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Like a certifiable genius, I left my computer charger at home so I am about to flame out here. But, let me get something up before I have to go home and be the stud I am.

First, UGA plays LSU tomorrow in the SEC Championship Game. The regulars will be at Penn Quarter (except for those who took a weirdly planned trip to NYC. You know who you are. There will be a reckoning.) Come down and hang with us. Hopefully it’s at least a good, tight game. There’s also this, which just cracked me up.

Second, when I have the means to travel again, I might make a go of this. Because it seems kind of fun.

Dear God in Heaven, no.

Alexander’s long lost twin Faulkner.

Still following this. Still laughing.

Going here tonight. Atheism post coming soon…Maybe this will help inform it.

Friday music. I always picture Elisabeth Shue dancing around her bedroom. And if you get the reference you saw Vincent D’onofrio’s first movie.

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