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That’s all I’m saying. Well that and we have our first pre-season softball tournament this weekend. Yes. Go Dawgs.

Oh yeah, also, meet my new desktop wallpaper. The force was totes strong with Elvis.

Also also, made my day. Love the eyebrow raise.

Finally, my coccyx always hurts the day after dance class. What can be done to soothe an aching coccyx? Ahem.

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So let’s talk about Palena shall we?

The folks who work there are lovely. I tend to get a little nervous when I’m excited about something and, as mentioned before, I’ve had a hankering to try this place out for some time. I love a staff that puts you at ease — particularly the bartender in the cafe section who was almost more nervous than I was because he was recommending a rose wine and trying to describe how it had an end note of strawberry. Very cute.

They also sat us at a great table, even if it was next to the cash register. I actually like being seated like that because there’s always a staff member within earshot if you need something. And my companions and I got this cool table that was half circular booth — we all sat in the booth and looked out the huge plate-glass windows. Nice.

As for the food, it was what I expected. The cheeseburger was cooked to perfection — there really is nothing like fresh beef, apparently this was local and grain-fed. You could taste the freshness. The homemade brioche bun was slightly daunting but was just light and springy enough to set off the basic burger components. I think the highlight was the homemade mayo. Because I’m really not a fan of that condiment, but it was delicious there and was a perfect compliment. Also, the Brussels Sprouts were interesting — served slightly below room temp. yet somehow miraculously non-slimy. My only real complaint is that there weren’t enough fries to split between three people. Beyond that, I recommend the trip. I mean, as my dinner companions and I joked at the time, it’s not Five Guys. If you don’t expect it to be, you should be well pleased.

Okay, why have I never seen this? Because it’s brilliant. I’ve included the original — a song I forgot I liked — for comparison purposes.

This is too great for words. I don’t want to be a traitor to my gender or anything but ladies take care you don’t fall prey to twisted logic that sounds reasonable because of your own thoughtlessness. It’s just the right thing to do, for so many reasons…

Finally, I really don’t need to say anything about this. It speaks for itself…

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I’ll have new things for you tomorrow but till then, here’s a guest post from Baby D. She’s a photographer down in Savannah, Ga. and never let it be said we Southerners don’t have a healthy respect for some of the more colorful characters of the Deep South. The best, besides her masterful photograph, is the statement by the preacher. That’s going in a book if I have anything to do with it…

I had THE MOST AWESOME trashy wedding yesterday- the minister said, “I bet every trailer park in Savannah is empty right now.”
The mother of the bride was just finishing the cake 5 minutes before the wedding………….. making the ceremony start 90 fu*king minutes late- she is the one in black.
The one in blue was trying to play the wedding song on her freaking boom box but got the wrong track (she mumbled ‘sh*t, oh sh*t’) as the bride walked down the aisle. You know I can’t make this sh*t up. …………oh how I love the South. I seriously need to win an award for this pic LOL.

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Which seat can I take?

Happy Friday, yo.

WTF? (h/t C. Bailey)

Next on the recipe list. Anything with Old Bay is worth a shot.

I stole this from someone in my gchat list. I feel okay about it since I link to the site but I’m not sure who the person I took this from actually is….anyway, it’s great.

And this is great in the same kind of way and totally reminds me of my relationship with my sister Lou. Only I was the younger. And the ‘fraidy cat.

Brilliant. Read the backstory.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day. I’ll be attempting to have a beer later with some friends in Virginia if I don’t pass out from exhaustion before 5:30. Wish me luck there…

I was fortunate to hear Herman Cain speak again at The Heritage Foundation Blogger’s Briefing Tuesday. I really like the man. He brooks no fools and is unafraid to speak his mind. Remarkably, he hasn’t lost these tendencies in all his years as a successful businessman. I like that. Keep your eye on him. My hope is that he’ll end up doing something on The Hill in Commerce or Trade…

If you’d like to learn about the real Patricius, read this book. Not only is it informative, it’s a damn good read.

Go Dawgs!!!

I have a suit by Elie Tahari. This is why:

Good band names and bad band names at SXSW (which I’ve never attended but would like to very much sometime. Even if I’m 50 and starting to have arthritis…)

Speaking of SXSW, this is a great short film that somehow squeezes the entire pathos and glory of love into a scant few minutes. Dig it. (h/t A Total Geek I Know)

I just found this new site and I love it! Hopefully it doesn’t disappoint me with over-partisan preaching…

All the super nerds in the UGA It department are salivating for this no doubt. I got through the first couple hundred pages before I had to move to DC…

Hoping to make a trip here soon to visit my grandparents’ final resting spots and lay some flowers on them. Also, my foks were married here and that’s just cool.

Now for your musica — the first is a great new find, the second and third are just the products of people reminding me of them, and the last is from a man that I’m likely going to see in the next month or so. Sit back, relax and enjoy.

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B*tches Be Crazy

True dat.

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Hey hey. Wicked busy. When everything shakes out I’ll give you some links to new things I’ve been working on. Just bear with me till then because I’m always negotiating. Moods, attitudes, agendas. My own and others’. And it’s a bit tiring. But I’ve developed this whole new thing where I say thanks for things every morning before I leave the house. The effect of this has been interesting and almost always totally productive. I think I’ll continue on.

Thinking of you Japan. This is frightening, sad and unbelievably amazing. A work colleague out in California this morning said we may have to cut our conference call short because he was going surfing. Does it make me evil that I thought that was hilarious? Maybe it does.

This is tomorrow. There are some bands I want to see I’ve never seen live. The Dropkick Murphy’s in particular. But do I brave the crowd? I’ll check with some of the friends tonight and see if anyone’s going…that won’t really be the deciding factor but it’ll help sweeten the pot. In the meantime, here’s this. These guys are playing as well. And I just like this song.

Let’s go Nats.


Speaking of the friends, you should come hang out with us here tonight. But you have to come dressed in your pajamas. Because my friends are weird. And hilarious.

Finally, because I just came across this and I think I’m in love, I give you the greatest song ever written. Designed in heaven for our edification and enjoyment, and to bring peace to the world.

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Before the fast

Hey, check it out.
Also, be sure to scroll down to the pic of Mr. Gregory Peck because, um, damn…

Also, read this. Tell me what you think.

Valentino, I love you.

Stella, I love you baby girl. This made me think of you because Sugar kinda has your look and style. Also, put a good word in with the big guy about the new puppy I’ll get when I’m in a place where I can do that. Thanks Blue.

Finally, the Slow Loris is a gift from God (h/t Fleury) and although everyone’s already seen it and babies laughing are pretty much standard YouTube fare, this is just too uplifting and joyous not to post. And it’s a rejection letter that’s being ripped. Thanks baby.

Have a wonderful Shrove Tuesday all.

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Excellent reporting.

Poems by cats. Alexander definitely should submit one. (h/t C. Bailey)

Also, Genesis 50:20. Because the ability to forgive puts one in step with the plan, man. Just sayin’.

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Happy Friday yo.

Have a pic of Charlotte eating some Bittersweet Beef Noodle Soup. Stuff’s so good it should be criminal man. Seriously.

Ask her about the other photos of her with food. Specifically, that burrito...

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