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I think in about an hour I’m going to walk down to the water because, seriously, it’s almost painful sitting in the office. I have many things for you today. At some point I’ll write about a great conversation on atheism I had with my brother John over the Thanksgiving weekend, but not today. There’s other stuff pushing the seams at the moment…

First and foremost, it was nice being home with the family. I was really struck by something after spending some time with my dad and brothers: I don’t know a lot of men in DC. I’ve met several spoiled, arrogant, foolish boys — of all ages — but few men. I need to work on that. Here’s a phone pic of the meat carving by two brothers and my Pops. Very manly.

Guess whose wine that is in the foreground?

Had an interesting talk with the brothers and father about football, too; particularly the tragedy that is the BCS’ability to determine through “arcane” (Pops’ word) methods who will be playing the National Championship Game. An example of how this fails to work was presented by Big Poppa Marieo on Facebook this morning regarding the almost foregone conclusion that Alabama will play LSU in the BCS National Championship Game, even if Georgia beats LSU this Saturday and in spite of the fact that Alabama is not a division winner this year:

“The last week of games in the 2007-2008 college football season had the Missouri Tigers & West Virginia Mountaineers ranked # 1 and 2 in the BCS. Both Mizzou and WVU lost that weekend and at the time OSU was #3 and UGA was #4 in the BCS. According to the BCS ideology today that should’ve put UGA and OSU in the National Championship game, but instead they let LSU jump over UGA to play OSU and the rationale was that UGA didn’t win their division or their conference and therefore couldn’t reasonably be allowed to play for the National Title. Well my question is where is that logic now in the 2011-2012 season?”

One guy I know even went so far as to say “burn the BCS to the ground!” I don’t know about all that rage, but his suggestion of a true playoff game is probably a good one. But as Pops noted, the BCS was created as a way to AVOID a true playoff game because the Presidents of the bigger schools didn’t want a prolonged season. And they do have quite a bit of pull in the organization. So, the public can not like it and riot in the street all they want. The Presidents will ultimately have the final word. And, as Brother John noted: “The public does “like” it in a sense — it’s all they talk about.” No bad publicity as they say.

Excitement!!! I really find as I get older that the feel good stuff is about the only thing I actually enjoy watching anymore. I get enough of man’s inhumanity to man every day. I want the good stuff in my downtime.

Speaking of, this was a fun little movie. Thoroughly enjoyable. The super nerd in me was beside herself when Jason Bateman’s Man in Black shoots the CB radio and says “Boring conversation anyway.” If you get the reference, we should have a beer.

I’m ordering some mix. It feels like cheating but it’s worth a try…

A guy I work with told me today that his dad is the original bassist for this band (that’s him being interviewed). And apparently, their song “Wild Man” is big on the punk scene now. Here’s Atlanta’s own Black Lips covering it. I’m going to see if my friend Ballard thinks it’s worth an interview. I think it’d be a cool retro get.

These made me laugh.

This is a good site. It should be read often.

Cat on a leash. Well, in a harness. He did okay. I just think he was confused as to why I was following him everywhere.


Uh-oh. But it shouldn’t be surprising at this point. Here’s Carlin on some of this nonsense. Couldn’t agree more sir.

I believe I’ll be taking I-77 into Va. and then I-81 back to DC from Atlanta from here on in. It’s really lovely. It looks like this the whole way:

Now, the two best songs I heard on my way home. Enjoy babies.

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Kubrick and Darabont

Here’s where the heads at. Like moonlight through the pines.

