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So, I may have to exercise a little more Facebook blocking. Someone I knew in a previous life has an association with someone else I knew in a previous life and the latter tends to say things in comments like, “It’s also National Intercourse Day!” Bleah. Look, I’m all for celebrating sexuality but given that you caused the dissolution of two marriages and at least one family with small children in your celebration of intercourse, perhaps you could show a little respect by not being so cavalier in your love of love. This kind of thing always reminds me of that scene in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof where Brick tells the incessantly annoying Sister-Woman that some people aren’t “so loud about their love.” I mean digging it and doing it well are one thing. Screaming about it in a rather crass way on a social networking site is altogether different. If you manage to find a creative, poetic way to do it, like this lady here, perhaps I’ll take you seriously. Wait…no I won’t. You blew that chance years ago. Block. I shall never speak of you again. But I suspect you may always remember me. (I stole that from Ever After.)

Anyway, I have mostly music today but there are a few things of interest…

This is fascinating. On the one hand, I get the argument that if you put something out over the internet your privacy expectation necessarily changes. However, if Twitter’s terms of service state that you own your content in perpetuity then, well, hide the bottle under the seat man. This one doesn’t have an easy answer. Puzzles are compelling. The internet is just a wealth of changing opinions.

Speaking of tech companies, gotta give it to Apple for working with Cadillac and Amtrak. Exceptionally smart business moves.

Private boards? I’m in. I have vision board ideas I’ve been exploring but I’d rather keep it for my eyes only. So, hello Pinterest. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

An interesting piece of conversation with the Coach about Obama’s strategy in officially coming out in support of gay marriage:
Coach: So, just to recap
There was an overwhelming vote in a swing state that barely went for Obama last time
The next day, Obama comes out on the losing side of that issue
Which is a reversal of an earlier claim
And removes a line of attack he was using against his opponent
But yeah…this guy knows how to campaign
He’s the best at it
me: you’re talking sense
that doesn’t fly
logical trains of progression are too hard
Coach: Indeed

Okay then, musica para mi amigos!

Great new stuff:

One of the best covers ever (in my silly opinion):

We spontaneously broke out singing this at a party Saturday. Does it up the cool points at all if I say there were shots of tequila involved?

Am currently dancing to this. Our piece starts at the 1:47 mark. Lots of turns and floor work. My knees are bruised. Love.

Two of the most beautiful things in the world: piano and the Russian language spoken by a native.

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Hi. I don’t have a whole bunch of time to talk today so I’ll just offer some images and links. I’m almost beside myself waiting to watch last night’s Game of Thrones and I have to avoid all mention of it everywhere or I might burst out crying. Although it is essentially a soap opera, it is a very well done soap opera and appeals to the Anglophile in me because it just feels like the progression of power on the European content pre-modern time. Also, Jon is wicked hot. Just sayin’.

You’ve heard me mention my friend Ali P.? Well, here she is in action. At the start of the piece, she is front row, all the way to the dancers’ left. This piece is mesmerizing to me…

Not sure why I’m posting this except that in light of his deserved accolades for The Avengers, I think I just wanted to say that Whedon has it right: humanists are the true believers.

Something kind of cool has been happening…I’ve been getting some pretty serious compliments from men lately. It’s freakin’ awesome! I met a guy in Georgetown Friday who told me I reminded him of his best friend’s fiance, “the sweetest girl I know,” he said. Thanks Perry.

Speaking of Georgetown, here’s a shot of the table Ash and I managed to score at J. Paul’s. That was a good dinner.

I felt so mafia.

And so it begins.

The Coach sent out a reminder for our game Friday with this awesome paragraph included: “Just a quick reminder for our game this week. We play Providence on Friday on the Monument Grounds, at 16th and Constitution. First pitch is at 6:30. Warm ups at 6:00. If you haven’t RSVP’d for that yet, please do so. The game will be followed by Mackenzie’s graduation party (which will be followed by a blackout, which will be followed by a wicked hangover).” Congrats Mackie. We’ll be there to help you celebrate.


Hot from the desk of “No Shit Sherlock”. BTW, this is my hood. Mt. Pleasant represent!

You know you’re at the bottom of the food chain when a chicken owns you.

Seriously, can we all just get on board dismissing these simpletons already?

When I owned a house, I had a grill. I cannot tell you how much I miss it. Paging Dr. Brian…

It’s just going to get more fun from here. I met a guy at a co-worker’s Cinco de Mayo party who was going into private practice as an intellectual property lawyer. Smart guy. As a native of Chicago, he made me reconsider some things about that city. And I appreciate that. Also, my co-worker’s roommate believes he has solved a 500 year old mystery. He screened this at the party. The dude has a PhD in physics from MIT so I’m inclined to take him seriously…

Finally, hot from the desk of “Useful Progress,” it might be time to convert some of that rare, original stuff on tape to something with some staying power so it doesn’t get lost to the mists of time. Because “West Texas Revival” is a cool song.

I may have posted this recently but I just love this band. I saw them play live and, because they are purely acoustic, they would flat out yell if you talked during the performance. I dug it.

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A dress I saw in a dress shop just because I think it’s pretty:

So I had this flash of certainty last night. There’s this interesting dichotomy with ambition. On the one hand, it is necessary to take you higher, farther, deeper, wherever it is you wish to go. You have to be ambitious about getting there in order to put up with the almost certain setbacks, disappointments, etc along the way. But it is also the single source of all the negative things I’ve seen otherwise good people do. They get dollar signs or corner offices or disposable incomes or easy lifestyles in their proverbial eyes and they just do weird stuff. And people that understand how to massage and manipulate this kind of ambition in other people do terrible things. Anyway…I’ll carry on to better things…

This is a wonderful post from a new site I’ve been enjoying because sometimes I get tired of trying to explain that I’m not a bad person to people who just insist that I must be, despite all evidence to the contrary. Stuff like this makes me feel like the crowd being preached to.

Did you hear about the Braves game last night? Seriously, 11 innings, 28 runs total, and a walk-off homer by a 40 year old 3rd baseman who may not be around in a year or two. Glorious. The Coach posted this as a dramatic representation of Chipper Jones’ home run. But the real thing is pretty dramatic in and of itself. I’m finalizing a head count for a Braves game against the Nats on June 1st and this kind of thing just makes it all that much more exciting…

Speaking of Atlanta, this one’s for you Julie D. Madea is a hero. “Hallelujer.”

I have my regular Thursday dance class tonight and I thought you’d like to meet my teacher. This is his street jazz class in Bethesda on Sundays — and that’s the fabulous Ms. McClain in the foreground of the first class shot with the funky braids. I tend to prefer his jazz/contemporary class in Friendship Heights, both for the style of dance and the actual studio environment. But he’s the same every time. Such a good man and teacher.

Good thing I had an extra expense pop up so I have to wait on the new phone because I may have changed my mind…

This is a groovy iPhone case.

As a former reporter and current news junkie, I found this absolutely fascinating. I haven’t played it yet but I bet it’s really easy to propagandize…

Started this book again.
It’s important to remember with CS Lewis that the entire exercise of reading one of his books is intended — and is best understood — as an escape into metaphor. In literature we call this “allegorical.”

And now, for your music. I flat loved this band in college.

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