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And what’s next?…

‘Sup? Man there was a moment here this last week where something came back that had been forgotten: I’m not really interested in defending myself against stupid nonsense. I’ve been through enough in my life that people’s attempts to personally insult and/or annoy really do just roll off the back. Sticks and stones and all that. However…if you come at people I like, love, or respect (family, friends, decent folks) — the innocent bystanders as it were — as a way to piss me off, I’ll get Southern on ya real quick. It’ll be fast, brutal, and efficient and I will feel no remorse, and I will suffer no guilt. Hell, I may even celebrate your defeat. Loudly. Because I don’t brook a coward. Remembering this made me like myself again. And I dig it when that happens.

That’s all I’ve got today. Well, except for a painting I remembered that I really like and a song that should be shared. Catch ya in a few days…

Conversion is both painful and gorgeous

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Infinite patience

So, I heard my obsession speak yesterday. That funny, simple little start-up that seduced us in what was the search-engine version of a little black dress (or, for us girls, the classic jeans and a white t-shirt), promising delights galore once past the easily negotiable outer vestments. Uh, sorry — now that I’m settled in a little more and, I guess, sticking around for a while, I’m thinking about boys a lot. You’ve all been warned.

Anyway, Google was an interesting guest at the Blogger’s Briefing. They definitely had to field some heat for this, as well they should because come on man…Really? Do these people actually think that anyone believes they’re sincere about this kind of thing? Because Grover Norquist can help you if you are.

Anyway, I took two things from the meeting yesterday. 1) the business card of the Google presenter, whose title is “Head of Competition Public Policy and Public Affairs”. You guys know my motto: work for them or run from them. So, not an insignificant little piece of paper for the kid here. And 2) Google seems to be moving toward thinking more like a business rather than some partisan kids who just discovered a sack of dough on the beach. The explanation given was that they weren’t totally knowledgeable about what government intrusion meant before they came to Washington. But they have learned much. And they are beginning to understand that reaching out to both sides of the political divide is GOOD for BUSINESS. A business interested in the bottom line and in mitigating policy that prevents that bottom line from being healthy? The hell you say! So, I think there’s reason to be encouraged there. There was a lot of talk about the complexity of their algorithms as well and how frequently they change them — answer: all the time ya’ll — and that was very fascinating as well but I won’t go into it here. Suffice to say that I’m even more intrigued and I’m really thinking about making out with them. Also, they have a PAC and Facebook just launched their own and I think that segues into something I can legitimately write about for work having to do with Citizens United and increased competition in elections. We like that over here where I spend 40 hours a week. If I manage to write something compelling I’ll throw it out there I’m sure…

Let’s see, what else..the Amazon Kindle Fire looks kind of promising and has that Silky new browser (see what I did there?), so let me know if you adopt. I want a full consumer report.

Wednesday words of wisdom from a friend: “I believe it’s called ‘shock whore’. Look it up.”

I watched Bridesmaids on DVD last night and my God that movie’s so great. The outtakes made me fall abjectly and absolutely in love with Jon Hamm. (“You’re an asshole.” “So do you.”)

Bragging for a minute — we got some stats back for our softball tournament and several of us ranked high on the list for various things. And I mention the following because look, I’m only getting older and creakier and this actually made me feel f*cking awesome: I had the highest number of RBIs for the ladies in the entire tournament with 11. Now, we made it to the last day so we played more games and that affects the number but the next highest was 6. Boom.

Finally, some music. The first because he’s playing here soon and I just like the song and the second because of the aforementioned “thinking about boys a lot” thing. And I just like the song.

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Quickly babies because I feel as though the world has turned into a vat of things to do and I’m just swimming in it. I know how to swim — quite well in fact — but it doesn’t change the immediate need to understand that I’m in the water as it were and am therefore asked to survive by moving calmly yet efficiently. How’s that for an extended metaphor? Also, I miss swimming laps. I need to find a new pool…

I have many things today but first I want to give a shout out to my friend who sat and had a few beers with me last night and actually asked me some things that no one’s asked me in a while. Like, “Are you glad you decided to stay in DC?” and “How’s work?” It is not an untrue thing to say that people here get very involved in their own things and unless you put your life in their faces they may never ask how you are. I’m guilty of the same. So it was a nice reminder that sometimes people can just relax and reconnect. Even if it does get a little deep. (I can’t help it okay. wink.)

