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We are too far removed from instinct as a species. So, it may be in order, both microcosmically and macrocosmically, to begin listening to the gut a little more and — even in the face of evidence to the contrary — make movements based on the pinprick of spark that is “the will to survive.” Just a thought as I give you these two articles to read — the first a little satire courtesy of Juje that’s funny — but not really. The second, basic, simple, instinctive truth. And for some unknown f*cking reason, incredibly difficult for people to understand. I don’t get it. And I’m almost sick of trying. Almost…

Also, I’m looking forward to this. This poster is exactly how subliminal advertising should work…and if you don’t know what they’re selling then you’ve proven my point. But Johnny Depp’s never looked better, eh ladies? And that’s a new font. Which is cool.

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Prepare yourself — I’m link-crazy today. So, Juje and I were talking last night about the current administration’s continuing efforts to “create a marketplace” in the energy sector and the health care sector and the automotive sector…

Juje has a theory about President Obama. It’s very interesting — she maintains that he is a semantic genius because he has one of the most subtle touches with the old ploy of using facts to prop up lies. She detailed for me one of the many times he did this during his ObamaCare address (which I have yet to watch. I have a hard time with reality if it scares me so I’ll deal with it when I can…). She said that he spoke of the healthcare industry as a “growth industry” before immediately asserting that if it wasn’t taken in hand by the government it could bankrupt the country. My sister is a whole lot smarter than I am. That would have floated right on over my head. But she pulled the double take and apparently told her man Rog that she hoped “people are really listening to this.” Because, as she incredulously asked me over the phone, how could a growth industry bankrupt us? It’s growing and has the potential for more growth so how exactly is it in danger of doing the opposite of that if you just leave it alone…just think about it for a second…you’ll get it…

Then there’s cap and tax, which may pass today, that contains, as WaPo puts it:

“a system of caveats, safety valves and rule changes meant to satisfy unhappy Democrats. The result is legislation that could transform the U.S. energy industry — and allow both Wall Street and the Corn Belt to build a side business in carbon.”

And who is their business partner in that side business of carbon do you think? Yet another government-controlled market. Look, I’ve been yelled at before for saying this and I’m not trying to be paranoid but it does kinda look like our federal government wants state-owned private business ventures. I mean, doesn’t it? I challenge you to find other examples of this kind of thing in history. You will be surprised. And not pleasantly.

And, I find it interesting that the big outcry from the left is how cap and tax won’t cost $3,100 per household like those evil Republicans keep trying to say it will by using somewhat refuted information from an MIT report. Rather, it will only cost about $175 per household. Another clever trick ladies and gents. It doesn’t have to raise energy costs at all you see — if it’s not passed. But hey, at least it’s not over three grand…advertising is a beautiful thing. Here’s a nice little video featuring Ben Lieberman, the Heritage Foundation’s Senior Policy Analyst for Energy and Environment, that should answer some questions about misconceptions regarding carbon emissions in general.

Anyway, I learned how to do this last night so I could go to a little disco dance this weekend. My younger brother and I have always cut quite the fierce rug at most weddings/family events but now I have actual proper steps to show him — and anyone else who wants to learn. So, in honor of a few things I give you a little Michael Jackson before he believed the hype and just some cool choreography from one of my faves (and I have a little crush on Evan. Just sayin’…).

Blame it on the boogie this weekend.

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I hope to be totally and officially moved here by the end of the weekend. Thanks for bearing with me. I just wanted to check things out and familiarize myself with the protocol at the new pad before I leaped full-body into the sea of change. It’s just how I roll.

So, my question about why this wasn’t being covered was answered most expeditiously by Jr. when he noted with a verbal shoulder shrug that, “If it were Jon and Kate trying to cross the border into Switzerland you can bet your ass they’d cover it.” And, of course, he’s right. What does that say about us? I’m not even sure it’s something bad necessarily…what makes the dissolution of a family and the vilification of one or both of the parents more interesting than international intrigue that rivals any spy thriller ever written? I honestly don’t have the answer. I guess that’s why I’ve never really gotten into daytime television…

