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So, what do we all think about the Clinton plants in the Republican debates? I wouldn’t have a problem with it except they presented these people as “undecided.” One Democrat apologist said on the news last night that it shouldn’t be a big deal because they were just asking questions and it just proved how scared Republicans are of Hillary’s campaign. Yeah but why the lie? There are forums for these kinds of questions to opposing candidates so why not wait? Sounds like the fear is coming from Hill.

I have a friend who is my favorite friend to talk to because he gets me thinking about things like whether or not Elves embraced the Industrial Revolution and Capitalism while Gnomes chose to remain Communist, how dance/performance outfits are often asexual as evidenced by the film Blades of Glory, and how the Smurfs could have procreated prior to the arrival of Smurfette by laying eggs.

He’s so awesome.

Start promoting the Spirit of Christmas this weekend.

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Calling Bruce Willis

Hope they’ve been doing more up there than just spacewalking (which I’ve always suspected. Thank God for the visionaries…)

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It’s raining!!!

Check the close up…

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I was trying to explain to someone what Thanksgiving was like in my family. It’s like the Dysfunctional Family Bingo Card (click image to enlarge). And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Strange things are happening. For example, I called a classical musician/studio owner here in town a week or so ago to schedule an interview for a magazine piece I’m writing and he got back in touch with me this morning. After a few minutes on the phone it came out that he and I are from the same neighborhood. We went to the same elementary school and high school, we played sports for the same athletic association (he was a big shot football player who went on to play for Ga. Tech while I was courted to play softball in college but opted against it, much to the chagrin of my parents), he knew my sister in high school — he’s a good 10 years older than I — and was at the legendary football game my two brothers played in in the mid 80s where our high school very nearly beat Marist for the regionals which was saying something since Marist was a tony private school that had the ability to recruit players and we were just a schleppy public school from the burbs. That game broke my brothers’ hearts but they were both standout players and this musician remembered them. Too weird. Should be a fun interview — always good to reconnect with folks from your hood. Funny how even the cadence of conversation is similar when someone grows up down the street even if you never even really knew them…

Anyway, thought I’d post this picture of me target shooting at my grandpa’s place up in Rabun — I really could have been a sniper I think. I have a very steady hand. I always gave my brother a run for his money — in honor of The Killer’s cover of a song my dad used to play pretty much every trip we made to the foothills in my youth. The original was sung by Kenny Rogers (we have a Kenny Rogers connection in my family which I won’t go into here) and man do I love this song. Glad to see The Killer’s have given it a little cred. It totally deserves it.

Exercise your trigger finger this weekend.

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You know what I love? When people appropriate things you find funny to get attention. I know this doesn’t make sense to everyone…but it makes sense to the right people. Trust me. And it just makes me feel better to say it.

Also, living with a severe drought has made me wonder — since water is the most abundant natural resource on the planet, isn’t the panic over drinking water a bit excessive? And don’t start with me on the argument that we’ll lower ocean levels if we have to start desalinating and disbursing water from the coasts — what with the polar ice caps melting and the sea level rising in just a few more years a la global warming we should be in pretty good shape. See how that all balances out?

I love this song.

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And it was blue

A friend of mine came to see me Saturday and brought a new energy drink.

I’m not kidding. This led to much discussion of Bawls as both a delicious way to get high on caffeine and as an underrepresented curse word. As my friend so wisely noted, “So many bawls, so little time…”

Also, a decision was made that this song is pretty much the only one that has a nice sax part. I believe I have remembered another…

Actually, this version is just a guitar riff but I swear there’s a version with a sax rather than a guitar. It’s a good song in any event.

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So I discovered something yesterday — there’s absolutely nothing more offensive than an unfunny comedian. If you’re going to do something in the spirit of a prank, please, please, for the love of all things hilarious, make it funny. Otherwise it’s just kinda depressing…it’s why the rest of the world hates us I swear.

On that note, there’s this wing restaurant here in town that is capitalizing on the whole Chuck Norris meme by putting a little thumbnail size pic of Walker TR on their to-go menus. A guy I work with said, “Too bad their wings don’t deliver a round-house kick to the gut.”

Now that’s funny.

Really loving this song and learning that despite some of the difficulties in calculating concepts, microeconomics is kind of a new love.

Promote acts of random kindness this weekend.

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MySpace vs. Facebook

I think this is along the lines of East Coast/West Coast hip-hop war. But which one’s Suge Knight and which one’s Biggie Smalls? When Tom Anderson, the ubiquitous MySpace “first friend” is gunned down at an intersection in his Prius, the shit is on…

By the way, really looking hard at this magazine…Just sayin…

Rent High Anxiety this weekend. It’s hilarious.

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Halloween was fun

I can’t really post the pics — not that they’re all that sordid but some of these kids will be looking for jobs in the very near future and I just don’t want the random beer can to negatively affect their efforts. But here’s one that I can post because you can’t tell who these freaks are. It was all downhill from here…

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