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Quote of the day: “He checked into a hotel room and pulled a Charlie Sheen for the weekend.”

And these are just things I like today and I want to share the good.

This is the first computer we had in my house.

The apex of technology and commerce in 1982. The opposite side of that triangle is, of course, lots of cash...

I remember a sort of green-screen, choose-your-own-adventure type game that was awesome. Pretty sure it was this one. In case you’re wondering, I had a dream about this monster last night. That’s why I offer it to you today. Say thanks.

It seems anticlimactic and sort of boring until you realize that the contrail never heads back to earth…I remember the maiden voyage of this bad boy in elementary school.

I don’t know if I agree with this but now I want to see Kangaroo Jack really bad.

I was reminded of the following recently by Old Man Zimmer and it just makes me laugh. So, here, have some funny. Say thanks.

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Compare and contrast

Know what’s cool? When you have friends who invite you to do things and are nice. And, as I’m finding more and more as I age (to perfection), it’s those itty-bitty things that matter. You know, diplomacy, kindness, empathy. Because life is hard enough man. Good to spend time with folks who are honest about who they are. If they seek play, they acknowledge that’s what they seek. If they seek something else, they acknowledge that, too. And if they request your jalapeno cornbread again, you know they liked it. Anyway, good to be reminded that some folks just make things easier, not harder. Thanks friends. See you tonight.

And, for the fun:

Char and I got a drink or two of this stuff the other day for freebies. Good stuff. Scotch will put hair on your chest. Or perspective in your head. For a little while anyway.

I’d like to see this. The exponential rate of progress is fascinating. (h/t Miss Minton)

I want to go to here.

Mmmmmm….Reuben….(h/t Char’s lunch) Also, the “Irish Egg Rolls” are unbelievable.

Your weekend music. Seriously, if you’re not a fan, I don’t know what we’d have to talk about…

Finally, Fleury and I have been reminiscing great shows we watched as kids. Here’s what we have so far…

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Working diligently to address some of the misconceptions about the union kerfluffel out in the Midwest. My favorite development has been the demonization of the Koch brothers. I guess every protest must have its evil hate machine to rally against. The right has Soros, the left, the Kochs. What’s fascinating is that there’s still this crazy idea that big business in this corner wearing Koch brother colors is somehow funding all the candidates on the right and the union MUST fight back in order to level the field. Except that field has in recent years been tilted to the left. Rachel Maddow still does — and apparently always will — need to check her facts. You know, that’s one of the first things a journalist learns. And most get burned at least once by not doing it. So, Rachel, what’s going on with that…? In any event, Dave Weigel at Slate has a great piece about what’s going on. I like him as a writer because he writes things like this: “she made scare quotes with her fingers.”

Anyway, also working on posting a film review to a new site (for me) that’s giving me a shot as a contributor. If they approve the piece, I’ll link it. Hopefully, more on that later.

Now, fun:

My girls just keep doing great things. Hopefully I’ll make a trip to Charleston (and Savannah!) this summer to finally visit the studio there and take a class. You ladies inspire.

Speaking of Charleston, via C. Bailey, this just makes my life. Because it’s Carl, man! Also, Georgia girls must support other Georgia girls. It’s a law down there.

This cracks me up.

And this is, in fact, my new desktop wallpaper. And I laugh every time I open my computer. As one should.

Here’s your soul. Don’t lose it.