Hi friends. Hungry for some Thanksgiving food? Me, too. Because Sunday was Smokesgiving and I forgot how much I liked Turkey, gravy and mashed potatoes. I forget every year. Anyway, I’ll be picking up the rental car this afternoon, shoving some Benadryl down Alexander’s throat early this morning, and heading down the road to the great ATL. I had considered staying in town and hanging out with the Fabulous Ms. McClain but my nephew (and Godson) hit me up on Facebook the other day and said he couldn’t wait to see me. Yeah, it was all over. I’d have to be a monster not to go. You have learned your guilt trip skills well young Grasshopper Padawan. Aunt B is impressed…

In any event, here are a few things before I hit the road. Looking forward to being back South for a few days…I won’t lie. And The Coach is even trying to gather folks together for a thing at his folks place on the south side of Atlanta for Friday evening. The solipsist in me is intrigued. Sometimes I just prefer to keep things in their places. For example, a work colleague of mine showed up at Penn Quarter for lunch last Saturday while we were watching UGA assume their place in the SEC Championship Game and it was so strange. I like to pretend people don’t exist outside the predefined parameters of the mental boxes I keep them in. However, I also really like it when people surprise me and shake things up — if they can do that without being disruptive. Anyway, digressing…

A friend of mine commented on a recent post by columnist Andrew Sullivan and had some of his email posted in a subsequent post. If you read the reader responses, he’s the one talking about Stanley Kubrick. We have talked about his assertions here and my friend never posits something without being able to argue his point rationally. But I still say if you believe the universe incapable of offering anything but apathy, that is exactly what you will be seeking from it — and almost assuredly what you will receive. Interestingly, according to this wiki entry (always taken with a grain of salt) Kubrick had this to say:

“2001 would give a little insight into my metaphysical interests… I’d be very surprised if the universe wasn’t full of an intelligence of an order that to us would seem God-like. I find it very exciting to have a semi-logical belief that there’s a great deal to the universe we don’t understand, and that there is an intelligence of an incredible magnitude outside the Earth. It’s something I’ve become more and more interested in. I find it a very exciting and satisfying hope.”

That’s pretty well what I think, too. How my friend and I — often arguing opposing sides on such things as these — can both ascribe to the Kubrick view of the universe makes perfect sense to me. I wonder if it does to him…

Alright, I’ll have another open letter to a “gentleman” in a later post. To a guy I dance with. He’s in his 60s I think so when he dances on me I don’t feel like I can handle him the way I would others because I don’t want to accipurposely kick him mid choreo and have him break a hip or something …frustrating…

Moving on to another great director, Frank Darabont (who directed the phenomenal Shawshank Redemption), my friend The Mohel sent me an email about The Walking Dead, a show I’ve seen a few episodes of and really like, but end up forgetting to watch it on Sunday evenings. Anyway, the email made me laugh. It’s referring to a part of the comic series that the TV series hasn’t actually gotten to yet:

“Have you been watching [The Walking Dead]? I think they stole your life and we can sue. The show is about a survivor from Atlanta that moves to Alexandria and is always being surrounded by brain dead zombies looking to take a bite from her hide.”

Truer words folks…

UPDATE: Seriously Enterprise at Woodley Park, I love you.

And the first song when I turned on the radio? Can’t listen to it without being slightly disturbed because of that scene from Reservoir Dogs

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You should be proud

The next few posts will be open letters to a few of the “gentlemen” I’ve encountered over the last several weeks. Just because I play like a boy doesn’t mean I am one.

