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Someone at work was looking at some list of the top 20 scariest movies for Halloween and Bambi made the list. Damn straight it did. My mother took a bunch of us kids to see this festival of pain disguised as a Disney movie when I was very young — couldn’t have been more than like 4. She had to remove me from the theater when Bambi’s mom gets killed (sorry for ruining the ending for all the Unabombers who’ve been living in the woods and didn’t know this happened) — I broke out crying and absolutely was inconsolable. I have never seen the ending.

And I never will.

On that note, here’s a few happy hallow-wieners:

Here’s my Halloween costume because I basically affected this same look the first couple of years of college and I like the song — I am so not cool…

And my favorite Halloween song ever. Okay, I’m kinda cool…

Be creepy tonight…

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I’m in the clear

So here’s a thought: Being a hypocrite is okay as long as you admit it.

I’m a hypocrite….

Find something awe-inspiring to do this weekend.

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Playing in the dirt

I’m so terribly busy I can’t talk. But here’s a few pictures of the MPA softball team. One of our outfielders is pretty much the fastest human I’ve ever seen with the exception of my brother. This guy’s like a cheetah. And then I saw his glowing moon shoes and realized why…

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To paraphrase my work friend Zimmer, MySpace is not always evil. It was recently, for me, used in a very good way because it led Thor to my door.

Back in college, there were four ravishingly beautiful and saucily witty (stealing your phrase Thor) gals who hung together all the time named Bob, Lola, Love Bug and Thor. Thor was the first to leave and she was sorely missed. She knew about all things related to Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin, could tell you the meaning of Runic symbols and how it felt to be a high school cheerleader with purple hair. She ate plain baked potatoes with Parmesan cheese, always wore jeans and thought Jim Morrison was a poet and saint. In short, she was just really cool.

She was pretty different from old Lola, who had (and has) a tendency to be a little straight-laced and rigid in her opinions. But Thor was creativity and free-spirited-ness on legs and could disagree with Lola and things never got ugly. They were friends. And Lola learned some things.

Well Thor, through the magic of web-enabled social networking, has found Lola and is just a jump down the road, back in her hometown. Can’t wait to see her. Look at that face — do you see what I mean?

In honor of you Thor, here’s a song from back then that may as well be about you. Love ya kid.

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Everybody’s already seen this I’m sure but a friend pointed this out to me today and I had to post it because it’s representative of that mysterious thing that I’ll never understand: why are people so reticent to admit the truth even when it is right in front of their faces? That’s all I’m saying. Hate me for it if you want.

A Tale of Two Houses

and on a broader topic, I really hate feeling afraid all the time for having certain beliefs and opinions that maybe aren’t popular or status quo. And please do not read into this that my views are hateful or prejudiced — I wasn’t raised that way and wouldn’t know how to begin judging people based on superficial qualities. That would be letting my parents down because they have always maintained that I’m a smart little cookie and it takes very little brain power to judge with the eyes or the emotions. That said, the truth is — and this is especially true with political affiliation — I have felt the sting of disenfranchisement for having a certain mindset and it confuses me. A friend of mine insists that it might be a little stupid to publicly proclaim — read: writing about it on this blog, speaking about it in conversation where — gasp! — people might overhear — about my true opinions and I struggle with this. It is true that if you let people know what you think you are immediately vulnerable. Your weaknesses are exposed.

But then, I still feel very strongly that to pretend that I don’t have certain views is basically just walking through life afraid. Still working this one out and hoping beyond hope that it’s right to have faith in people and not get all cynical and believe that the world is so bad off that there’s no room for intelligent discourse.

whew! feeling a little philosophical today I guess…

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“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.”

Lord Acton

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I couldn’t resist. Have a shreddin’ Friday!

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Scary grasshoppers

My little podcast was posted over at the the old ABH, a publication I used to be a reporter for and still have pretty fond memories of. My friend Winders has risen up through the ranks and asked me to take part in his Radio Free Athens initiative so I did. I went for the safe, cute thing first. We’ll see what happens from here.

Ever seen a lubber? They’re mutant grasshoppers from another planet. I swear…

Please ignore the ridiculously Southern accent and the slight fumbling over words in places. I was nervous and I was born and raised in Atlanta. And I’m sort of a hick apparently.

Also, here’s one for the season. They’re hicks, too.

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The Hambergular

Finally, something to talk about. Does it freak anyone else out that La Lady Clinton has decided to make Sandy “stealing and hiding top secret documents under construction site trailers” Berger an unpaid adviser on her campaign? I mean, damn that’s just blatant…She’s pretty much giving the country the finger. I mean, the guy stole documents from the national archives and his only defense was “Oops! It was an accident. My bad…” My good friend Mr. West, who’s a Democrat, came to stay with me this weekend and he insisted to me that Hillary “Marie Antoinette” Clinton was going to win the Presidency… Does this change your mind Mr. West? Please, tell me it does (I still love you and thanks for brunch by the way…)

On a related note, why does everyone justify Clinton’s tragic Presidency by telling me how popular he was. Since when is that a quality for leadership? It might be a quality for election — the most votes win — but how many “popular” people do you know that have a sliding scale of morality, no principles and would roll right over anyone who gets in their way? I know a lot. Not sure I want them making decisions about my money, quality of life, ability to get healthcare, education, etc., etc.

But yes, I agree. He was popular.

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In honor of my new intramural softball team — we play our first tournament Oct. 19th — I post this little nugget about Clark, the Canadian Hockey Goalie. Friday fun awaits…

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