So, Just for fun — and I’ll take better pictures at a future date of our actual team — here’s what flag football looks like along the Anacostia River. That’s the coach reffing in the foreground and waaaaaaayyyyyy over on the other side of the field in the red shirt is Bay setting the line. This is Iowa and Virginia, both really good teams I’m glad we don’t play. Anyway, this is really for you family, so you can see what I’m into up here. Also, Virginia’s quarterback was wicked hot. But that’s really neither here nor there.

It gets a lot colder in a few weeks

And now for randoms:

So much talk lately about how the nature of science is not consensus thinking. Exactly because of this kind of thing.

I have a hurt hand today as well Michael Vick. Just put some ice on it. You’ll be fine.

Number 1 is true. Also, Karma Police is one of the top 10 songs of awesomeness.

Maybe I will.

It does have some kicka$$ restaurants. Ya’ll.

I do this, come by it honestly from my Pops, and I’ve never been more proud.


Finally, this has been floating around. It. Is. Incredible. Dance people. Be amazed.

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So, I was kinda sick yesterday and, in between all the sleeping and sneezing and fretting over the work I wasn’t getting done, I watched a few funny movies and laid around and did some thinking. Also, I baked a sticky chocolate cake because I tend to cook when I’m bored. Digressing…So what I came to, because recently I’ve been seeing headlines about Obama being too depressed to run for office again, is that it’s a very difficult and painful thing to watch a man — or woman for that matter — have to come to grips with their inadequacies and poor choices. Now, take these headlines with a huge grain of salt but I’d wager the man is getting reflective as his poll numbers drop and his frenemies start writing this kind of stuff.

Anyone who’s ever watched a friend or loved one make bad life choices knows what I’m talking about here. Or, as is more the case personally, had to suffer through a colleague’s bad decision at work — not really a loved one but someone whose behavior affects you nonetheless. It’s tortuous and frustrating and always leaves you with that feeling of “Seriously, are you blind man?” I really don’t enjoy that feeling.

But the worst slash best slash worst again is when they have those rare moments of clarity — when they let themselves see the forest instead of the trees, or allow the guilt and responsibility they should have always been feeling finally wash over them for a few minutes. That’s like watching a man (or woman) drown. It is why most people prefer simply to feel nothing and enjoy the sorrow of someone whose lesson has been learned, even if just for a few moments.

I sometimes wish I could be that way. But that kind of painful self-awareness is never a pleasant thing to witness. And I believe I’m seeing it now with Obama, as I have seen it in other ways, and with other people, over the course of my life.

I do not pretend his moment of self-awareness will last, or that there will be a net positive resulting from his personal crisis. And the cynic in me wants to sniff and be all, “Yeah, right. Political ploy to test the temp of the voters #873.” And that the moment will last just long enough for him to see some other way to affect his ultimate goal of self-aggrandizement at the expense of the country. But it is nice to know that basic humanity is, at least so far, indestructible in that we all feel vulnerable sometimes. Let yourself feel it sir. It’s trying to tell you something.

For the funny, a friend posted this the other day and I had never seen it and by God if Johnmire didn’t immediately pop into my head because a) he’s our flag football QB, b) he packs heat for work, and c) he would totally do this if he thought he could get away with it. It sounds like I think that’s a bad thing but it really just makes me laugh. I’m twisted like that. Also, kidding Johnmire. Please don’t yell at me this weekend…


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Honeybadger don’t care

Hello my lovelies. I’ll try to squeeze some thoughts in here before editing our little newsletter, signing off on wireframes, negotiating hosting costs (I heart you Rackspace and I think we should do business together. Let’s come up with a reasonable cost whatcha say?), and submitting a roster for our flag football team. Me = busy bee. And I like it. It keeps me from giving the finger to unsuspecting people not walking down the street fast enough or eating piles of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Dang those things are seriously perfect…mmmmmm…*drool*…

Anyway, good weekend for football. UGA thrashed Coastal Carolina so handily that I almost felt like crying for them. Almost. And then the Falcons played an amazing game against the Eagles and — while I’m not so proud of all the booing of Mike Vick because I think maybe he’s learned his lesson and he is so freakin’ talented — I was glad to see old Matty Ryan play with grace and stamina. Takeaway Facebook wisdom from the coach concerning Falcons vs. Eagles — “I’m amazed Michael Vick is able to run around with Cris Collinsworth swinging from his nuts like that.” And then later, when Vick left the game in the 3rd quarter — “It made more sense before he left the game with a concussion. But before that, it was borderline lewd.” The Coach makes me laugh. And is either a genius or a sociopath. We’re all still trying to figure that one out. (Just kidding my friend)