To the Mount St. Mary A**hole: One of my teammates said he didn’t think it was intentional but we know different, don’t we buddy? You discovered probably some time ago that is was legal to let a 5’7″, 145 lb girl run into your 6’3″, 210 (220?) lb frame at top speed while looking the other way down field for a potential pass. One of the commissioners informed me yesterday while reffing the Auburn/Tufts game that yes, you can watch someone come at you and just let them run into to you legally even if they are never even aware of your presence. Never mind that you have 8 inches and 70 lbs on HER. She already proved she could catch the ball and therefore must be dealt with accordingly, despite your team already having the win due to a forfeit from lack of female players. So you chose the only way of “hitting” someone available to you in a non-contact league. I’m an athlete and a dancer and have been my whole life. I rarely feel like my body is totally out of my control. In fact, I’ve felt that way only twice: the first was when I was about 10 and I came around a blind corner in my neighborhood on my bike and ran into a Jeep Cherokee that was rolling to a stop at the stop sign. I came off my bike onto the hood of the car and rolled onto the street on the passenger side. I literally did not know what hit me, or what I hit more appropriately. It’s a scary feeling. The second was yesterday because I’m pretty sure I was running at an angle and you just stood there, feet planted, and let me come. When I bounced off you both feet left the ground and when I hit I jammed my knee so hard into the ground I thought I might have cracked the kneecap. I find it interesting that your team was so taken aback by my immediate reaction of cursing a blue streak at a fairly high volume (ahem). I’m not one to roll around on the ground moaning. I think if I was ever shot I’d be one of those freaks that keeps on running and starts looking around for a weapon. My adrenaline just goes through the roof to the degree that I didn’t even feel any pain until much later when I started to cool down and realized my knee hurt like hell. But I’m sure your team has seen and sanctioned this little strategy from you before (and your teammate, who tried the same thing on me the play prior, but I only managed to run into his leg. I had no idea what was coming, did I? I guess you guys showed me). Your quarterback told me after the game that they didn’t see anything, just heard me cursing. There’s something about that that pleases me. There was also something tremendously satisfying about coming at you face-first at top speed the next play only to see you turn and start to run away like all big wussies do when confronted with someone not afraid to give them a little bit of their own bullsh*t. You ran away from a girl. Didn’t like it so much when I could see you, did you? How’s that feel big guy? Indeed, you only stopped running because my teammate stepped in between us to stop my momentum and remind me that this was non-contact. I wish someone on your team had the same presence of mind and respect for the game. (And I appreciate the effort Bay but you needn’t have worried. I wasn’t going to attempt to tackle him or hit him or run into him or touch him in any way. I just wanted to see the big ass run. So I guess I got that satisfaction. Have I mentioned before the “raised with 4 brothers in Georgia” thing? You saw it yesterday.)

The swelling is going down this morning and the limp is subsiding so I think it’s just a nasty bruise (although my calf muscle feels really tight, oddly). Oh yeah, the bump/bruise on my right ear and head where my turned head hit your shoulder and then the ground are also not as painful today. So, you’ll be pleased (?) to know there’s no serious damage. But, as I’ve reffed several games now and played in even more, I’m surprised I don’t see others using your handy little tactic of flattening people because I’m sure other refs (obviously not the ones in our game. How silly of me to think such a thing.) would call some stupid, unnecessary sh*t like that. I know I would.

Anyway, your behavior and your subsequent giggling and general douchiness bring you to a whole other level of dickhead. Stay strong. There are other women out there who need to be shown a thing or two.


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Never the other woman

First, I’d like to issue a formal apology to my dance class for the state of my feet in the last few classes; both the length of the toenails and the time between polishing. The situation has been rectified and we should be good to go for tonight. Try to put the memory out of your minds.

So, OWS is marching through my work hood next week. I’m seriously tempted to walk down to Market Square with some plastic buckets that say “Sh*t Bucket” on the side and just hand them out. Because I think that would be funny.

Speaking of the great useless mass of whiners, one of the work boys sent me this link and said, “This kid is the opposite of the OWS. And he’s going to go far.” Indeed. Btw, the kid who sent me the link is all of 23. Just sayin’. Also, bout time Jon. I’m proud of ya buddy. The part where she asks if her nose is bleeding is brilliant man.

There’s also this. Because make yourselves useful already.

Keeping an eye on this. This internet legislation is only going to get more interesting…

A friend posted this. The Falcons one made me laugh aloud.

Finally, here’s why they’re coming to DC. George Will thinks they’ll end up getting what they want. What’s the over/under that they understand that?