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Fight the shadow self

New working theory: a good indicator of character is what someone believes they should apologize for; or, in other words, that for which they believe they should be forgiven. Recent experience has been almost mind-blowing in this arena. And, digressing…

What’s going on in Wisconsin is surreal. I mean look, maybe sending the cops after them was a bit much, but I mean come on ladies and gentlemen. Step up. Forgetting for a moment the amount of political power and cash potential carried by unions, the fact is your agenda is no longer the preferred one because your guy didn’t win. Take the lump and carry on. Leaving the state just smacks of cowardice — and frankly, I’ve had enough of the cowardice exemplified by the disappearing act, either literally or from a policy perspective. It would appear that many others have as well. At the very least, go out in the street and protest with your constituency. But then, that’s not really in the job description, is it? Neither, I’d wager, is cuttin’ and runnin’ when you don’t get your way. Sigh. Grow up. My favorite: teachers protesting in the streets that it’s all for the kids while the kids, meanwhile, are missing days of school while you holler about your rights. Way to be there for the kids. Also, never let it be said that I have an aversion to the other side. This is hilarious in it’s misapplication of who’s actually after the power (hint: it’s not Gov. Walker), but edifying nonetheless.

Now, fun stuff — in the middle of learning a great combo to the new Chris Brown/Busta Rhymes/Lil’ Wayne song (which I won’t post to save my Mom from the foul language).

Here recently, I was reminded that these girls exist and — Lord help me, even as I move further and further from High School and even college — I am somehow incapable of escaping. Anyway, weird vibes in passing notwithstanding, this was an interesting piece. Mean girls do grow up. So, yeah, um, do that already, wouldja?

Yay! Good to see the Japancakes make the cut (Hey Biellis!)

Also from Paste, evolution of those who seek devolution. Ironic, no? And they love it.

This is just cool. *Heart* choreography.

If you have loads of dough and are looking to buy me a birthday gift, I’ll take one of this guy’s paintings. Or, you know, a print…

Finally, again from Paste, which is apparently my favoritest place lately, an angry birds cake. Best dad ever (except for mine).

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Good things are happening. I’m always struck by the propensity to moan and thrash about over the perceived negative things that happen to us while disregarding and ignoring the need to say thanks for the good. Caught it this time, thank God (no pun intended). Also been thinking about that old idea that — and pardon the butchering here — heaven once attained works backward so that even the hardest and darkest times in life take on a quality of providence. I like the idea. I think I’ll believe it.

In any event, new work opportunities are opening up and are giving me the joy of learning a new open-source platform while simultaneously appeasing the newshound in me. This nerd couldn’t be happier if they turned the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon into a live-action film (which I’ve always secretly hoped they’d do). In case you’re unfamilar, bear witness to the glory:

So, more on all that later. For now, here are things to ponder and chew on. Because I like to be helpful that way. I don’t care if you don’t get it.

Per Austen, pardon the language. But I do so love someone who just tells it like it is. Especially since I recently had dinner with someone who’s stories definitely don’t end with “and then I got home.”

This is an important distinction that will not get the play it deserves. Important because a) it speaks to how little it takes to actually freeze the internet and b) how even the more secular countries in the region still do this kind of shite.

Because it’s beautiful (h/t D. Joseph):

Because this person will likely procreate — if they haven’t already — and that should scare you.

Because, yeah, pretty much. (h/t Miss Christine)

Because this is just the last desperate grasp of some really juvenile people.

Because Ms. Bunny loves you and that should make you happy.

Because some friends are going to this and I failed to get tickets. Big fail.

Because The Mohel and I were reminiscing this one and I think it’s sweet.

Because Vera, I love you.

Because sometimes, I miss my home.

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Hi — So, CPAC was a success and I survived. My feet still hurt a little and I’m a bit sleep deprived but it was an interesting experience. Fascinating in fact, for a super nerdy political geek like the kid here. I have a few pics but I like this one the best because it’s the press room. As I said, super and nerdy and geeky:

I guess I should have a lot to say but I think I’ll save it for a little more processing and instead concentrate on the day of love. In the meantime, there’s this clip that promises good things. I like a strong female character and was reminded this weekend that some men really do, too (h/t Miss Minton).:

Now back to the love. I have to mention the parents for somehow keeping it together for 50 years. Pretty sure it’s because they both came down on this side of things when it came to commitment and love. And I try to remember that love, as my momma says, is kind of quiet, in fact. Even when it’s loud.