As for our little flag football game well, we played a very athletic Virginia Tech who I’m pretty sure is one of the best in the league. We had them beat almost the entire game until we lost by one point on literally the last play. So, I’m satisfied. And I like this article because it is what it feels like, which I think is the reason people love the game so much. Constant, ubiquitous strategy. And then later at the Sign of the Whale I think I actually got hit on a few times. I have to keep reminding myself that I’ve done all this before and it’s new to some of these kids. It’s kind of an interesting perspective and I’m enjoying/hating every minute of it. Nice to have friends around who say things like, “You look good tonight.” Thank you sir. You did, too. Here’s a new favorite pic from Penn Quarter because it’s what I see about half the time I’m actually there.

Golden glass

Okay, I can’t be all deep. I’m busy. But I want to leave you with this because I can’t stop watching it. Every time I get annoyed with work I play it again and everything gets better fast. It is therefore a thing of light in dreary world. And I’m happy to share it with you.

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Hello my friends. So, I thought about not posting this but I think I will. Not out of ugly, but more from a need to just pay tribute to a “side” of the issue lost in all the scary hype and anxiety-inducing guilt tripping. It’s a tremendous speech and I don’t even take umbrage at the part about politics. Although it does kinda make me wish I stuck with Chemistry (shout out Coach Hendrix!). So, please to enjoy. They are all three pretty rad, but the one most relevant to today’s news headlines is the last. The Mark Twain quote about ascribing to consensus thinking pretty much, in about a second, reaffirmed some things and I haven’t felt this secure in my outlook for a very long time. So, that’s a good. Anyway, there’s no teeth in this. Just a need to share information.

And, I got nothing else. I know I’ll be playing some flag football in the morning, then watching UGA at Penn Quarter and then heading down to a birthday thing in Dupont. Tonight remains a mystery. Maybe I’ll see yous kids somewheres…

Also, miss these faces…

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Chick music

So, I just joined a meetup group for technology/political nerds. Lord help me. It came through on a listserv and I figured what the heck. These are two topics in which I’m interested, in spite of the fact that I work in both. So, at least the potential for good conversation is there…

I don’t have much today because I’m all busy and stuff but I will give you a few things to consider.

I like the idea of this but if Netflix gets serious about Independent film you’re tanked I think. Your accelerated pricepoint will be problematic.

Oh Clint, I dig your style. (h/t Alli P.)

Dang I want a new car so badly. And this is probably going to be standard at some point.

Finally, pulled out one of my favorite albums and am remembering this lady in concert in college. One of the best shows I’ve ever been to. An ex-boyfriend hated when I listened to this music. He was just scared I think. Dudes: don’t be that guy.

Also, I’m kinda happy today. I really, really — really, really, really — hope it continues.

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It seems longer

My phone is telling me to clear out some photos so here, have some blurry images from the past year of my life. I hope they leave you with a feeling that all will be well.

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3000 people died here. Just maybe, during all the revelry this weekend, take a reality check and give a thought to those who suffered and who suffer still. That’s a good way to live, too.

photo credit Randolph Lam

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So, a co-worker who cares about these things thinks Romney edged out the debate last night, even though he concedes that when there was an exchange between Perry and Romney, Perry looked better. All I know is that they are both appealing to me — Romney maybe slightly more because his demeanor is calmer and hot heads like myself tend to appreciate a calming influence. (I was actually called “feisty” the other day…my Southern-ness and part Irish-ness were both blamed) But I’ll just have to hear more…It was suggested to me last night that Perry is a “religious nut.” Meh. He’s just a devout Christian from Texas. That may not be to a particular liking but I hardly think he’s got a secret fundamentalist agenda. Romney, on the other hand, gets tagged as a faux conservative because Romneycare resembled what became Obamacare. Again, meh. He tried something that he thought might work for his state. I don’t think he has a big government agenda. I’m waiting for real statements on defense spending and national security. Because those are the hard ones…

Anyway, the same co-worker told me to read George Will’s column from yesterday because it reviews his current professor’s book. And actually, it’s an interesting subject that I didn’t know about before the column. Now it’s in the thought bank.

Also, good piece on Hitch.

Finally, I hear this song sometimes at bars and I think it’s actually a better song than that. This one’s for you momma. Love ya lady. Just ignore the dirty words…

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