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I have not fallen off the face of the planet, despite the desire of some for that very thing to happen. (You people can get bent. I know who you are.) But I do have some things I need to take care of and some personal meshugas to which I must attend. What do you think, should I go home for Thanksgiving or just wait till Christmas? I can’t decide…Also, I truly hate giving up on people I dig because of the behavior of people they associate with. I can’t decide if that’s a bad practice or a necessary evil. But here recently I seem to be plagued with the problem of wanting to maintain a friendship with people who have some fairly intolerable associations. And not intolerable in general. I think it’s more selective. And, apparently, I’ve been selected. Yay me. In any event, until I get the cork back in the bottle, here’s some music that has been keeping me sane. I actually have some awesome choreography in my head to Flo and the Machine…

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Whew, okay sorry for the ventabulousness of the post yesterday. It just hit a little close to home and I took it personally.I get kind of rabidly protective of people I know and like and, as mentioned, some of them were in attendance Friday. But I’ve regained my sense of humor about the whole thing, not in small part due to something my dad said about the situation when I asked him what he thought of people drawing comparisons between the Tea Party and the Occupy Wall Street Movement as populist gatherings. “I don’t blame those kids [in OWS] protesting in the streets. They’re useful idiots; they’re being used and they don’t know it. But to the best of my knowledge, no one in the Tea Party groups ever shit in the street.” And, that pretty much closes the book on what I think about it. Thanks Pops.

And, just as the exclamation point, there’s this. Stephen Colbert, we shall meet one day. And we will share a laugh over the absurdity of it all. And I will tell you at that time that I think you inadvertently make my job a lot easier. But I dig you sir because at least you can find the ridiculousness in all this. Bless you for that. This piece is good and funny.

Oh, and if you’re wondering who is actually handling their money, meet The Alliance for Global Justice. Do they match up with your system of beliefs? Something to think about.

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A friend took this Friday as he was leaving the AFP event. Apparently they were told to leave in groups. Wonderful.

And I would advocate that kind of retaliatory strike. Because look here, things are getting creepy and out of hand. I mean, please watch the video of Michelle Fields from The Daily Caller (first link below) trying to interview the blessings to peaceful society that were the protesters on Friday night. A few co-workers of mine were in attendance at the AFP event — and I had considered going. Very glad I decided against it. — and the thought of how f*cked up it is to attempt to barricade people inside a building just makes me glad they were pretty well unaware of what was going on in the street while they ate their dinner. Look, the French Revolution this is not. Make no mistake. These people do not look underfed or dying of disease. They were not storming the Bastille and freeing political prisoners. They were just causing havoc in the street — lying down in front of cars, knocking the elderly to the ground and then screaming, “Blame yourselves!,” and using children to barricade a door. Bullies piss me off and that’s all this is. These people are being riled up by those with a political agenda. And it’s easy to rile them up apparently because they carry around a lot of rage — that’s what happens when you have a lot of free time. You have a lot of time to think and get pissed. I know. Sundays are hard for me, too. So, maybe you should get busy doing something. If it’s not actual work because you’re looking then spend your time LOOKING. And if you think I don’t know what that’s like, gimme a call. We can chat about it. And the instigators — those shadowy folks that lead this effort that no one really seems to be able to pinpoint — are very likely what a co-worker called “trustafarians,” i.e. those well-off enough to spend their time riling people up. They are, very likely, the 1%. Irony is sometimes a Godd*mn bitter pill. How’s it feel to be a dupe of the system? You should be pissed off about that. Idiots. I’m sorry for the blatancy but I’m starting to get angry by the stupidity and lack of outrage for this kind of bullshit. Where’s John Stewart’s biting commentary on this shit? Or is it suddenly okay to behave this way in a “sane” society? [UPDATE: Someone at work made me aware of this. It’s something at least but it pretty much says there are just a few bad apples and they should be ashamed of themselves. Bad puppy. I bet, conservatively estimating, over 50% of these people doing their peaceful protesting in DC were at that Sanity rally. That shit worked out really, really well. Have a cookie Stewart. You’ve earned it.] Whatever. Save it. I’m hearing enough bullshit at the moment and don’t think I can entertain any more.

