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Lots to do but I need a minute to decompress. So, after a talk with my Pops last night it would seem all but confirmed that I have broken my butt. No lie, the tiny, most posterior (my apologies for saying anterior first. my butt hurts), barely bone tip of my coccyx is likely chipped or cracked. I know this because the pain, while subsiding day by day, has obviously continued on longer than a bruise. Pops broke his playing football and he’s pretty sure, based on my description, that this is what I’ve done. Also, I’m pretty familiar with what fractures feel like — one wrist, twice, the other, once; a toe; my left foot twice; a few fingers here and there over the years — so, I’ve really no doubt. And, after some research, the only treatments are pain relievers and time. (Advil, you are a kind and dear friend to me.) And not sitting in a certain way too long cause ooooowwwww…… My poor little prehensile tail. Oh dance, if I didn’t love you so much I would hate you for the pain you cause me. But I could never hate you. Because the joy you bring me wipes it all away. But sometimes I get mad at you. True story.

Anyway, because I’m not a lover of milk — it’s tolerable with chocolate mixed in or as an addition to my coffee but beyond that, ick — my mom has always pressured me about calcium supplements. Seriously, beginning when I was like six or seven. And, of course, I have always rebelled. Mom, I got my Viactiv out today and I feel geriatric as all get out but I’m on it. God forbid I end up with a hump back due to osteoporosis. I love you mom and I know you meant well but that has freaked me out for years thanks to your graphic description of it as a possible fate.

A friend of mine just told me via chat she watched the entire royal wedding and teared up. She said it was a low moment and one we needed to keep between us in our circle of trust. So, I’m putting it here. Also, AWE.SOME. (h/t Ace of Spades)


Pretty sure I’ll be enjoying both of these at some point. James McAvoy, we all have our Magneto.:

Anyway, because my sister Lou mentioned driving around Atlanta listening to this music the other day on Facebook, I decided to pull out my disc and digitize. It’s wonderful to run to. Happy Friday all. Have a lovely weekend.

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I’m here, updating web links and trying to write. As I was walking here, I saw the greatest flyer in the world so I snatched it down — they’re everywhere in my hood — and took a pic. Now look here, I’m a freedom of speech, peaceable assembly kind of kid so stuff like this doesn’t really bother me. Go ahead and gather to talk about your flawed world view that fails every time. The reason I’m posting this is because I don’t want any further discussion about how those who cry “Socialism!” are paranoid and crazy. Anyway, here’s the flyer. I’ll probably put it back up. Who am I to get in the way of lemmings and the edge of a cliff. Is that mean?

My friend Steph posted this. It’s good advice.

Thinking of loved ones who have loved ones in these states, including me.

For Zimmer, because we share a love of these books. If you don’t have these books in your home by Christmas I’ll be disappointed.

Dig it:

And, thanks Harry Potter. Wonderful little song.

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A wise person told me recently that it is neither smart, uplifting nor fair to apply past behaviors from past people in what amounts to different lifetimes (just occurred to me how true that last is. It’s as if those former experiences happened to someone else. Because, in a way, they did) to current situations and current experiences and current people. So, rather than mull that one over, as is my exhausting way, I’m just deciding not to do that. And then not doing it. See, I can grow.

Here, writing and updating the site. Just had an interesting meeting at the US Chamber of Commerce about government rule making — I know. Calm down. — and made a new friend who works here. Oh how I love me some tech geeks. All in all a good day…

And, in honor of business everywhere, go ahead and define a few of these for yourselves. We had a million at my last job in Athens. And, probably a good time to remind you all the genius of this. A friend likes to talk about this site a lot so I’m reminded frequently…

So, Rat Pack Redux will be traveling for what I’m told is a “bro-cation” to this little festy down on the bayou. Why they don’t think to invite me along I don’t understand. I can totally hang with the boys. Prefer it in fact. Whatever. Have a wonderful time boys. Be safe. Nobody faults you for the softball game rescheduling we had to do. Ahem. *wink*

I enjoyed this talk immensely. The book’s great, too.

