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Luke’s head on the fridge

EVEN FURTHER UPDATE: Cool. It goes with this.

FURTHER UPDATE: Watched this again. Miss you Sparkles…we should have joined the Roller Girls…

UPDATE: So I was given a tip about this place this morning — welcome to the continuing search for a decent dance club — and, as I’m wont to do (I love that expression), I began furiously googling. And lo, Elf Power, a great band from Athens, Ga., will be playing there Sept. 16th. I know these boys. Well, I’ve met several of them, but names and faces blur. But a good friend toured with them, which is primarily the reason I left the newspaper I worked at to write and edit music reviews for a time. One of the most memorable periods in my life, for many reasons. So, it’s a sign. I’m going. Alone, with a friend, with several. Doesn’t matter. I’m there. Here’s a good album they put out several years ago. Listen to track 4…

I had car troubles this morning (again) — but I think it’s all worked out now. Anyway, as a result, I’m playing catch up at work. A 9000 word document (you read that right) must be edited by the end of the day so I can’t write about the United Nations like I want to at the moment — but later. Till now, enjoy the music selection currently helping me cut and paste, move commas and change tenses. Also, holy cow. Want. So bad. (h/t C. Bailey). Um, Christmas present…just sayin.

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Still waiting on my invitation to join the Trilateral Commission. I have things to offer.

Also, not to harsh on those with tattoos — i.e. nearly everyone I know — but this guy’s just funny.

Am trying. So far, meh…

“No redneck in his right mind’s gonna ruin a tractor…”


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Laser shield…

And I already have a bruise on my chest after the first flag football practice. Awesome.

But here’s the goods:

SMWP (Shameless Mr. West Promotion) — So, Mr. West, in addition to being a good thinker and writer, also enjoys sparring a bit with the kid here over religion and politics. These, you may recall, are two subjects one is never supposed to discuss in polite company. Mr. West and I discuss them frequently. We are impolite with each other. It took a while to get used to that. But it’s never boring. As for his piece here on the Glenn Beck rally, it’s admirable that he can acknowledge the incorrectness of some of his preconceptions. But of real interest (at least to me because I’m accused frequently of attempting to convert) is his assertion of atheism. Because, as I told him yesterday, while the search is each person’s right, it is foolish and arrogant to stand on a platform of having it all figured out when the debate over the existence of a higher power has been raging since man first looked up into the sky and wondered about the lights there. Additionally, very, very smart men and women — smarter than me and smarter than you Mr. West — have reached the conclusion that there is something greater than we. All I’m saying is that to decide there is no God and dismissing those who believe as deluded or simple does not speak well for one’s ability to entertain other opinions, something you have said you take issue with as regards Mr. Beck. Also, just because you say it doesn’t make it true; and I’m sure your side of the fence understands that argument. But nice work. I’m really enjoying the care you take to stay true to what you think while recognizing the wisdom, and employing the constraints, of diplomacy. Also, (and I think it’s appropriate to say this here because it’s what came out of his mouth when I told him about this latest opinion piece), as my Pops says, there are no atheists in a foxhole. Or, as Regina Spektor notes, no one laughs at God in a hospital…. Your court… And, just to underline the point, a little more from my favorite former atheist, CS Lewis:

“Now that I am a Christian I do have moods in which the whole thing looks very improbable: but when I was an atheist I had moods in which Christianity looked terribly probable. This rebellion of your moods against your real self is going to come anyway. That is why Faith is such a necessary virtue: unless you teach your moods ‘where they get off,’ you can never be either a sound Christian or even a sound atheist, but just a creature dithering to and fro, with its beliefs really dependent on the weather and the state of its digestion.”

Now, on to the weekly blogger’s briefing. Yesterday we were treated to an introduction to a film getting a lot of buzz apparently and, based on the trailer, should be. I’m looking forward to a screening and am impressed that someone working in Hollywood would have the courage and fortitude to make a film that will ruffle some of the power feathers. Courage interests me.

Finally, in an effort to fit in, I’ve said and done a few things here recently that put me in the mind of that movie “Mean Girls.” Yuck. Lucky for me I recognized that slippery slope before I tumbled down it. One of the great things about getting older is the wisdom of experience. So, dangerous precipice, peace out. I’m checking out now, leaving you with my few fairly innocuous yet still snarky comments, and going someplace where I don’t feel the need to fit in like that…don’t call.

Also, speaking of Mean Girls, for some unknown reason I have never been a fan of 30 Rock. Then The Mohel lent me the first season on DVD. Dear Lord Tina Fey. You are a funny chick. Teach me to write comedy…

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