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The little mental kingdom I’ve built — with a moat and dragons and knights and all that jazz — has been penetrated a bit here lately and I’m working on building it again, but maybe not so fortress-like this time…maybe I’ll plant some flowers. Okay, digressing…

Really, just busy. So have some links because I’m currently incapable of sharing deep wisdom or insight on anything except the movies Johnny Dangerously, Spies Like Us, The Great Outdoors and So, I Married an Axe Murderer. Seriously, ask me about any scene in these movies and deconstruction of the awesome begins. The office folks know. Beyond that, I’m empty. But here’s some stuff to read.

  • I go here sometimes during the day and just sit. It’s nice.
  • Mel Gibson is the poster boy for the wisdom of checking that midlife crisis and punching it in the face. Before it tries to do the same to you. Just sayin’.
  • I always wanted to see this because, One Night in Bangkok, man. Awesome.
  • My dance friend Lauren entertained my kvetching about a general inability recently to just verbally  b*tch slap someone who’s been actively trying to irritate me.  She then randomly sent me this message on Facebook about that show “The Bad Girls’ Club”: “It’s a horrible insult to one’s intelligence but watching these girls constantly flip out can make you more feisty. Anyway after our conversation on Sunday I just thought I would throw the idea of the Bad Girls Club out there. Don’t take any crap.”  I love you Lauren.
  • My friend Chris Bailey’s blog. The explanation of the name alone makes it wonderful and visit-worthy. Also, Chris is a good writer and likes to drink. Two of my favorite qualities.
  • I *heart* physics.
  • Let the emo continue. Sometimes I just swim in it. It’s just in prep for the happy hour here Friday.
  • Fair warning: If you wish to discuss the infinite, God, the nature of the universe, faith or religion with the kid here, neglecting to include a discussion of mathematics will promptly get you a raised eyebrow and the back of my head.


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