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This one’s for you momma. I know you’re going to cry. I miss and love you all so much. Happy Easter!

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Hey guys!

It was great to see you last night. I love you all so much. You’re all fantastic people and I can think of few people — or groups of people — I’d rather sit around a happy hour with playing Farkle. I even think it’s fun that there are usually some random hangers on — girls mostly — who come around for a day, a week, a month or so, and then are never heard from again. The constant rotation of young, pretty female faces reminds me of the beginning of that movie “Wedding Crashers.” And I think that movie’s funny, so we’re good there.

Really I just wanted to say how much I like seeing you. And hearing about how things are going with your other extra-curricular activities and what your plans are for the summer, etc. Also, and this is just as a side note — nothing crucial, could you please instruct your randoms prior to meeting me that any attempt by them to diagnose my personality or offer criticism therein is likely to be met with some serious and damaging eye-rolling and/or a few words of advice right back at them? It’s not that they’re not lovely girls. I’m sure they are. But until it looks like one of them may be around longer than a few weeks, I’m not all that receptive to being besties. Also, it puts me in a bad mood and when I’m out I like to be in a good mood to be the best friend I can be!

Also, I think I’ve finally given up smoking after last night — I realized I don’t enjoy it and it’s really just an excuse to pretend I’m mellowing out. Who are kidding there, right? And, maybe I could cut back on the cursing. See what awesome influences you are? Did I mention how much I love you guys? Because I do.

Your friend,

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I love the Madea movies. Have I ever mentioned that? Anyway, here’s a song from one of them that I like. It sounds sad but it’s not. Have a happy Easter ya’ll.

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I thought about holding off writing about this but then I remembered tomorrow is Good Friday and I don’t want to talk about this stuff on that day. I actually think I’ll go ahead and do church tomorrow to avoid the twice-a-year Catholics. But that’s an aside…

So, a work colleague of mine wrote a great piece on the brain trust that is Wonkette.com ripping apart Trig Palin. You can find his piece here. He does a nice job of explaining why something like that is morally repugnant. But I have some personal experience I’d like to share to add to it — that’s how much I dislike their little attempt at … seriously, I don’t even know what they were trying to do. The whole thing is in such poor taste it almost defies discussion. But, I’ll give it a shot…

I have a brother who is developmentally disabled. Some weird umbilical business during the birth process that led to a significant lack of oxygen. He would be very upset with me for mentioning this (you can yell at me when I see you this summer B. Christian) but I bring it up to illustrate something that I think is worth mentioning about the Wonkette piece. My bro spent a lot of time in his youth — and hell, his adulthood — fending off the petty, inane, insensitive and outright cruel remarks from those who feel the need to hate that which frightens them. Never mind how ridiculous it is to be frightened by something like that. That’s a weakness I don’t pretend to understand. And forget even for a minute — if you can — the blackness of heart a person has to have to kick around someone who is essentially incapable of defending themselves. Not because B. Christian wasn’t scrappy. He was and is. And not because he was incapable of understanding what was happening. Painfully true, but he was always aware he was different and being tortured because of it. No, he was defenseless because he didn’t ask for what happened to him. And asking someone to apologize for something like that is…well shit…it’s evil. But what’s really fascinating about that kind of behavior — both with my bro and little Trig — is that the mental capacity required to do something like what B. Christian’s torturers and Wonkette did is…zero. It’s the easiest thing in the world. So congrats Wonkette — not only are you disgusting, you’re also stupid and lacking in creativity. Hope that’s what you were going for.

On a lighter note, I’m sitting at the new sports bar up from mi casa having some lunch, figuring out how to write about the Andrew Breitbart presser I just attended and updating web links for the new gig. I love my job man. I think when I get home I’ll go up on the roof and try to crank out some words on a man my father kinda loves and I feel could be a soul mate because the title of his book is “Righteous Indignation” (signs). When a workmate writes his review I’ll give you the link.

Also, here’s some of the music playing…Also, I think the very young — barely old enough for the beer he’s drinking — dude sitting next to me is trying to hit on me. Thursday’s are fun.

