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I heard this gentleman speak Tuesday at the Heritage Foundation and I liked what he had to say. He specifically spoke about an energy plan that he’s successfully rolled into Paul Ryan’s Roadmap. I haven’t read the plan but I like the fact that he’s attempted to address the energy situation. This led to a protracted conversation with Mr. West about energy as it relates to emerging technologies and cap and trade. As usual, Mr. West and I have some disagreement on the usefulness of cap and trade; he sees the movement away from oil and gas as a reality, plain and simple, and movement toward that end is in and of itself ultimately useful. I agree to an extent but I just don’t think crippling a still viable industry is the way to prepare the market for emerging technology. As usual, we’re seeking common ground. For the record, we agree that Congress should have tackled the tax cuts before they broke. See, it is possible to work across the aisle…

Back to Heritage, however…a woman spoke briefly from the Concerned Women for America organization. She said something I had heard before but, for some reason — maybe because we just had a new addition in the family — it really resonated with me this time. She said that women were the “guardians and caretakers of the next generation” and were therefore compelled from a sense of responsibility to address generational theft. In other words, as women in particular, we should be appalled at placing debt on successive generations. Man, that was hard to hear and I’m thinking about it.

So, all that said, my sister Juge says she misses my “photojournalism” so expect pictures of football games and pre-Octoberfest parties because that’s what I’ve got going on this weekend. Maybe a dance shot or two as well.

I’ll be here tonight. Hope it’s interesting…

In the meantime, the work folk — particularly The Mohel — have been indulging this weird thing I do to entertain myself; namely, making lists of good band names and bad band names. So far, here’s our list. Some are taken from films, but most are straight out of the crazy brains in the office. I know…but diversions keep me sane…

The Good

Bittersweet Run
Purple Merkin
Hordes of Olds
Citizen Dick
Hey, That’s My Bike
Parasitic Twin
Pepper Infusion (girl band only)

The Bad

Der Amadeus
Infant Sorrow
Daterape Soundtrack
Breakfast Surreal
Vestigial Twin
Pepper Infusion (boy band)
Michael Bolton

Finally, mama likes:

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Know that scene in Bull Durham where the catcher tells the batter what the next pitch is going to be? And then the pitcher, frustrated, says to the catcher after the ball is summarily blasted out of the park, “Geeze, that guy teed off on that like he knew it was going to be a fastball…”

And catcher says, “He did know. I told him.”

Yeah, I know that scene, too.

Anyway, digressing, we had several injuries this weekend at our flag football games. Two guys on Saturday from my team were taken to the hospital and received between the two of them something like 15 stitches after a collision in an attempt to make a stunning interception. The kid here got a fat lip in the same game when some guy — you heard me. Guy. Make of it what you will. — slammed his shoulder into my face. It’s mostly gone now but it was cute for a few days. Then one of our girls broke a finger Sunday and played the rest of the half like a champ, only going to the doctor after the game under extreme pressure from her team. So, flag football is apparently a little more aggressive than I thought. I’m adjusting my thinking.

I’ll have more later. I’ve been thinking about this phenomenon that’s become fairly common lately in my experience: the shock and surprise elicited from folks when they find out where I fall politically. It seems to me that this kind of surprise is certainly indicative of a lack of understanding about conservative values. I’d like to address that a bit…

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Conflicting behavior

Iran, on the world stage, and this is not intended to demean, it’s simply an observation, is like a teenager. They’re reaching for adulthood and want badly to be taken seriously. But they regress frequently into the eye-rolling and “Whatever, you’re so unfair!” crap as evidenced by this little stunt. While Obama’s condemnation of this ridiculousness is good to see, it always seems like he’s one of those adults who placates the rebellious kid by asking him why his self-esteem is so low, rather than taking away his driving privileges and making him clean the bathroom while his friends go out and party. Or hell, making him get a job working in the service industry and actually being somewhat useful to the world instead of just being a selfish little a**hole all the time. Because see, in this analogy, the kid rebels by sneaking out of the house and wrecking your car. In the real world, they toss a nuke man. At that point, the need to understand motivation seems less important that just stifling the crazy behavior. Just sayin’.

Also, there’s something to be said for this. Prudishness isn’t really that interesting but it’s a damn sight better than the difficulty that comes with trying to prove you’re a person of substance while behaving like a simple ho. To borrow a phrase.

