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Probably improbable

Hey hey. It’s so weird working to de-politicize and de-regulate in a necessarily political and regulatory environment like Washington, DC. Kinda living that underdog thing every day…

Stuff to consider while I try not to go crazy with the pitching and the writing and the caring etc.

An app I might actually use.

Meeting my British friend here tonight for a bit. Before journeying out to Arlington for what can only be determined a “mandatory” practice. I hate double booking but I will make it all work. I will.

Speaking of my British friend, he informs me that this video frames the debate over what’s happening in London fairly well. Form your own opinions on this one because I have no clue what to think about it all yet.

So…can just anyone say they’re a part of Anonymous? I guess that’s legitimately how anarchy works. Any attempt to organize would be, by definition, um, non-anarchy…

My friend Daniel will be watching the taping of his brother-in-law on the Colbert Show tonight. His bro-in-law represents this group, which looks kinda cool to me in fact…but if it’s tied to the National Popular Vote in some way then, well, I’d need to hear more…

Ah family. (UPDATE: priceless…)

Hooray for me because I just bought this book on a whim because it was in the window of a used book store down the street from my office. I think it was a good purchase…

Finally, second fave song of this past weekend. Black jeeps and club music seem to groove together.


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Hey yo. So, cool weekend. I mean it was hot, but it was cool. We won all three of our games and advanced to the Elite 8. We should have played four games but the rain got us so we’re set to do it all again next weekend. There are still over 40 teams left in the tournament but as it stands for us now, we’re still in the winner’s bracket. And have the satisfaction of having beaten American — but I’ll let the coach’s recap explain that one. Anyway, one beauty thing that happened is that I got the chance to forget everything for a few days: politics, finance, people, relationships, technology, landladies, etc. And also got to build stronger, more nuanced relationships with some of the folks I’ve met through this activity. It was a pretty damn satisfying weekend. I have a few new scrapes and bruises on my legs, a kind of painful toenail separation that should make this evening’s run super fun, and I suffered a mild asthma attack — hasn’t happened to the degree it did Sunday for at least 5 years — but it all just kind of makes you feel like a survivor. Weird how a silly tournament can do that. Or maybe it’s just me….Favorite moment: listening to the Wake Forest guys who play on Dan Mitchell’s Arlington Men’s league razz him while he was at the plate: “Don’t be afraid to swing the bat Touch of Gray.” Awesome. (UPDATE: Also Michael Strok wandering around the Holiday Inn with a bowl of pizza and a bottle of Miller Light looking for Ann. You can’t make this stuff up people.)

In any event, things as usual…


Thank you Joe Scarborough, for having the courage to finally call the paranoia and bullying what it is. Get over it already people. I mean, that seems to be the line of the day. Take your own advice.

This seems like it would be fun. And potentially useful training when the real thing happens. Ahem. (h/t Colleen)

Mom calls this “when the air gets ‘close’.” Basically, it feels like you’re trying to breathe through a wet blanket. It sucks. It’s like a glorious gift from God when the clouds finally break. Seriously.

Well, is it? I wonder if this will lead to a bunch of touchy-feely business seminars about “Getting to know your co-worker”?

This is just cool.

Still the greatest email newsletter sign-up ever. I love a good chilled Rose in the summer.

The Star Wars dork in me cannot resist.

Best song of the trip (h/t Mackie):

Finally, check us out. We look kind of tough, no?

Coach’s recap. Disclosure: I was actually tagging from 3rd on a fly out to left center when I steamrollered the pitcher covering the plate. And put his ass in the dirt. He was kind of a little guy and had I tried to slide under him I’m certain I would have taken his groin with my knee on the way in. Also, I really hate tearing up my legs. That’s Mackie’s department. She’s good at it, too. As it was, we both came out better for it. I think it was Kyle who said, “Man, that was so money.” I felt like a total gangsta.


Huge thanks to everyone who made it out for the first weekend of the tournament. It was so much fun that we’re going to do it all again this weekend. I really appreciate everyone’s patience and flexibility in dealing with all of the schedule changes and rain delays. Everyone was present and/or accounted for, and no one got left at the hotel and/or fields. So gold stars for everyone on that. Way to look out for each other. You guys make my life a lot easier.

For those of you not in attendance, your DC Dawgs are on a tear of epic proportions. We entered the tournament on a seven-game winning streak, and sought to extend it to 14.

We started off against Texas, who — despite their low seeding — was no slouch of a team. They won the first ever CAN tournament and always have a lot of talent, so they’re not to be taken lightly. It was fairly obvious that we hadn’t played a game together in three and a half weeks, because we were a little rusty. But everyone played hard and we found our groove and eventually won 15-8. I was really impressed with our effort as a team. Everyone was hustling, playing hard, and being aggressive. My favorite play of the game was when Sarah was trying to score from second on a hit to the outfield. The pitcher was covering home and trying to block the plate without the ball, and the dude got leveled by the Poundcake Express. (My second favorite play of the game was Mackenzie sliding hard into second to break up a double play, getting some use out of her special sliding pad thingie. Our girls don’t mess around.) Marieo also crushed a homerun over the fence, over the OTHER fence, and into the street.

After our tune-up game against Texas, our bats really came alive against Syracuse, and we mercy-ruled them 15-3. Strok burned the left fielder on a screaming linedrive that one-hopped the fence, and Longmire ended the game on an inside-the-park homerun (which I think was technically a triple, E9). We also played some solid defense (hence only giving up three runs) and Marieo had a no-hitter going through at least four innings.

