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A new day dawns

This is confusing the hell out of me because I’ve actually heard many conservatives talk about how compulsory military service could be a good thing and I know Israel does something similar with some success I think. But I don’t know…his “circle of love” comment smacks of snark and condescension. And, if it’s come to this, it seems a fairly sobering need, not one we should be cavalier about. We’ll see…

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Hi people. I totally have a dark cloud over my head today so, really, if I bite your head off or cry at you or throw a temper tantrum or look at you like I think you’re a murdering bastard just say nothing and keep walking. I’ll catch up with you on the flip side.

This is helping slightly but not much.

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Thanks LS for this. I’ll mourn someone who knew how to stay classy in a world where high-drama and bad behavior is increasingly regarded as desirable.

Currently downloading this for the road. Everyone should have a copy in my opinion…

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Exploring the microcosm

Well, it’s done. He ran a good campaign and his charisma — which I think at this point is all we really know about him — paid off in the end. I’ve never cared much about race — never have, never will — so I’m not one to meditate on whether it helped him or not. I don’t care. It’s about the man and his policies, not how he looks. However, he is the first black President and that’s an accomplishment. I would feel more celebratory about that if I wasn’t, the day before the election, trying to convince a small business owner I know not to be nervous because no matter what happened she was going to be okay. She’s scared about some of the tax initiatives that were casually tossed around during the campaign and the intrusion by government into her business, which is remarkably succeeding in a difficult market. I know she’s even more frightened this morning. And, admittedly, I was pretty pissed last night watching the election returns — superficiality always does that to me — but then a liberal friend of mine, in an attempt to be snarky (you know who you are Mandias), unknowingly reminded me of something…

He said, in response to some of my kvetching, that if anything goes wrong now (because Bush can no longer be blamed. Ha Ha.), because of my bad attitude, the only person to be blamed now … is me. Zing!

Ah yes. Toe that party line or you will be blamed for the problems. I don’t know if he was joking (he likely was) but it stung because that recently happened to me — I was marginalized, pretty seriously to the degree that I was almost unemployed, for no documentable reason except that I disagreed with someone’s way of doing things while in a position where I didn’t get to have an opinion. The only reason I survived (and I mean just barely) was because, again, I hadn’t done anything that was a firable offense. But they did everything else they could — stripped me of responsibilities, my office, my equipment (I sat in essentially a storage closet for two weeks without a computer and was then asked why I wasn’t completing certain tasks. Fuck.), humiliated me by treating me like I was only useful enough to fetch coffee and very nearly destroyed my opportunity to finish my master’s degree that I was more than halfway through at the time. Gestapo tactics to be sure.

And then my Pops saved me because he said “I would only leave on my terms and I would have a big smile on my face every day like I was completely unaffected by their bullshit.”

And that is what I did. I changed my attitude — without changing my opinions — because I figured I did work for the company, not the man, and so I had to get behind the man and celebrate his successes and, indeed, help him achieve those successes, because my loyalty was to the company who paid me.

And my loyalty is to the country who produced me. So Obama, even though we’ve hired you without a resume (which is just kind of crazy but whatever) like McCain, I’m ready to help. I just want you to know, however, that I’m more effective as a colleague when I have a voice. You never know what you might learn from a dissenting opinion. (With regards Mandias).

It’s a brave new world. I go forward unafraid.

UPDATE: and it’s an important one…a work friend, a black man (which actually is relevant to what I’m about to say which is generally not really the case…) just stopped in my office, as he usually does because we’re colleagues and friends, and told me he feels good about Obama’s win because his father called him last night and said, “When you were young and I told you if you studied hard you could be anything you wanted to be, I said it, but I knew it wasn’t true.”

My friend looked at me hard in the eye and said, “Now, when I say that to my boys [he has two]…”

“You have something to point to,” I finished. He nodded.

It was a moment I won’t forget. And I’m happy for my friend that he shares that victory with Obama. I just wish the party of Pelosian subterfuge hadn’t gotten their hooks in him. But, ya know, maybe he’s got the sack (that’s what we say down here in the South) to be the man my work friend — who is a very good man himself — believes him to be. I’ll try to have a little faith and I’ll pull for him work friend. For you.

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I know it’s not popular, but I agree with Andrew Breitbart: I just have never had the problem with him that everyone else has had. I was likely predisposed because I was hearing how stupid he was from the beginning by people I wouldn’t trust to watch my theoretical kids and, ya know, I’m not sure how much I trust the judgment of people whose decision-making skills are just slightly higher than Patrick’s from Spongebob Squarepants.

Anyway, as the election will be over in just over a day (and I’ll be praying tonight. I’m really not joking about that. I’m a little frightened about the prospect of the mitigation of checks and balances that comes from party domination. Feels a bit like a regime in the ugliest sense of the word…), I think this is a fitting farewell. Some of us appreciate the work that you did. We take a lot of shit for it, but we are brave enough to acknowledge that you gave it a good run and the vitriol lobbed at you over the years has been particularly harsh and unwarranted. And if any of you have any problems with that, you know where to find me.

For you Steph, since I broke yours and had to replace it, a weird and effective ad for the new Rubik’s Cube.

Also, check out the work my photog friend does. How brilliant is this shot? She’s a keen eye that one. She’s also a real corker and can hold her Evan Williams and this is about all one needs in a friend… Love you Mrs. Dodd. And, because she reminded me of the first song from this greatest hits album — this was a favorite band of mine in high school cause I was sooooo retro — here’s some groovy music for you. I’ve always loved track 5 quite a bit as well…

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