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Mine to worry about

Reflecting on the role of government in the lives of people is becoming more and more a hobby of mine lately. It’s not so much the policy wonky side of me — although the political and news junkie that lives here is certainly interested in the subject — but more how the reality of daily life changes, often subtly, when the size and influence of government grows. (I realize, of course, how exciting this makes me. Ahem.) But I find it strangely incongruous that youth — with all it’s wildness and desire to be free and unhampered — finds control and interference attractive and comforting. But then, perhaps it’s not so strange — the young, especially those who are just tasting their freedom — probably enjoy the knowledge that some things are not their responsibility. That’s taken care of for me. I don’t have to think about that. I can be free of that worry and concern.

What’s troubling is the refusal to acknowledge that the need to retain a sense of irresponsibility — that sounds more judgmental than I mean it to sound but it is semantically accurate — is so difficult.

I’m just getting older. I’d much rather have the care and worry over things like my healthcare and where my kids go to school because the relationship between the burden of worry and control over the decision is directly proportional. And I want that control.

I also want to see this. Jesse Eisenberg won my respect in Adventureland and admiration in Zombieland. Just some Wednesday morning thoughts.

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Light on the offerings today. But I do have a new nephew Carson (he’s apparently very cool and laid back. A rarity in my clan, believe me):

*whispering* Hey little guy...Go Dawgs....

and a new SSP (I’m just meh about it…) and a movie trailer that elicited sounds of joy from my throat that were heretofore unknown to me. Also, dig it:

And, was reminded of this song today. That pleases me.

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Spending today writing about the lame duck session of Congress. Don’t be jealous. You, too, could be this glamorous. You just have to write grammatically correct sentences that run for three lines and be well-versed in the game of “Oh yeah, well watch this sh*t. You won’t soon forget this Senate Majority Leader! Mwuahahahahahaha!” Ahem. Digressing…

Anyhow, this was an interesting read because we find ourselves in some pretty dismal economic straits and yet here we throw money down a sinkhole of corruption — read the piece and you’ll see that the UN’s own version of internal affairs agrees — and political chicanery (I just like that word). Love the fact that the US is such a heavy funder of the organization that proclaims to be necessary as a policing and philanthropic organization to ensure world order, and yet we still get called evil by other countries, even those who profess political alliance with us; not to mention by those who actually live within this country. Harumph I say. It’s enough to make me want to have a drink with one of these ignoramuses just to verbally thrash them and publicly embarrass them. Which I have, many times, been in the position to do but have refrained because my momma raised a lady. Ahem. Just read it for yourselves.

And, on the lighter side, was sent this today by Fleury. I think God thinks this one’s funny, too.

I can actually hear Sir Alec Guinness ...

And was given this magnet. Love. Love. Love…

Finally, I heard this earlier and then it came up in a random conversation and, actually, recently I met the real Carey. No joke. But that’s a story for another time…

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Does anyone else recognize the continuity of thought between this gentleman and this one? I mean look, I can respect that Rauf believes his life has been “devoted to peacemaking,” but I’m thinking that forging ahead in spite of the obvious hornet’s nest this plan has stirred up — and will continue to stir up should it proceed — shows a lack of devotion to that cause. And, I’ll say it, using the excuse that radicals will be emboldened by a withdrawal now is disgusting and reads, like some 9/11 family members have pointed out, like a veiled threat.

Then there’s this genius, who will forge ahead despite the condemnation of nearly the entire civilized world. I mean, book burning? Really? You don’t have to read it jackass but torching it pretty much lines you up ideologically with those willing to set fire to your most sacred cultural relics. And that, my friends, sounds familiar. I’m remembering the destruction of large statues of the Buddah (ahem, Buddha. It takes a simpleton to know one apparently. Heh.) not too long ago. It’s always fascinating that the most simple-minded reserve their most ardent vitriol for those most like themselves. I believe that’s called self-loathing…and it’s all kinds of scary…

I’ll tackle the UN next week. Till then, there’s this, which is a bombshell of a magnitude that I can’t believe isn’t being shouted from the rooftops. And this, which I have no opinion on except that I’d really like to see the man play…

Finally, nice.

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Luke’s head on the fridge

EVEN FURTHER UPDATE: Cool. It goes with this.