And then, the heavens opened. Luckily we were already done for the day, and we weren’t among the teams that had to show up at 6:30 to finish their games the next morning. But our game did get bumped back some some five hours, due to the rain and one of the fields being unplayable for most of Sunday morning.

But when we did get our game in, it was a solid win over American. It was sort of a grudge match, as we were looking to get revenge for American’s general douchiness at the Shawn Felty Charity Tournament. And I’m not gonna lie — it felt really good to beat them as handily as we did. They scored two runs in the first and another in the third, and that was it. Meanwhile, we hung with them for the early innings, before we pulled ahead with four runs in the 5th and six runs in 6th.

On a side note, a lot of people assume that we’re just a team made up of Marieo and nine talentless losers. But when you’re holding Sweet 16 teams to three runs, that can’t be done with one good pitcher. And when you’re hanging 15 runs a game on people, you can’t do that with one good hitter. So it feels good to show everyone that we’re not just “Marieo and the Nine Dwarfs” like we’ve been called before.

Next up in Bucknell, a solid team who was one of our several walk-off wins this season. I have no idea what time we’re playing, but I should know early tomorrow. I DO know, however, that we’re still going to have to use our parking passes. So if you have one, keep it. And if you threw yours away already, it’s 40 lashes in the public square. So, clear your schedule for that.

Most importantly, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF THIS WEEK. Particularly if you’re a female or a large black man. We have a very short bench when it comes to both females and large black men, so we can’t afford to lose any of you. Don’t make me wrap you in bubble wrap. I’ll do it.

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So, my Pops is real with me. He grew up hard and acknowledges that. He believes I need to toughen up, stop trying to negotiate bullshit behavior and make a plan to either change how I think about it or cut it from my life altogether. He thinks being fatalistic is the key. Man, I want to be more like that. But it’s a hard, hard thing to realize that you have to trust your judgment and if you made a decision to do (or not do) something, you can’t look back and pretend it wasn’t the outcome you wanted. I’m not sure why I do that. I think because I tend to live here (stolen from a friend):

“Reality can be beaten with enough imagination.” ~ Unknown

I don’t know if my father’s way is a better way. I don’t even know if this makes any sense. I just know that Pops’ way makes me a cry a lot. My rose-colored glasses make me happy, even if they’re just coloring something retroactively so that I can say that I never hurt anyone. Is it a bad idea to sometimes just want the fantasy?

Peggy Noonan thinks so. I aspire to write, and think, like this.

Then there’s this, with which I tend to agree as well. I reserve the right to be both realistic and accepting as well as prone to living in a fantasy land where people are always trying to do the best they can.

And here’s something from the 17-year-old nephew, and even further evidence to support that my family is, in general, wonderful:

“The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just have to find the ones worth getting hurt over.”
-Bob Marley

The other day, as I was flipping through tv channels bored out of my mind (help me…) I stumbled upon the unlikely pairing of William Shatner and Bernard Goetz. You read that right. And, of course, I thought: “What the f*ck…?” But it turns out James T. Kirk is a pretty good interviewer. Anyway, I recommend this show.

The logical end to the extremely entitled.

This is interesting because it’s no joke. And yet it is.

This just made me laugh. (h/t The Girl Who Hates Email Threads)

Sigh. Love. Want.

My new friend has intriguing taste in music. I like that.

Finally, our CAN softball tournament starts tomorrow. We’ll be rolling into the hotel around 7:45 am, checking in and getting ready for a 9 am game. I’m sure I’ll have some updates and photos and what not. The work boys are interested in the strange mythical creature known as “the beer truck.” Can’t wait to regale them with photos so they can see that it is exactly what they think it is.

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Man, I have a dilemma. Do what I always do and bail when sh*t gets hard or take a new tack, reassess my interest and eventual goal and see what happens? I just don’t know. I’m tired of “being involved” in things I’m not involved in; I’m tired of negotiating the opinions and behavior of people I don’t actually know; I’m tired of being asked to care about things that have nothing to do with my life. And never will. Sorry for the cryptic. Those previous sentences were really just for me. It helps to write that stuff down sometimes. It clarifies the issue a bit…

Anyway, things.

I volunteered to help keep score for this weekend’s tournament and — of course — I’m scheduled for an 8 am game Sunday. Hope they don’t mind if I’m hung over. Because I guarantee I will be.

The Mohel sends great links.

I have to give a shoutout to the coach for the following quote, said to me last night after we moonlighted with the Labor Dept. team and while helping me work some things out: “Hey, um Sarah, look, if you could stop being hurt by all the sh*tty things I do that would be cool. I mean, it makes me feel bad and that’s kind of inconvenient for me so, um, if you could quit, that would really help me out. Thanks.” Perspective and a good laugh all at the same time. Marvelous combination.

Mr. Brown gives us Uncle Sugar. Dig.

I have taken to watching this trash. It’s so bad. It’s horribly bad. Abby Lee is Beelzebub. It wouldn’t shock me if she winds up dead in the alley behind her studio, strangled by a pair of opaque glitter tights. I’m riveted.

It’s an interactive world and I am an interactive girl.

My friend Will O just celebrated a birthday and a friend of his wrote him a haiku. It’s beautiful.

dude it’s your birthday
remember putt putt parties?
those were fun as shit

Poetry people.

Finally, a new friend posted this and I got chills listening. I liked that.

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