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Dan Qwan is my homeboy and I have the shirt to prove it.

Also, I finally saw Blades of Glory and I even though it was what we’ve come to expect from Will Ferrell and Co. I just love what they do. Every time. Because, ya know, sometimes laughing at that kind of stuff — and realizing that there are people in the world who just want to make people lose control of themselves laughing for a few minutes — reaffirms for me some basic sense of justice and balance in the world.

Oddly, the film opened with this almost unbearably beautiful song from Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli. I listened to it this morning and wept at the breathtaking possibility of humanity … I’m serious. I defy anyone to listen to it — really listen to it — without feeling some stirring in the soul.

Have a labor-free labor day.

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This is so awesome I just had to post about:

the law, which goes into effect next month and strictly stipulates the procedures by which one is to reincarnate, is “an important move to institutionalize management of reincarnation.”

A friend of mine at work wondered about how the law is actually written and I told him that given the political climate in China you could be suspected of engaging in “reincarnation activities” and be arrested, detained, questioned and possibly tortured. Sounds funny doesn’t it? It’s not…

Um, and to Owen Wilson, whom I completely love and I mean no disrespect by this, when Courtney Love tells you you’re hanging with a bad crowd and Woody “I Love Weed” Harrelson stages an intervention, it may be time to start reevaluating your decision-making paradigm.

Also, just because it feels like the right time to do this, to all those people I know or knew once who wonder why I don’t talk to you or hide from you when I see you coming or look the other way apathetically or act like I’m annoyed with your presence, it’s really not that I hate you cause Mama taught me not to hate the Lord’s children. It is however, everything Bob Dylan says in Positively 4th Street. Listen to it. Loud. I’m sure I’ll see you later and perhaps we can exchange a glance of understanding…

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Rock of Ages

So, Def Leppard is still really popular apparently. The last time I was at Hi-Fi Buys Amphitheater in Atlanta it was called Lakewood, I was 21 and there to see the Allman Brothers with my college boyfriend, he spoke no more than 3 words to me the entire evening and I don’t remember minding.

My sister had the chance to howl at the moon a little, I got to dance on the grass and take pictures, and my brother and his wife got to expand the scope of their shared experiences. A good time was had by all. 10,000 of us…

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Virgo rising

Connery and I share a birthday tomorrow. I’m sure he’s going to spend it in a bathtub full of money. I’ll be seeing 80s pop great Def Leppard in the Atl. It takes all kinds no?

Here’s a list of other people born on my b-day — from Ivan the Terrible to Elvis Costello to Tim Burton to Leonard Bernstein to Gene Simmons to Bret Harte, etc… Not including Duncan, who’ll be throwing his first birthday cake from his high chair sometime tomorrow. We are in good (and in some cases, dubious) company my little friend.

And just because the irony in this report is so real you can taste it in the back of your throat when you read this, I give it to you from Villainous Company. Martyrdom turned on it’s head…

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You anxiously await the release of this book Sept. 17th. A gentleman I work with and I were discussing ol’ Al Greenspan and my work friend said, with awe in his voice, “I consider him like an Oracle…” Indeed. He was a jazz musician in the 40’s in New York City, too, before he decided to study economics. Sigh… Is it wrong to have a crush on someone so much older? I don’t care I tell you! Alan Greenspan you are a handsome, brilliant man and I don’t care who knows it!!!


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My sister-in-law read this and had this to say in an email to me —
“Saw your blog today about the perverts at work…..and I can see your sentiment. I feel the same way towards certain types of women out there in the world. The ones who perpetuate negative and discriminatory and oppressive stereotypes about the gender Female…..sad but true….I could do a little whoop ass on them behind the dumpster, too.”

Amen sister woman.

“workvert” — the perv at work who’s the reason that men have to walk around on eggshells with their female coworkers these days because these guys have strewn the path with demeaning sexist remarks, wandering gazes and just a general lack of any kind of respectable behavior when there’s the swish of soft fabric or the scent of perfume in the air. The other men in the office should take you out back and kick the crap out of you behind the dumpsters for making it so hard for them.

I’m just saying.

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The surgeons on Dr. 90210 should probably check these stats before they start spouting off about how what they do is make women feel better about themselves. The careless megolamaniacs. It’s about how much money you make — we know it and you know it. Talk about that and it would make for a much more interesting show, from a sociological perspective of course.

Women who get breast implants are nearly three times more likely to commit suicide years after their surgery than women who don’t get implants. The risk of suicide is even higher if the women got the implants after age 45.

Here’s what I’d like to do to you Dr. Rey in your wife-beater scrubs that are cut to maximize the glory of your musculature:

Happy Friday. Try to love your love handles just the way they are…

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