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I have many things today but I’m going lightening fast because I gotta finish up the one job and head to the other. First, I had an interesting conversation with my sister about some changes that are happening to my personality — I never made the executive decision to just stop being a doormat. But it seems that I have, indeed, stopped. It’s been coming out in interesting ways. The strangest side-effect is that, because it’s rather unnatural for me, I feel like this really bad person. Juge said righteous indignation does not a bad person make. She also suggested I listen to the following song. So, disco.

Second, I had a long conversation yesterday that went off in other directions but started here. One of the issues I have with this kind of thing is that the Daily Beast puts stuff out there like this as if the users of OKCupid are in any way a representative population. (I know some of them. Trust me — they’re not.) And that’s okay I guess. But for people who don’t know much about life (read: the young and/or willfully ignorant), these kinds of “trends” are taken as truths about their friends and neighbors. As I get further into the new gig I’m trying to keep this kind of lazy journalism in mind because I think — I’ll say it — it’s morally retarded. The trend information itself is fine — funny, light, random — but probably needs some context. So, thanks DB, for pointing out what not to do here. I’ll take it under consideration.

You know you’ve landed in the right place when one of your colleagues sends an email around for you to check out the picture they used for one of their stories. And it’s this one. Further, the discussion about the uptick in traffic and the need to migrate to new servers involves using Spinal Tap references about “going to 11.” Love the new gig. For real.

Great piece. But try convincing a mom who lives through her daughter that there’s anything wrong with this. It’s crazy scary…(h/t Fleury)

Finally saw this movie. I thought it was brilliant and I don’t care what you think.

Holla. These are my peeps!

F*ck yeah it does.

A lesson for Charlie Sheen from Ghandi:

I’m going to be taking this man’s class on Thursday. I am pumped! But also, slightly nervous because Good Lord look how he moves…

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Perfectly rational

Good Lord, I forgot what it was like to be this busy. There was a time when I had to stop and just take a cry break in order to not allow myself to be overcome by the amount of work facing me. This time feels like that time. So, I may need to just squirrel myself away from the world a bit in order to find a groove. At least for a bit. And really, I need a break from the world. It’s been acting a little strange for my tastes lately…and not strange in the good way. Strange in the confusing and not perfectly rational way.

In any event, here’s an interesting video that does a decent job of explaining some of the theory behind Atlas Shrugged. That interests me. Also, my new intrigue, The Belle Brigade, I found out this weekend is comprised of the grandchildren of John Williams. Synchronicity.

And, dance. Because it’s transcendent and Mondays need some of that kind of thing. Hallelujah.

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As I listen to President Obama talk about debt to the kids at George Washington University — and try to decide if I want to write something about it — thought I’d do a little update here. Because here’s the deal — I need to eat. I’m starting to get weak, but blast it, the man keeps talking…

So, here’s some things. Today the vision’s a little clearer. But that whole “making the same mistakes and expecting a different outcome = insanity” mantra is definitely on my mind.

(Uh-oh, he will not allow Medicare to become a voucher program. Fightin’ words.)

So, paradigm shift is in order. I really, really liked this article. I think I’ll believe it.

(He’s using “I” a lot. Nobody’s fooled.)

Paste does it again. Obviously, “Lola” tops the list for me. But “Apeman” is so good it might be tied. UPDATE: Actually, HUGE amendment. “You Really Got Me.” I forgot it’s [Son of a biscuit! I’m leaving that error because I deserve to be reminded that this is a mistake I make very often. And I should be embarrassed.] significance to me…Signs. So, yeah, it wins.

Look hilarious girl in my gchat list who I don’t know, you and I need to talk. Because this is awesome.

(He’s sounding a lot tougher. While that’s nice to finally hear, it’s kinda late…But you know, I’m willing to get on board. Just say something rational. And giving props to Reagan is a good thing my friend. Because see, we like him as conservatives because he was a good man who made good sense. And everyone can appreciate that.)

Finally, this just made me laugh when I saw it because my mom likes to use expressions such as the following:

“Good Night Shirt!” and “Aw, ffffffoot!”

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