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Okay, Day 4, DNC — I don’t know. I need a little more substance. But I feel for Obama because I’m sure he’s got detailed plans. It’s just that his constituency would fall asleep if he tried to tell them. The Nirvana song “Smells Like Teen Spirit” kept running through my head as I watched his speech. “Here we are now, entertain us…”

I’m guessing we’ll all know more once the debates roll around.

And you’ve made a shrewd choice Mr. McCain. I commend you on your strategy. Can’t wait to see how she handles herself. Here’s hoping for the best (and that Romney is slated for something Cabinet related…).

The Connells are back in my CD player after several years of obscurity. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed their college-radio style. Rhapsody is lacking their best albums — One Simple Word and Fun & Games — so here’s Boylen Heights, still pretty damn good. The first song I ever heard from them was “Fun & Games” as a mere apple-cheeked youth of 18 and I listened to it this morning on my way into work. It still makes me smile despite the cynicism of the actual lyrics. My suggestion is that you listen to it ASAP.

And have a fab weekend. I’ll be buying Lebanese cheese. Are you curious? Good…

UPDATE: oooh I almost forgot….GO DAWGS!!!!!!! Win that title boys. Give the finger to the non-believer and just move that football. It’s gonna be wild in Athens for the next few months…

UPDATE: cool…

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A few pre-lunch thoughts on the the DNC, Day 3. (I have some very detailed ideas but rather than use this forum as a place to start debate — when there’s no real chance of hearing the opposing viewpoint in any meaningful way — I’ll just say if you want to know more, ask. I’ll tell.)

1. There’s no way to overstate the historic event that took place in Obama’s nomination. I’m so pleased to live in a nation where we change the rules as we learn and grow, both legally and ethically — and then live up to the standards we set for ourselves. It was a marvelous thing and about time.

2. My choice of candidate remains firm. And I’m comfortable with that.

3. Bill Clinton needs to seriously get the f@*k over himself already.

4. They should have put Biden’s mom on the ticket.

That is all. Except that Charles Krauthammer is my new hero in intellectual acuity. I don’t know that I agree with everything he espouses but God his mind functions so methodically and his arguments are so well-reasoned that it just causes me to stop and really consider — just really consider. For the most part I look around and see a bunch of half-reasoned arguments being touted as Gospel truth and for someone to just explain themselves and what they think to the degree that there are no holes to exploit — well that’s just a beautiful thing.


[Happy Birthday Em! — uh, yesterday…I can be so bad…but if it makes you feel any better I called my dad today and he had to take another call on his cell so he put me on hold and sort of forgot about me. So, ya know, I come by it honestly… You’ll be benefiting from the guilt for a while.]

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The new version of Firefox looks like Safari. Just sayin’.

My brother sent me this. I thought it was funny…

And this one goes out to all my favorite boys. Take some notes…

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My feet are camera hogs

Enjoy a few pics from the beach. Forgive the blurriness of some. I’m still playing with the lenses and settings on my camera and am working out the kinks. I’m playing catch up for a few days and therefore have little to say. But I have been watching the Dem convention and I’m sure — almost 100% certain — I’ll have a few opinions in a couple of days…till then…

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Up the Beach

After I clean the bathroom, finish a freelancing piece and go for a run, I’m headed South to Fernandina Beach. Never mind that’s there a hurricane there right now — will that stop this intrepid traveler (and her fierce friends)? No. No it will not.

I had to go get some coffee this morning when I woke to discover an empty can — this is something akin to finding that dude Jigsaw from Saw standing in your kitchen: a true horror scenario. As I was driving back I noticed some graffiti on the side of a building. I’m assuming the writer wanted to spell the word with two “a”s because of the angry scrawls that accompanied the phrase but it came out “I love [it was actually a heart] Satin.”

Satin is nice.

This one goes out to the Help Desk.

ps: Shana, thanks and I like you, too and Bets I will pass along your sage words to the haters. Blogging is useful for venting. And apparently getting a little sympathy. You guys rule.