Anyway, here’s some lovey stuff to remember on the day that seeks to celebrate the greatest thing we have going on this sometimes troubled and heavy earth. And I could promote it all day long and twice on Sundays. Because therein lies happiness.

My new favorite love song:

Some amazing quotes from romantic comedies. High Fidelity and The Princess Bride top the list.

The best romance I’ve seen in some time.

Finally, a Valentine’s gift from Charlotte. Turn around…

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So, I feel like I should be very anxious for a Blackberry version of Angry Birds. If one exists let me know, because I’m feeling very out of the loop.

Yes, yes, yes…

Seems to me these domain names will be at a premium and money will be made.

For all my boys. It’s true, too. I apologize. But sometimes you deserve it. (h/t Fleury)

Hmmmm….the budget police. I actually have no idea if this will work.

Speaking of cutting spending, this article is interesting if not quite accurate. Because a sentence like this one — “When taxes needed to be raised, the thing to do was raise them.” — contains the key term “needed.” And that seems to be negotiable.

After the death flu I had around Christmas — that, no joke, came in through my back. I know, right? — I have nothing to say to this but hell. yeah.

What’d I say about the Vader theme? John Williams is a master.

For my Boy Scout friend — you know who you are. Here’s to another 100 years.

Finally, thanks Char.

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Working on op-eds for clients about what’s happening in Egypt led to a discussion of having some canned text we can use no matter what the outcome of the situation. The Mohel was reminded of the following 30 Rock moment. Awesome.

Also, get ready super bowl party people. Cornbread muffins with jalapeno peppers coming your way. Go Steelers.

Also, also — question: what is the “silent treatment” treating? Is there a cream that would work better? I’m just curious…

Finally, this is pretty awesome. Admit it.

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Okay, not endorsing, I just think it’s funny. The firm I work for is doing some of the media and promotional work for CPAC. (Looking forward to the parties, but that’s neither here nor there. Nor am I interested in discussing the boycott of some groups. They have their reasons. And I have mine for still being proud to attend. Leave it there.) In any event, we got a call from a media rep working with High Times Magazine about their representative getting credentialed as a media attendee. Fantastic. This of course led to a question of the day and a recollection of the following clip. God Bless America, puff puff give…

Hackers are fun. And sexy. Please, for the love of all that’s holy, watch the Volkswagen Vader. Some of the best movie music ever composed. (Go Steelers!)

Seriously New York? Look man, are cigarettes really the most pressing issue up there? Where is a sometime smoker who just wants to be left alone to fail to quit supposed to sneak to for a smoke? Lame.

Awwwww, somebody lost a monkey in Old Town…

George Soros, you’re a funny, self-loathing man.

The nephew is already a film star who’s contributing to the family income. That’s what I said;; don’t hate. His mother would prefer that hat were orange with a power “T” but we’re doing what we can.

Speaking of haters, this one popped up again recently and MUST BE SHARED. Feel it. And never forget it.

Fiona says Alexander is sexy. I can see that. Also, he looks like a lion.

Holy Apocalypse.

Go girl. Since lately I’ve been made to feel (again) kinda old and undesirable — yeah, yeah I know. But you work it out when you can. — this is badass. And here’s your song lady. I like to thrash around to it. Sometimes in my old combat boots. Seriously.

Finally, the friends are throwing a tropical party at this place Saturday. Because [official invite], “It’s the dead of winter. Freezing temperatures. Dirty snow. The summer seems out of reach . . . but is it? Leave your Seasonal Affective Disorder behind and party like you’re in the islands. We’re talking tropical cocktails with tiny umbrellas, boat drinks, coconut cups, Red Stripes, limbo contests, Bob Marley and Jimmy Buffett tunes, conga lines, leis (if you’re lucky . . .)”

Dang Chicago. I am sorry for this. Makes me like you slightly more. Out of pity. But that’s all.

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