Anyway, here’s some stuff to maybe bring your thoughts around to better things. I’m just trying not to let the bullying do what it’s intended to do. That is to say, scare me into walking around fearful that if we don’t give in to demands that somehow things will escalate. F*ckers.

Things I learned this weekend:

There are all kinds of behaviors that I would assume to be worse but apparently bumming a smoke makes you a pariah. Who knew? (Thanks for talking me down Strok.)

There is an Eastern European disco in the heart of Adams Morgan in NW DC, complete with 80s lasers, a smoke machine, and remixed Bon Jovi club music. Awesome. And, you know, I bet all those dudes and chicks from Eastern Europe who were there sharing the dance floor with us would have a thing or two to say about what real corruption at high levels of society looks like. I know my great-grandparents sailed from Czechoslovakia to get away from it. Just sayin’.

I have very handsome male friends. Also, hilarious ones.

The Rickroll is not dead. Just turned into a puzzle.

This article is fantastic.

Just because people misunderstand entropy so often — when it brings things toward equilibrium people. Wrap your head around that paradox. — here’s a nice piece for the nerds. Love you geeks.

Considering that the boys at work are too young to know who David Lynch is (start with Blue Velvet, go to Twin Peaks, The Elephant Man, Mulholland Drive, etc…), here’s something for you oldies out there.

The honey badger took what he wanted in a great game that proved the skill of LSU and the heart and guts of Alabama. I love the SEC.

Finally, a quote from the coach that I just liked because it keeps things in perspective while never losing gratitude. Take a lesson protesters. This is how it’s done.

“Europe is collapsing, our national debt passed the 15 trillion mark, there are riots in Oakland, Israel might be going to war with Iran, Russia and China are discussing forming an alliance with Iran and Pakistan…but other than that, it was a pretty solid weekend.”

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Hello freaks and geeks. Is it wrong to eat one of Julia’s delicioso chicken and potato empanadas and immediately want to eat the other one you bought for dinner? It feels wrong. I’ll refrain and eat this cupcake instead. Boom.

So, I don’t have much because the new IT firm is coming onsite today and I must prepare to chat with them about needs, wants, timeframes, project capabilities, databases, etc. The little tech nerd in me is actually excited. Own the dork!

But I have some few small treasures…

Some friends are having a little birthday thing here tomorrow and, given the Eastern European thing (the great-grandparents were Slavic) AND the fact that I can wear a cocktail dress, I’m just giddy with the want. I hope to take some photos so maybe something interesting will come of that effort…

His personal politics I can do without but, as a dancer, I think I need to go see this before it closes. (Thanks for the tip Sparkles.)

Dr. B shared this hilarity. He thinks it might have been planned…: “This showed up in my work email, at exactly 4:20 pm.”

Thanks to this lady for the tip on this. Here’s a taste:

Finally, Liz sent me this with this with the idea that she was CERTAIN I would be able to use it somewhere. Oh, it will be used. It’s pretty much a visual b*itch slap. Keep your pimp hand strong Cat. F*ck that kid.

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Hey hey, ho ho

From my sister Juge:
“He who knows not and knows not he knows not: he is a fool – shun him. He who knows not and knows he knows not: he is simple – teach him. He who knows and knows not he knows: he is asleep – wake him. He who knows and knows he knows: he is wise – follow him.”

I wish the kiddos today — I swear I’m not 60. Just old enough to be tired of charades — had the collective sack if you will to just ante up and stop feeling guilty about wanting what they want. Piven has the right idea. Great movie:

And now for some awesome. I may have seen this before, but K. Davis shared it today and I had to shut the office door and cry a little. And you know, I feel better than I’ve felt in a week. Because damn if that crowd didn’t just go crazy for this kid. Sometimes, people can be lovely.

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