FURTHER UPDATE: Watched this again. Miss you Sparkles…we should have joined the Roller Girls…

UPDATE: So I was given a tip about this place this morning — welcome to the continuing search for a decent dance club — and, as I’m wont to do (I love that expression), I began furiously googling. And lo, Elf Power, a great band from Athens, Ga., will be playing there Sept. 16th. I know these boys. Well, I’ve met several of them, but names and faces blur. But a good friend toured with them, which is primarily the reason I left the newspaper I worked at to write and edit music reviews for a time. One of the most memorable periods in my life, for many reasons. So, it’s a sign. I’m going. Alone, with a friend, with several. Doesn’t matter. I’m there. Here’s a good album they put out several years ago. Listen to track 4…

I had car troubles this morning (again) — but I think it’s all worked out now. Anyway, as a result, I’m playing catch up at work. A 9000 word document (you read that right) must be edited by the end of the day so I can’t write about the United Nations like I want to at the moment — but later. Till now, enjoy the music selection currently helping me cut and paste, move commas and change tenses. Also, holy cow. Want. So bad. (h/t C. Bailey). Um, Christmas present…just sayin.

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Still waiting on my invitation to join the Trilateral Commission. I have things to offer.

Also, not to harsh on those with tattoos — i.e. nearly everyone I know — but this guy’s just funny.

Am trying. So far, meh…

“No redneck in his right mind’s gonna ruin a tractor…”


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Laser shield…

And I already have a bruise on my chest after the first flag football practice. Awesome.

But here’s the goods:

SMWP (Shameless Mr. West Promotion) — So, Mr. West, in addition to being a good thinker and writer, also enjoys sparring a bit with the kid here over religion and politics. These, you may recall, are two subjects one is never supposed to discuss in polite company. Mr. West and I discuss them frequently. We are impolite with each other. It took a while to get used to that. But it’s never boring. As for his piece here on the Glenn Beck rally, it’s admirable that he can acknowledge the incorrectness of some of his preconceptions. But of real interest (at least to me because I’m accused frequently of attempting to convert) is his assertion of atheism. Because, as I told him yesterday, while the search is each person’s right, it is foolish and arrogant to stand on a platform of having it all figured out when the debate over the existence of a higher power has been raging since man first looked up into the sky and wondered about the lights there. Additionally, very, very smart men and women — smarter than me and smarter than you Mr. West — have reached the conclusion that there is something greater than we. All I’m saying is that to decide there is no God and dismissing those who believe as deluded or simple does not speak well for one’s ability to entertain other opinions, something you have said you take issue with as regards Mr. Beck. Also, just because you say it doesn’t make it true; and I’m sure your side of the fence understands that argument. But nice work. I’m really enjoying the care you take to stay true to what you think while recognizing the wisdom, and employing the constraints, of diplomacy. Also, (and I think it’s appropriate to say this here because it’s what came out of his mouth when I told him about this latest opinion piece), as my Pops says, there are no atheists in a foxhole. Or, as Regina Spektor notes, no one laughs at God in a hospital…. Your court… And, just to underline the point, a little more from my favorite former atheist, CS Lewis:

“Now that I am a Christian I do have moods in which the whole thing looks very improbable: but when I was an atheist I had moods in which Christianity looked terribly probable. This rebellion of your moods against your real self is going to come anyway. That is why Faith is such a necessary virtue: unless you teach your moods ‘where they get off,’ you can never be either a sound Christian or even a sound atheist, but just a creature dithering to and fro, with its beliefs really dependent on the weather and the state of its digestion.”

Now, on to the weekly blogger’s briefing. Yesterday we were treated to an introduction to a film getting a lot of buzz apparently and, based on the trailer, should be. I’m looking forward to a screening and am impressed that someone working in Hollywood would have the courage and fortitude to make a film that will ruffle some of the power feathers. Courage interests me.

Finally, in an effort to fit in, I’ve said and done a few things here recently that put me in the mind of that movie “Mean Girls.” Yuck. Lucky for me I recognized that slippery slope before I tumbled down it. One of the great things about getting older is the wisdom of experience. So, dangerous precipice, peace out. I’m checking out now, leaving you with my few fairly innocuous yet still snarky comments, and going someplace where I don’t feel the need to fit in like that…don’t call.

Also, speaking of Mean Girls, for some unknown reason I have never been a fan of 30 Rock. Then The Mohel lent me the first season on DVD. Dear Lord Tina Fey. You are a funny chick. Teach me to write comedy…

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