have a safe holiday all.

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Well the Internets came back up at work so I managed to avoid having to turn around and get right back on the metro and go home to get anything done. The Coach and I are just hashing out the whole Roberts decision. He’s confused as to why Roberts didn’t just toss the law instead of re-writing it with the mandate as a tax. My gut instinct is that Kennedy is a flip-flopper of an extreme partisan stripe and only went to the right IF Roberts moved a little to the left. In other words, I think declaring the mandate a tax may have been the only real option available to Roberts at that point (early reports indicated a 6/3 split) and he did the best he could with it. Which I still maintain may actually prove to fairly beneficial to Romney (and, in my opinion, the country in general) and also forces the debate to continue which I think keeps people involved and will get them out to the voting booth. I remain optimistic despite the best efforts of some to convince me that Roberts sold out to media pressure or some such nonsense. Bah, I say. But I find it hilarious that the liberals are in love with him right now. Heh. I wouldn’t get too enamored. He’ll break up with you soon enough. and, knowing libs, they’ll turn on him viciously, claws out, fangs bared, and Roberts will once again be a pariah with evil intent. I gotta say, it feels too weird to have them love you. I prefer the hate. At least it’s rational and the true nature emerges. I can work with true. Anyway, for some reason, the whole healthcare debate and some of the other stuff associated with this current administration has put me in the mind of this. Because it’s the only way I can safely digest this stuff sometimes. Because I cry far too much otherwise.

Anyway, I have to stop by the One Lounge today after work because I left my credit card there Saturday night. Look, I drank a few Makers and Gingers and did some dancing and it happens, okay. Coolest moment of the night came when the dreadlocked DJ — I made friends with him at some point and he let me sit in his “booth” and watch him work — asked me where I was from. I told him Atlanta and he said, yeah. He was gonna guess that. “I took one look at you dancing and knew you wasn’t from DC.” That clears up that weird moment I had in Georgetown a million years ago when I was just visiting before the move and the young blonde sorority girls were watching me dance like I was using a stripper poll and wearing pasties.

Okay, links and things.

This made me happy when I happened upon it this weekend. I’m of the Linus Larrabee school of opinion when it comes to marriage; that is to say that I really believe in it, which is why I haven’t married yet. And stuff like this makes me think other people have existed who agree.

I saw this movie this weekend. I really liked it. And Grégori Derangère is wicked hot. Check it:

This was interesting.

I’m going to try this. Possibly tonight.

This was unsurprising.

Go Braves!

I wrote the following this morning after I read this. And then I cried for 5 minutes. Love you Bells.

“Of course they can. Stella was absolutely my best friend for 13 years — through three serious relationships, several not-so-serious relationships, the death of family members, the birth of others, miserable jobs, master’s graduations, an almost-move to Kentucky for a boyfriend (thank you God for helping me dodge that bullet) and, finally, a move here to DC from Georgia; a trip I’m somewhat convinced is what finally caused her to decide it was time to just let go and rest. And, through it all, she knew my moods and was my crying pillow and was the “person” I told things to first and was my hiking/travel companion and my protector and my Blue and my Stella Bells. She taught me much about empathy, in fact, and I miss her.”

My jam for today. This one’s for you Lina. Let’s go out on the Hill soon.

Finally, the Coach’s recap. Let me know if you want to join the cheering section.


Thanks to everyone who braved the record temperatures on Friday for our game against West Virginia. It’s the first time I can remember a team actually calling the mercy rule on themselves, but facing a 24-run deficit and a heat index of roughly 110, West Virginia called the game after six innings. It was a good way to snap our mini-losing streak following our less-than-stellar performance last weekend.

And yes, you read that right. A 24-run deficit. We were beating them 26-2 going into the bottom of the 6th, and that was letting them play 8 guys in the field for a few innings after one of their girls got heat stroke (we might be ruthless competitors, but we’re not so ruthless that we’ll make a team play short when they’re already down by 20+ runs). So, needless to say, we dominated on both sides of the ball, totally broke their will, heard the lamentations of their women, etc. Not bad for a Friday night.

Special thanks to those of you who carried the UGA banner at the Exchange afterward, as well. I presume CAN is going to be giving tournament discounts to teams that make it a point to patron the bar, so thanks for saving all of us a little money.

Our next game is this coming Friday against Standford. We’re playing on Field 5 on the Monument Grounds, which is at 16th and Constitution. Please update your availability for that on TeamSnap.

Also, we need one more field saver for our game next Wednesday. It’s the last time this year that we’re going to have to worry about it, so if anyone is available, that would be a huge help to the team.

Just as a reminder, here’s who has qualified for the tournament:

Everyone who has showed up for a game this year, except:


So, if you’ve been to a game this year and aren’t on that list, you’re qualified. We’re in line to have 23 people qualified for the tournament this year, which would be a new high for us. I’d love to break our record of 30 total tournament attendees this year, so please feel free to bring your wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, friends (with benefits, if applicable), roommates, random person you met at the bus stop, whatever. My goal is to have a massive cheering section, so let’s make that happen.

That’s all I have for now. See everyone Friday.

Thanks and Go Dawgs

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