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UPDATE: Pity party over. Amen. Read at your own risk…

Mom, Pop — I know you taught me to be strong in my convictions, to be clear about what I think, to educate myself in order to make informed decisions and to own what I know to be true even in the face of hostility and — sometimes even worse — unpopularity.

But dammit everyone hates me. Even people that like me hate me. And I keep getting yelled at. Can’t I just give in and pretend that the contradictions make sense and the inexperience is immaterial? Please? I’m losing all my friends…

I hate election years. Lucky for me I tasted the sting of ostracism early so I know I can survive it. But it sucks. It really, really does.

My cool friend at work introduced me to this artist and the lyrics of this song made me feel a little better. Thanks Larry. But hey man, don’t get to know too much about me cause I don’t want you to discover you hate me, too.

Bad day mates. Bad day.

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It is best not to taunt the most winningest Olympic athlete in history before competing against him because he might respond by making you think you’re actually going to win until the last 15 meters or so when he smokes your arrogant ass. You got so owned.

Just sayin’.

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I’ve been reminded a few times lately that I used to write a lot about music — which Elvis Costello so famously likened to “dancing about architecture” (although there is some debate about this. In fact, I heard it was Thelonius Monk who said it first…). In any event, I agree with whoever said it. Hence the “used to” — also my mother sort of drilled it into my head at an early age that you can’t hang out in dance/music halls all the time and be a lady. I’m not saying that’s true — just that it got in early and deep and so being a music writer always felt like something of a rebellion, and something you put away when you stop feeling like no one understands you.

Anyhoo, because I’ve been reminiscing a bit, I decided to give you a nice little mix of Athens music I like. Please understand, this is not intended to be representative of what Athens has offered or does offer. Just songs I like. That’s all. Rhapsody’s changed their format and I’m currently not able to link to individual songs, only whole albums. But hey, ya know, they’re all good…However, here’s the listing of tracks I’d like you to hear:

Dayroom — Cheap Wine
The Glands — Fortress
The Whigs — Give ‘Em All a Big Fat Lip
Japancakes — The Waiting
The Star Room Boys — Both Our Towns (love this one)
Lona — Love Country
Jucifer — The Movements of Swallows
Neutral Milk Hotel — Two-headed Boy

I think I found my Muxtape…

Cheap Wine by Dayroom

The Glands by The Glands

Give ‘Em All A Big Fat Lip by The Whigs

The Sleepy Strange by Japancakes

Why Do Lonely Men And Women Want To Break Each Other’s Hearts? by The Star Room Boys

The The Nth (Reissue + 2) by Lona

Calling All Cars On The Vegas Strip by Jucifer

In The Aeroplane Over The Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel

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Holy shit the world’s gone mad. First, we’re being baited into starting WWIII and now this. I’m getting a little freaked out…

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Okay, first off, does anyone else think that Putin’s explanation of why Russia was just forced to invade Georgia sounds a great deal like Hitler’s justification (which later proved to be less than accurate) for invading Poland? Bill Kristol asks some pretty interesting questions in this Op-Ed. I sincerely hope this doesn’t escalate…

Second, I am just so thrilled with the US Men’s relay team and their anchor Jason Lezak who somehow, and I mean against every known law of physics, managed to out length a 6’5″ frenchman in the last few pulls of the race, breaking the world record and creating one of the greatest Olympic races of all time. I was hanging around at the pool last weekend with my childhood friend Sara and her husband was a little concerned about leaving their son in the pool by himself for a second. Sara calmly reassured him by reminding him that he was talking to two people, she and myself, who could “be down at the end of the pool in like two seconds.” And we could, too, because on our freestyle relay team (and, for that matter, the medley relay team) she and I swam on for the better part of 10 years together, she was the anchor, the fast, last swimmer whose job it was to pull our butts out of whatever fire we had gotten ourselves into. She looked like a freaking paddle boat in the water. I was the fly girl (in every sense of the word, yo) and breaststroke was always my albatross, too, so I have a soft spot for Michael Phelps. But Sara was Lezak. She totally would have caught up to and overcome Alain Bernard. And then we would have gone to Pizza Hut with matted hair and wet clothes and talked about how awesome it felt to win.

Have a large with extra cheese guys. You earned it.

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