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I know I need to update but I am exhausted from the quick turnaround home and back. Great trip. Love my fam. Listened to a lot of old discs in the car. Here are two songs that gave me much pleasure. Also, SSP.

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Cool expression, eh? It refers to the freedom we have in this country to physically move around via travel by car, bus, airline, etc. It’s not mine. I got it from Dan Simmons, the Institute for Energy Research’s Director of State Affairs. He and David Kreutzer of Heritage allowed this week’s briefing attendees a fascinating look at the truths and myths concerning some of the issues surrounding proposed energy legislation and environmentalism in general. It’s always interesting to seriously discuss a topic that is pretty rapidly being dismissed by most scientists as radically overblown and based on faulty, if not outright false, science. Look, no one’s saying we shouldn’t take care of our environment. It’s just that using scare tactics and trying to paint those tactics as something more reputable to pass crap legislation is pretty unseemly. My favorite part was when Kreutzer pointed out that raising energy prices, which even our esteemed President has pointed out will happen under a comprehensive energy bill, will only keep us on the oil standard longer. So, you may want to hold off buying that Prius. Flawed logic is awesome.

Anyway, Kreutzer is about to release an economic analysis of a renewable energy standard (long and short: it’s expensive and produces very little) and you can check out IER’s breakdown of energy mandates by state here. Basically, no matter what happens at the federal level, you will pay into the United Church of the Holy Apostolic Green Movement. Whether you like it or not.

Now for the fun stuff, I’ve included a bunch of photos below, some of a band that played at a little neighborhood thing Saturday (they were pretty good. You can hear them here. Better live…I recommend Ithaca), some of Alexander chilling at the landlady’s house (it’s his glamor shot), and some from the Alexandria waterfront. I work down there but never get to just hang out. So Saturday, I did. That’s how much I need to get out on the water. I’m serious man. I get it from my Grandpa. Miss you G-pa Dix…

Oh yeah, going here and then here this evening. Can’t wait…Go Braves.

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