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I heard Rep. Bishop talk about the 10th Amendment Task Force on Tuesday and it seems like an interesting idea. I mean, I know it’s natural to fear the unwashed masses (ahem) but here’s the thing — with the exception of the geniuses who win the Darwin Award every year, most people, if left to their own devices and (here’s the hard part) are prompted to have to make their own decisions because the safety net is gone, tend to do things that lead at least to their survival. And they even sometimes do things that allow them to thrive. Shocking I know. So, maybe the people will do a better job of decision-making. Worth a try, right?

Mr. West introduced me to this guy. Dig it. I have nothing but good memories of sitting around listening to some guy sitting on a stage, singing and playing the guitar. Brother John you should check him out…he’s your style.

So, listening to Joe led me to want to listen to Van. Which is never — never, never — a bad thing.

Shout out to you, Florida, where posterity comes first! (h/t The Mohel).

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Yo. I’m still here…just a busy bee. Finding one’s feet in a city like DC is proving simultaneously more difficult and decidedly easier than I ever planned or hoped for. So, here’s a recap of things I just feel like telling you.

  • I’m going to see the Braves play the Nats tonight. Yes.
  • It was intern day at the blogger’s briefing Tuesday and they ate up all the chick-fil-a sandwiches before I could get my little fingers on one. It’s okay kids. As long as you’re informing yourselves I’ll gladly pass up my delicious chicken sammich…this time…
  • But the meeting did produce two fascinating nuggets — albeit not chicken nuggets, ahem. First, this poll by Resurgent Republic is an interesting look at how voters feel about the lame duck session of Congress deciding on, well, anything really. But more interesting is this little gem regarding the upcoming expiration of the Bush tax cuts (scroll down a bit to the section called “Tax Increases”):

Somewhat surprisingly, only a little over half of all voters (54 percent) are aware of the looming tax increases. There is an interesting partisan divide in the awareness, however: 70 percent of Republican voters in these states and 57 percent of Independents have heard about the impending tax increases, compared to only 38 percent of Democrats.

So, Democrats — according to this poll — aren’t even informed about something that will affect their bottom line. Yeah, I’m not even sure what to say about that…

  • And second, a very nice gentlemen I’ve come to know a bit — who I won’t mention by name or title because he wasn’t speaking officially — mentioned that the EEOC recently stated on their website that the three top reasons for workman’s comp (or missed work but it’s hilarious either way) are 1. back problems, 2. other muscular-skeletal problems, and 3. depression. “Um, I can’t come in today. I’m sad…” As my Pops used to always say, it’s called “work” cause it ain’t fun. Jeesh.
  • My friend *Sparkles* is doing this in Savannah soon. They’re hoping for a real hero to ride with them. How much did you instantly fall in love with *Sparkles*? I know. She’s great.
  • Also, my buddy Steph’s buddy is one of these guys. Give them a read. I’m hoping to meet and hang out with them on one of their excursions…
  • And, because the man makes me laugh and I need to give him a shout out, here’s to you Allahpundit. I envy your ability to effectively and hilariously nickname people. It’s a lost art. Here’s a short list of some of his winning tags:

Turbotax Tim — Tim Geithner
The One — Obama
T-Paw — Tim Pawlenty
Silky — John Edwards
(Armored) Dinner Jacket — Ahmadinejad
TOTUS — The Teleprompter of the US
and the coup d’etat that cracked me up for a few minutes last night
Tingles — Chris Matthews

Allah, let’s have a beer.

  • And this is just true. Right down to the faux hawk.

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Linky, links. It’s all I got today. Busy and zazzled and taking a moment to just share some of the awesome. I have to make a decision here soon about whether or not this grand experiment of moving North away from my family and homies is working. I think it is…but some days…well, the softball season was the time frame and that’s finishing up soon so, as I said, decision time. But do you care? No, of course you don’t. So have these instead:

Video game city maps are akin to basket weaving when the voices start (joking. H/t Mr. West).

I. am. in. love. (H/t my Fleury friend)

I have a lot of faith in this. Despite warnings that I might be being a bit naive.

Have some of the old music playlists I’ve been rediscovering. I feel all these songs when I hear them again but you shouldn’t read into them. Unless you see yourself…

