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Make the kids leave the room and turn it up.

Cee-Lo’s new single.

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For some reason, the inspiration to share a little CS Lewis is strong today. So here ya go. Keeping this one in mind lately…

“Affection is responsible for nine-tenths of whatever solid and durable happiness there is in our lives.”
~ C. S. Lewis

Also, Heritage Tuesday got me thinking about the general concept of use as a motivator for discovery. Much as people may like to separate the two — especially as regards oil use and exploration — they are inextricable. I think. Dichotomies are fascinating…More on this later.

Finally, here’s to you Hitch. Have always secretly wanted to have a nice steak dinner and a few beers with you over a discussion of religion, faith and atheism. Take care sir.

Finally, let the healing begin.

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One giant hot mess. Literally.

Well, the DC Dawgs Softball team made it to the final day and came in 7th out of over 70 teams (check that – 68 teams). As far as I’m concerned, that makes us contenders. Also, we had enormous big fun. And that makes us awesome. Winners of the tourney were underdogs Texas A&M (they were ranked very low and came back as the Cinderella story and took the title from two-year reigning champs JMU. Good stuff. We, incidentally, spanked them raw in the regular season…only to be knocked flat by an Auburn team that hit like Vikings. What can I say; SEC rivalries are serious…). So, next up is flag football with this same crew. And a good crew they are. The photo up top is late Saturday after a triple-header — we won all three — and just prior to heading out before an 8 am Sunday morning game. By the end of it all we were all limping and hurt and hot and sweaty and filthy dirty. It. Was. Great. There were hamstring problems, cuts and bruises, and my throwing arm is pretty much blown. Can’t wait till next year. Till then, have some highlight images. See if you can tell what a fantastic experience it was.

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Right, first things first. The kid here and her softball teamies need your help. We have the second half of the end-of-season tournament this weekend and, well, we want to win. Since last Sunday was a wash — literally — we have many games to play. So, throw some thoughts of good luck at us. I think I can speak for us all when I say we’d be most appreciative.

So, here are some Friday thoughts and links. Looking forward to sharing just how far we make it this weekend…

Been freaking the Mohel out with this photo. It’s my new desktop wallpaper. He believes they are the visual representation of Hell itself. I think they’re cute. By the way, their names are Curly and Fluffy.

SSP — I asked the gentleman who writes the Green Hell blog to edit this one for content and he was fine with it but did gently say, “Are you a chatty person? Because when your sentences are over three lines long…”

I know. It’s a terrible truth but I am, as a professional writer, more Joycian than Hemingway(ian). (In my defense, despite their length, they are all grammatically correct. That’s a source of pride actually…but still doesn’t make them any more interesting as sentences). I assured him it was something I was well aware of and I truly am trying to be a bit more concise. But as someone told me recently, there really is no “try.” As he and Yoda say, you either do or do not do. So, from here on in, I’m the pithy kid. Just bear with me.

The Heritage Foundation has a plan, and It looks pretty good to me. There are a few areas I’ll disagree with no doubt given my tendency toward the center on some social issues, but I dig the effort and concur with almost all of their thoughts on the economy and entitlements. Incidentally, the meeting where they unveiled this plan prompted a question about the Cordoba Initiative (that’s the Mosque project in New York in case you’ve been asleep for the last month). I’m pleased to report that even the uber-conservatives (wink) at Heritage believe in the separation of church and state and Dr. Feulner, Heritage President, stated as much. However, he did say that if the purpose is to foster harmony and communication then it’s a failed project and should be abandoned. And that’s exactly where I come down on it, too.

Have always liked him, and will always. Glad to see he’s finally getting the respect he was denied for years.

Thank you Ms. Minton for letting me share technopup with the world. He does indeed rave his face off.

And, here’s a little tune for the weekend. It’s one I got from Mom. She had a box set of like 800,000 50’s pop classics on tape that she kept in her car. I was in heaven anytime she took me anywhere. You’re a good woman Anne.

And, speaking of raving on…

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Very interesting. Hysteria is fascinating.