On a more serious note, the murder of Neda Soltan was something I had avoided watching when I came across video links to it in my daily internet news crawl. It was enough for me to hear about it; I had no interest in watching the life ebb from this woman’s body. Well, as is the case with martyrs, the need to reveal the details has been palpable and so I caught the video the other day on tv. Know something? I’m glad I saw it. It was sickening to watch this woman die in the street like that and I’m certain that she was targeted less for standing and watching a demonstration, or for being a Muslim woman dressed in Western-style clothes, than for being calm and dignified — if the pre-shooting video and reports from friends can be believed — and tragically beautiful. There are those in this world who hate those things — in every culture — and seek to destroy them. It’s not a gender thing either — it’s a spirit thing. It’s a kind of light that people have and I saw it in her even as Ms. Soltan lay dying. Isn’t anyone else tired of that kind of thing? I know it’s been with humanity from the beginning but I hope that Neda’s death reminds us that it’s an ugly, ugly thing. And we should battle it — with words, thoughts, ideas, and, if necessary, force. The Iranians are in the midst of the battle as we speak. May God bless them.

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I’m cursed with a barometer for sinuses. Had I been born a thousand years ago I would have been hailed a witch or shaman or something because I can definitely predict when it will rain. The pressure in the air gives me near-blinding headaches. So pardon my brevity today. I’m in pain. But my Pops told me about this yesterday and I’m just flummoxed as to why this isn’t all over the news? Even if it’s bogus? Can someone explain…?

Also, if you are currently engaged in some behind-the-back shenanigans (you know who you are) regarding this kid and are wondering how to approach me, just keep away for a little while. I’m not really interested in the explanation. I’m sure it’s as base, boring and illogical as these things usually are and I’m just not in the mood for verbal tap dancing. I have other, more positive things that need focusing on and you’re likely to get a dose of Mr. Giggles. Just sayin’.

UPDATE: more on the bond story. I’m having trouble finding really recent news reports so if you see any send em to me. I’m just interested is all.

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You definitely taught me how to deal with those who would steal my crayons. I thank you for that.

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Know thy limits

I gotta go with this here, but for slightly different reasons. Yes, the White House was correct to keep its mouth shut on the topic of Iran, but just wait for it because it’s kind of a backhanded compliment. There’s a lot out right now about what Reagan said when confronted with these kind of human rights abuses around the world — and make no mistake, that’s what they are. Inalienable rights people. Believe in them. Squashing the people’s right to speak out about how they want to be governed is a direct violation of the idea that we are endowed (you’re right Juje; it is a good word) with certain rights at birth — and they remind us that there’s little doubt the Great Communicator was a great communicator. So, for Reagan to remain silent would have been a tragedy. Obama on the other hand…yeah, best if you don’t say anything. You’re just in over your head. Again. But these are all great learning experiences. Four years from now you might make a great President…okay, sorry for the snark. But I do think it will be interesting to see how he processes these things and what kind of politician — and person — he becomes as a result.

Also, my town mourns the temporary loss of a great venue that was a feature of this kid’s college years. Not that I remember any of it but I was there. A lot. Sounds like renovation is possible so bring on the new! That’s actually a really good thing.

Listening to this because of the following. I’m telling you guys, you want the girls? Learn to move…

Beat the heat this weekend.

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Baby D. informed me today that it was Barry Manilow’s birthday so I thought I’d take a minute to explain why this blog is named after one of his songs: because when I was trying to think of a name for this blog “Copacabana” just popped into my head. Much like when my first, and perhaps best, best friend Chris named his childhood pet cat Cucumber because that’s what he happened to be thinking of when the mangy stray walked around the corner of his house. I am not a secret “fanilow” like Baby D. (who, by the way, makes one adorable pregnant chick), although we did sing “I Write the Songs” in chorus in elementary school (do you remember that Baby D.? Is that why you hero worship him? Mrs. Brasher just wrecked you didn’t she?) and I’ve always kinda liked the song “Mandy.” But it’s nothing deeper than that.

I know. Barry Manilow does not hold any deep meaning for me and that seems somewhat disingenuous I imagine. I’m just a word dork and the word had a nice cadence and was evocative of a mish-mash of celebratory imagery. Just like this blog. So it worked see?

Happy Birthday Barry. Thanks for the inadvertent inspiration.