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  • Getting the SSP out of the way. I actually do like this one. I’m trying this thing where I reserve comment and just levy the question. The idea is that making the argument and letting people determine the answer based on the logic of the debate is more powerful than preaching at them. It’s an experiment. I’m going with it.
  • Now look here, journalism has never been an honorable profession. Those who find themselves getting high minded about the fourth estate should read Infamous Scribblers. Communication and the dissemination of information is biased because people and their agendas are biased. That’s not to say that journalists shouldn’t be held to a higher standard of objectivity. They should because they are paid to do exactly that. And that’s what makes the journolist kerfluffle disturbing. However, what is most disturbing is that these folks do not feel free enough to express these opinions openly, preferring to do so only when they are surrounded by the like-minded. There’s something inherently cowardly about that. Give me Keith Olbermann every day over these yellow varmints. At least he’s honest in his vitriol. Moving on…
  • Tuesday’s trip to the Heritage Foundation was exciting because the presentation included something that has great potential. America Speaking Out is just a great little tool. Of course, the assumption is that these ideas will be read and actually considered and, if that’s true, the people have a stronger voice in the process than ever before. I dig that a contributor does not need to declare an affiliation and that the site is searchable on phrases and words. Seriously, if something’s annoying you, make your case eloquently here. See if anyone else is talking about it. Hold our elected officials accountable. It really is the beauty of this system.
  • The foot I’ve broken twice has decided to give me the finger. I played two games of softball on it and then danced the night away Saturday night, as well as threw it around in hip-hop class Sunday while of course continuing the running schedule every other day. Then yesterday I wore these funky shoes — I do a great deal of walking during the day — and my foot was like, “screw you,” and swelled up and refused to work properly. It’s better today and is blissfully unaware that I’m taking it to a jazz/contemporary class tomorrow night. Never mind that I broke it the second time in dance class coming out of a jump. I’m trying to convince it that if it just cooperates I’ll put on my lavender spa booties tonight and put it up for awhile. C’mon foot…work with me…
  • Speaking of dancing Saturday…some young guy totally tried to make out with me while I was dancing with him. And this was after a conversation where someone was decrying a date she had recently had because the guy was “omg, so, so old!” This apparently made him a creeper. Then it was revealed — he was a good three years younger than I am. So, when the early 20-something kid leaned in for the lip kill (he was unsuccessful, mainly because, dude, I don’t know where your lips have been…), I was amused and flattered and immediately dismissive of the earlier conversation as the rantings of a silly girl. I still hold that opinion. And my God I love to dance.
  • Yes. (h/t C. Bailey) Release the Kraken.
  • All facebook friends back home wait with bated breath…
  • Speaking of Facebook…I started this facebook fan page using a picture my friend Fee’s dad sent her about the devastation following the DC earthquake last week. I did it to practice as I’m researching how to get fans for a client’s org. fan page. And hey Fee look…we’re famous. (thanks for the tip The Mohel).
  • Please someone, choreograph something to this song. And then teach me.
  • Also, listening to the old favorites at work brought me back here. It’s my secret emo obsession. I’m still like 14 and angry deep down…

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Watch me burn

Heard this song for the first time Saturday (more on that evening a bit later. It was interesting…) but, for now, check it. Great. Song. I need some angry choreography to go along with it…

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Was very pleased to hear on Tuesday that the Heritage staff who went down to report on the situation in the Gulf came back with stories of suffering by actual people. They spoke of what’s going on down there in human terms, something that needs to be at the forefront of everyone’s mind as we debate the newest offshore drilling moratorium. Landrieu, usually a mouthpiece for all things “progressive,” has serious issues with this push to cripple the oil industry — or, perhaps more appropriately, her constituency does. But big ups to her for recognizing that the seat she currently inhabits was given to her. There’s something to be said for self-awareness…
I actually attended a panel meeting Wednesday at the Chamber of Commerce and listened to Landrieu speak (Along with Sen. Judd Gregg and others) about economic concerns. The panel was part of a larger event at the Chamber they called a “jobs summit,” just in time for financial reform. I went specifically to hear Rep. Paul Ryan talk about his much touted roadmap because, a.) I think it takes enormous cojones to draft something that seeks to eradicate parts of the existing Medicaid/Medicare system and attempts to balance the budget, and b.) because people seem to think it might actually work. Also, Ryan is a contemporary in age and it intrigues me what the folks of my generation are doing. We were, after all, Gen X slackers. Someone should write about us. Ahem.

I haven’t read the roadmap yet but I’ve started it. Will let you know what I think. Till now, chew on this: Landrieu, putting the progressive hat back on for minute yesterday, made a statement that stunned me. I had to call my Pops (ya’ll know how I roll) and mention it to him and we just got a good, cynical laugh out of it. She said that the Democrats (and you can extrapolate liberals and progressives from this if you’d like. I think that would be accurate) of course think private sector spending should exceed public sector spending…except when there’s a recession. Then, you see, we all need the public sector to come in and save us. I told Pops what went immediately through my head when I heard that and he echoed the sentiment. Starting a recession (okay, in fairness, keeping one rolling) in order to spend your way out of it is stupid at best. Immoral, illegal and all kinds of other things at worst. But then, you can disagree that that’s what happened. You won’t convince me, but you can disagree.

Thanks for the tip on this Fleury. Dig it.

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2nd cousin Cannon. I'm in love.

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A few things at the tail end of this lazy day off before the week starts in earnest; a week, incidentally, that will have the kid back in Atlanta and then Rabun, Ga. for a family reunion. Looking forward to that. Especially since, after last Thursday’s softball game where I quite literally got beaten up, I need to be around some folks I can cry to a little. I know…awwww…Anyway, on to the promotion of good folks I know…

  • Nice work Mr. West. There’s a talent here for sports coverage I think…
  • If you ever hear me refer to the skate rats I grew up with, here are a few pics they took back during our high school years, circa 1986-1991. This is the Atlanta skater scene. Nice moments in time I think.

The first, and perhaps best, best friend. Love you CW.

Pretty sure this is the half-pipe they built across the street and had to take down due to not having a building permit...it was huge.

"Man, donuts are the best..."

  • Thank you Hot Tub Time Machine for being silly and hilarious, seamlessly blending the generations and pointing out the similarities, and reminding me of this song. The fact that Craig Robinson sings it is fantastic.
  • Meet Dan, a softball teamie, nice man, and fellow at the Cato Institute. Just read him.
  • Finally, I saw Soul Asylum play Sunday while watching fireworks over the National Mall. Talk about blending the past with the present. I’m still processing…

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