But what I really want to promote today is Kenny Rogers — not the Kenny Rogers now, who, in the words of the Mohel, is “a 70-year-old man who looks like a 30-year-old woman” — but the Kenny Rogers of my youth. One of the songwriters who contributed to his string of number 1 hits in the 70s was a friend of the family who passed away in the 80s. In fact, I see his widow at every family reunion in Rabun, Co. as she’s now married to my uncle, who was a friend and bodyguard to the man. In any event, the songwriter gave the world “Lucille” and “Coward of the County,” two songs that had a profound effect on me as a child. I give you my three faves. Gotta give it up for Pops again for always having this kind of music on hand for road trips. One day I’ll talk about Mom and her 50s bubble-gum pop contribution to the musical mish-mash in my head. Also awesome, but in a different way. Right now, have some Kenny. And try to act like you don’t like it. Cause if that’s what you contend, you’re a liar.

(this was the only video I could find of the good version of this song — sorry for the quality. But the other version is simply not as powerful.)

Reuben James

(this is just a weird computer-generated video. You were warned.)

Coward of the County

(Ignore the cheesefest pic. Still a fabulous song…)

Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love to Town

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Promise I’ll be back to original thoughts soon. I seriously am busy. Till then, as usual, links…

Do you like it? I made it my own self here…

SSP. Nothing really groundbreaking here, just more of the unions doing what they do best: taking care of themselves while insisting they care about the little guy. It’s getting almost comical.

Miss Caroline is a good reporter. She covers it well.

The Most Interesting Man in the World is nowhere even close to anything resembling Latin. My Jewish friends consider it a win.

The Jet Blue guy prompted one of the softball teamies to say of someone they knew who had recently quit their job: “No, she didn’t quit. She resigned. The Jet Blue guy — he quit. With style.” I love my softball team.

In honor of Mr. Slater, here’s the greatest resignation letter ever that floated around at my last job for a while because we were in IT at an institute of higher learning. Trust me when I say, network admins are definitely capable of composing and sending such a missive.
The Gutfeld crush continues. Suspicious Packages makes me smile every time I hear it. I realize it’s a bit insensitive otherwise. But I think making fun of this stuff is really the only way to negotiate its heaviness.

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Shaft Lincoln

Dig it.

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The little mental kingdom I’ve built — with a moat and dragons and knights and all that jazz — has been penetrated a bit here lately and I’m working on building it again, but maybe not so fortress-like this time…maybe I’ll plant some flowers. Okay, digressing…

Really, just busy. So have some links because I’m currently incapable of sharing deep wisdom or insight on anything except the movies Johnny Dangerously, Spies Like Us, The Great Outdoors and So, I Married an Axe Murderer. Seriously, ask me about any scene in these movies and deconstruction of the awesome begins. The office folks know. Beyond that, I’m empty. But here’s some stuff to read.

  • I go here sometimes during the day and just sit. It’s nice.
  • Mel Gibson is the poster boy for the wisdom of checking that midlife crisis and punching it in the face. Before it tries to do the same to you. Just sayin’.
  • I always wanted to see this because, One Night in Bangkok, man. Awesome.
  • My dance friend Lauren entertained my kvetching about a general inability recently to just verbally  b*tch slap someone who’s been actively trying to irritate me.  She then randomly sent me this message on Facebook about that show “The Bad Girls’ Club”: “It’s a horrible insult to one’s intelligence but watching these girls constantly flip out can make you more feisty. Anyway after our conversation on Sunday I just thought I would throw the idea of the Bad Girls Club out there. Don’t take any crap.”  I love you Lauren.
  • My friend Chris Bailey’s blog. The explanation of the name alone makes it wonderful and visit-worthy. Also, Chris is a good writer and likes to drink. Two of my favorite qualities.
  • I *heart* physics.
  • Let the emo continue. Sometimes I just swim in it. It’s just in prep for the happy hour here Friday.
  • Fair warning: If you wish to discuss the infinite, God, the nature of the universe, faith or religion with the kid here, neglecting to include a discussion of mathematics will promptly get you a raised eyebrow and the back of my head.


The Great Outdoors – The Old 96er

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