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Rest well Luke

Sadness. Drew said this about him and I think it’s a fitting goodbye:

“He was my problem child, my brother, my friend and my confidant. He experienced the highest highs and the lowest lows of my life with me and never wavered from his loyal position.”

We’ll all miss you buddy.

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Hi my peeps. I have many things for you to consider. But first I want to ask that, should you actually read this (does anyone actually read this? I have no idea and, really, would prefer not to know. Doesn’t stop me from being logically inconsistent and appealing to my “readers.” Cause that’s how I roll…), you stop for a minute and send me some love and kind thoughts and prayers if that’s your thing. I need them to send along to people I love who have some challenges they’re facing. Anything you can spare. Just gimme a good thought — connect an image of this little online diary with a picture in your head of something awesome. You know, like ring pops or some weird umbrella drink on the beach at sunset. Something like that. It’ll be a good thing you’re doing. Promise.

That said, I sent my parents to Chastain Park to see a band called Pink Martini (the tickets were for mother’s day and I didn’t ask the folks if they were even available on the date of the show. I just bought them and sent them and — how cool are Lola’s parents? — they went.) Mom called me from the show just to let me hear what it sounded like and said (warning: butchered quote to follow), “the drummer of the opening band had on a pink shirt, a red skirt, cowboy boots and a sheared off mohawk.” She loved it. Of course, Pops looked them up online and made his typical “damn liberals” comment but Mom said he enjoyed himself and remarked that he’d never seen a band where the mandolin was the lead instrument for several songs. Dang my parents are hip. Here’s a video of the band. I think I would’ve liked the show as well…

Also, this is freaking me out. It reminds me of this movie, which features Joaquin Phoenix in a role that broke my heart and I will never be able to watch again. Suffice to say he has a monologue about finding God in a Southeast Asia prison and that’s a theme that has some import at the moment so I thought I’d throw it out there. It’s a difficult film — I broke down while watching it — but probably an important one, too. So see it. Really, you should.

UPDATE: I found the clip. Boy shoulda won an Oscar.

And, for some levity because who doesn’t need that on a Monday, the best 80s videos — I think a few are missing like A-Ha or anything by Duran Duran (Rio, Hungry Like the Wolf, Wild Boys…or Adam Ant. He had ridiculous ones, too…)– but still diverting, and this article which I think is hilarious and I just picture some of the dudes (or ladies) I work with being tapped for this kind of thing. Hackers like to believe they are sooooo lunatic fringe. It’s okay to be mainstream guys. Really. Just make sure you keep a little edge. It’s what we all have to do.

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Before I post an incredible video I shamelessly stole from a Facebook friend (you know who you are Mr. Human Resources), let’s talk about jury duty, shall we? Um, I came home exhausted yesterday after deliberating for 6 hours a misdemeanor case where the guy was 100 percent guilty (trust me. no denying it. the judge declared it a mistrial because we were going to come back in today and listen to 2 1/2 hours of witness testimony again and I think he felt sorry for us. I really do.) because one of the jurors was motivated by something other than getting at the truth. And that’s as diplomatic as I can be about it. I mean the lawyer for the defense actually gave us his case during closing — big softball-sized holes he pointed out for us to consider because even defense lawyers have to be able to look at themselves in the mirror every day. But my fellow juror would not budge. I don’t want to go into it except to say that I felt like I was being held hostage for pretty dark reasons and it seriously pissed me off. It depressed the hell out of me and I went home and cried and got very angry and yelled at people on the phone. Serving your civic duty shouldn’t feel like that, should it? Thank you nice judge and lawyers who agreed to call a mistrial. Feeling caged and trapped is the worst feeling in the world to me — I actually start to panic if I think about it — and you gave me my freedom from endless circular discussions and a stifling degree of bias that — seriously — I’m still trying not to be angry about. Reaffirmed my belief that justice really should be blind and really isn’t. I suspect this is not how I should be feeling about the experience and that makes me very sad.

So, enough of that. Everyone should read this article. It’s not only incredibly well-written, the subject is fascinating and I totally want to have a beer with him. I think we could hatch ideas that could fix the world. Because I have to believe that. Did I mention I’m still grieving a loss of innocence from yesterday? Still raw…Here’s a juicy quote from the piece:

“So given all that, what does Breitbart want from the perennial debate? ‘All I want is a fair game,’ he insists. ‘I’m positive our ideas beat their ideas when the game isn’t rigged. That’s why I helped get the Huffington Post off the ground: I want everyone to hear what the Left has to say. Also, I want those of us on the Right to tell people what we believe—not to have those on the Left to do it for us.'”

And here’s the video. Ah, the old hometown. I’ll miss ya.

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Yeah, I got selected for jury duty today. I don’t want to talk about it. I actually can’t talk about it and all that. Proud to serve my civic duty but dang…

Good news? This came in my cereal box. Starfleet Command. Awesome. It is perfectly indicative of where my head’s at right now: learning to embrace that inner dork and trying not to feel too bad about my lapses into social awkwardness. I’ve never understood the rules. Probably too late to start learning them now so I’ll just take joy in my nifty little toy and go with what I know. Hope you’re okay with it.

UPDATE: I steal a lot from Hot Air. Just letting you know in case you hadn’t noticed. I wouldn’t want anyone to think I was genius enough (or not busy enough. ahem.) to find all this stuff. Anyway, just more proof that Dick Cheney is one evil bastard.

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