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Hell of a week this week kids. I had drama and trauma hit me from almost every side, some of it expected, some of it a long time coming and some from out of the blue — the last I’m still trying to get a handle on. I hate when I’m more affected by something than the carefully constructed myth I’ve created for myself dictates I should be. However, on a more positive flip side, I also closed the book on something with a final word that surprised even me. And it felt good son! I was confronted with the truth that some people are as bad as the megalomaniacs you think only exist on television. And I’m spent people. And kinda mad. I’m working on it…

When I get this raw I try to get back to the basics — lots of crying because, well, I’m kind of a girl…But also, I seek the funny. And, while gathering some light provisions from Kroger at lunch today, I caught the new Vanity Fair staring at me from the rack. I used to read this magazine religiously but had to stop when I got a little wiser and discovered the almost glaring bias between its pages and got really annoyed that they couldn’t just stay the f*@k out of it and give me pretty pictures of celebrities (It’s bad when your sister — an actress with a past tendency toward liberalism I might add — won’t watch the Oscars because she doesn’t like the “moralizing.” Just sayin’…)

But this time, despite my bank account screaming obscenities at me, I bought it. Because the portfolio of comedians had me giggling and then laughing aloud. Thank you boys. I’ll pay you back by seeing I Love You Man in the theater.

Happy Friday the 13th.

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Okay look, there’s a fine line between punk rock and stupid. I’m as rebellious as the next kid and have been known to push an envelope or two, but mucking about with proprietary images — i.e. ones backed by copyright law — without approval is borderline simple. Especially when the taste and potential for schadenfreude is so very, very high. So get off my back, yeah?

changed my mind. Listening to this and being transported back to the end of college. Not really in a pleasant way actually. But The Final Cut is a cool song man.

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Solid ground again

Coming down from a righteous indignation high so I have little to say. I liked this article though, especially in light of the tendency for folks to panic and for the axiom at the beginning, which is one I try to live by.

Also, stole this from Winders — who’s a savvy newsman and a good egg — and had fun checking out the other cartoons from this guy’s warped mind. I also like the soundtrack from the movie and suspect, and have heard, it’s pretty damn good. I’ve read some of the novel — used to date someone who was quite the fan — but never the whole thing. Zimmer says it’s bleak but brilliant. I’ll have to wait a bit until I’m feeling a little stronger to give it a go…

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Aaaargh with your Spring Break plans!

Mention of this has been floating around work. I like it! Also, I just came across this. It’s about the only good thing I’ve come across lately regarding the economy, the ridiculous stimulus package and the bloating of the federal government. America, meet the man. He owns you. Also, keeping my eye on this whole byte-sized communication craze there’s this. My good friend CM Kay, who just became my Facebook friend (I missed you rocker man!) says that MySpace is best for bands, Facebook is best for people and Twitter is best for business. Is there a unified front in our future? To an extent but the aesthetic will have to be flexible just because of the nature of “the kids” who like to keep things separate from the aforementioned man. We’ll see.

Have a safe and happy weekend. As for me, I’ll be applying for work (surprise!) and trying to figure out how it went from 7 inches of snow to 77 degrees in three days. Armageddon?

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It’s not that I’m not paying attention to the world right now. I’m aware. I just don’t want to talk about it. I’m sitting back and watching the fallout. I’ll speak up when I need to…

In the meantime, I’m learning about my new crush, one Jason O’Mara, lead actor on Life on Mars (which I only know about because it comes on after Lost, has awesome music and Harvey Keitel, and is actually pretty interesting). Anyway, Mr. O’Mara was born and raised in Dublin (drool), was a Rugby player until he was injured (double drool), and has a sparkle in his eye that is one of the reasons I continue to give humanity a chance.

Welcome to my dreams Jason. I swear to God I’ve never matured past the age of 14 in the most important ways.

UPDATE: Less than tragic moment of self awareness = of course I had to listen to Hunky Dory at work because of my new crush, which led me to listen to ChangesBowie, an album I got in High School because my sister Juje was an enormous fan and I have a memory of hearing Space Oddity around the age of 5 and bawling my eyes out. I got that one, too. I really think it’s the reason I’m fascinated by Astronomy and space travel and all that other geeky stuff. I only tell you, Internet, because no one else cares…waaa.

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So, maybe I was quick to think that our little snow prediction in Georgia was going to be the light dusting it always is and that people freaking out and all businesses shutting down were going to be overreactions. We did get about 7 inches — but just in Athens apparently. Athens, it turns out, was under some swirling mass of freakish cloud cover that dumped nearly twice the amount that anyone else saw within a 20-30 mile radius. Very strange. People were losing power left and right. I was powerless for just over 24 hours, which actually leads me to forgive myself for my quick prejudgement because as it turns out, you can drive to get coffee in 7 inches of snow. You have to friends. No coffee just won’t do. Of course I had no idea where every contraption my mother has given me for Christmas over the years was located — the battery-operated lantern would have been awesome (my mother gave me the riot act for not having a battery-powered radio and Coleman stove. She did suggest I fire up my mini charcoal grill for hot water however. Remind me to tell you about the tool she put in our stockings one year that stays in my car glove box. It’s a utilitarian thing that helps you escape from a car crash. My mother the survivalist.)

Anyway, I had a moment Sunday driving home from swimming at the gym — I’ve included a pic of road conditions at that time courtesy of Steph because I didn’t have my camera on me — where I very nearly got stuck because of the genius 20-year-old girl in front of me. Look here, when driving in snow, instinctively I do a few things: go slowly, try to find the most downhill route on the most frequently traveled road, find the biggest 4-wheel drive truck and follow it. Young girl in front of me however decided to stop, going uphill in rapidly falling snow, turn around and give me the “go around” hand signal because apparently the five other cars that had gotten stuck at this very intersection were her friends. Now, I begrudge no one their good time — and these kids looked like Abercrombie & Fitch in the snow (got a good laugh from Zimmer for this description so thought I’d use it again) — but are you kidding me! Thoughts racing through my head in the 20 seconds I was stuck behind her trying to go around her dumb ass: shit. who the hell do I call if I can’t get out? Will they get stuck, too? They’ll hate me for life regardless. Why does everyone who wouldn’t hate me for life live so far away? Do I have my hat and gloves in case I have to walk the four miles home? Yes, thank God. This girl has no consideration for anyone else — not even her friends because ostensibly she’s here to help but they’re just playing around; this isn’t serious to them. Dammit, does that make me old and bitter? No, when I was younger I would have rolled my window down and cussed her out. I’m softening with age…good. Oh thank God my wheels have gotten some traction and I’m moving. People are dumb.”

To all the people who I called around 5 pm Sunday who didn’t answer the phone (ahem), good move grasshoppers. You would have gotten the earful I wanted to give the genius girl in front of me. I’m not sure but I think I saw her stupid Jeep there the next morning when I drove to get coffee. Effing Einstein.

But ya know, for all the ridiculousness, there were people traveling around my neighborhood on a modified lawn mower with a chainsaw cutting up branches. And it was kinda fun being forced to read and forget all the “have to” stuff that comes with modern conveniences. And the snow was truly beautiful. I love the silence that accompanies it. Stupid girls can’t take that away from me.

Anyway, pics. The lamps and the flame retardant boot at the bottom are from my fabulous trip to IKEA in Atlanta, which you learn more about over at Baby Ds place. Forgive all the bird shooting — I have no class.

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