And, here’s this because, really, it is kinda awesome…

UPDATE: this deserves its own post (stolen a’course from Hot Air) because it’s a beautiful indictment of superficiality and explains a lot about the kind of mindset that decides the merit of people based on their “sweet hipster style.” I’m just gonna tack it on here though rather than wait a day because it’s just that important. Didn’t anyone ever tell you Yglesias about the folly of judging a book by its cover? What kind of simpleton are you? It’s always strange to realize that there are some people who never emotionally mature past high school. Let me make it simple for you Yglesias: popular does not equal good. And a cool beard does not a good man make. Why do you not know this? Astounding…

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Role reversal

I saw a roach the size of a Buick in my kitchen last night. I sprayed it and watch the neurotoxins shake the spark of life from it before I got disturbed that I was somewhat enjoying watching the death of a living creature and shut the door to the laundry room so I could at least find the carcass later. Then I had a dream about a lizard approaching a spider on a limb and I expected my mind to show me that pink lizard tongue shooting out and nabbing that spider in a nice tasty, non-gruesome lunch. No. My mind has a cruel streak. Instead, the spider jumped backward onto the lizard’s neck and bit down and then — get this — ate the lizard’s head. I woke up about 3:30 am and didn’t get back to sleep again.

I only tell you this because a.) I’m exhausted and am prone to ramble — more so than usual if that’s even possible and b.) I think it’s a nice segue into talking about what’s going on in Iran at the moment and how Obama was just like that lizard in my dream — you thought you could just approach that spider with your powerful lizard tongue and he’d be sure to just play the part of spider lunch? I mean, just talk to that spider and he’ll surely see that he has a role to play and that trying to play something else is futile. The lizard is, after all, bigger, more powerful, prettier and has a whole history of lizard-spider interaction on his side.

Well Mr. President, that spider has ignored your assertions about where he fits into the food chain and just jumped backward and is about to deliver the bite. Do you think he’s ready to listen yet about how he’s just a spider? Maybe since he’s on your head he’ll hear you better. And this, by the way, is always the danger of elitism. The world just may not work the way you and your powerful friends think it does. How you managed to get where you’ve gotten without learning this is a mystery to me. But welcome to the reality club. It’s a little scary but at least we tend to be prepared.

Jr., btw, is looking east to Korea, which is probably wise because they are watching with interest what’s happening. He also tells me that this is why he believes stabilizing the region by weakening the natural enemies of the tiny dictator is proving to be somewhat dangerous. I don’t know if I agree but I can see his point.

I’m pulling for your Mr. President. Maybe you should give W. a call…

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Hi. I’m moving. Well, this little blog is anyway. I hope the rest of my life follows on its heels. Why it takes me so long to accomplish something that others accomplish seemingly (well to me, but I might be biased) so quickly is something I try not to think about because, as Paul Simon noted, good days ain’t got no rain. And when I can control the weather, I will.

Anyway, you can see what the new place looks like here. I’m still working on it so I’ll probably post to both for a while. Feeling pretty good about it because the images and videos and things weren’t supposed to easily import based on everything I read but they seem to have made the transition intact (Scratch that: upon closer inspection it appears some did and some didn’t. Sigh. But it’s how we learn I suppose). So there’s that. Let the sun shine.

Here’s your reading for the weekend. I give it to you to remind you that science changes its mind a lot (ahem, global warming) and you should really take that into consideration. (Thanks again Hot Air.)

Don’t bow to peer pressure this weekend.

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Gettin’ ready to travel to the old hometown tonight to see this man play in concert with some of the fam. Someone told me the other day when I told them about this show that he was “kinda old.” Dear Lord help these people understand that the Reverend defies the laws of space and time.

And briefly — and I hope to have more to say on this later — I saw the movie Doubt last night. As a Catholic I thought it was a nice exploration of the tricky dualities we humans are constantly grappling with, in this case doubt vs. faith. Here’s some light reading on the subject (all those religion classes coming back to haunt…) I’m having a conversation with someone else at the moment about something bordering on this dichotomy — it’s more related to, I think, how something can be both beautiful and tragic at the same time — but it started me thinking about paradoxes and contradictions and then this film kind of solidified where I was going in my head with all that because you’re forced to deal with characters who are filled with faith, doubt, truth, lies — all simultaneously. I’ll have to really work it out before I talk more about it but I do love some John Patrick Shanley, who wrote the play and then the screenplay and, finally, directed the film. He’s responsible for Moonstruck as well — brilliant film (“Do you love him Loretta? “Ma, I love him awful…” “Aw that’s too bad…”) and one of my top five faves, easily overlooked because the stars are seen as pretty schmaltzy, but I think it’s a profound little movie and it makes me happy. It’s called Joe Versus the Volcano. I’ve included my favorite scene — one of my favorite scenes from any movie in fact. Also, Mr. and Mrs. Thompson, bless you for this. Reading the customer reviews ensures hours of hilarity…

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