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YES!!!!!! After I posted about wanting to rock like a baby in a corner, I checked out a new site Lord Somber sent me (I’ve linked to it in the sidebar — Villainous Company) and just about regained all my strength and hope and resolve to stick it out because things can be better if you’re willing to laugh a little. This little gem made me laugh a lot. Lord Somber, you’re a good friend.

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I really, really want to talk about important things today. But I’m just so tired… my workplace’s Brownian motion of the top brass has got me down; it doesn’t help that I happened to catch Dangerous Liaisons last night on the magical light box in my living room and, while John Malkovich is redeemed in the end, he and his great love have to die. I’m sure it’s meant to convey the idea that, as Glenn Close’s evil Marquise de Merteuil notes, “Vanity and happiness are incompatible,” and this is a good lesson. And quite the zinger.

But damn, they have to die? Why do they have to die??

So, in the interest of my sanity, screw important things. Here’s Jon Heder in Benchwarmers. Relish the way his hair curls around his bike helmet. I’m going to run away for a little while and suck my thumb in some corner and try to imagine a better place where no one has to die for doing what’s right. Happy Friday….

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I recommended a movie recently to some folks so I had to move it to the top of my Netflix list towatch it again and make sure I wasn’t recommending something subpar. Thankfully, it is as good as I remember — I always say it’s a favorite, but hadn’t seen it in a while and you know how tastes change… (Ewan McGregor…mmmmm….)

Anyway, I’ve said all that to say this: there’s a great R.E.M. song in this movie from New Adventures in Hi-Fi, the last R.E.M. disc I bought (I have all previous — I’m a fan…), and I wanted to share it cause it’s just that cool. So here it is.

And, from the same disc, because my sister Juliana and I were just talking about their induction into the Ga. Music Hall of Fame, here’s one that makes me think of you Juje.

Oh, and a friend recently introduced me to this band. Check out their MySpace page and play MetalGrammar w/Nelly. You will want to dance. And this, as we know, is never a bad thing.

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So, are they going to have to invade, steal children and execute them in the street before people get the picture? These people are fanatics. Crazy. Single-minded and violent. Just weighing in.


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Okay, in light of my making fun of the “Mommy has a tattoo” book, it might seem incongrous to actually kind of dig this. But I do. Kharma police…

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Unicorn test

My friend CE (who coined the term Lord Ocmulgee — you know who you are) told me the funniest thing this morning in class. She said that you can find out if someone’s a unicorn by asking what their favorite color is. “If they say sparkle, they might be a unicorn.”


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because she loves me

So, my Mom and I were chatting on the phone this morning so I could avoid writing what is sure to be a most stimulating paper on whether or not centralization in higher education governance is a good or bad thing. I know everyone has their own passionate opinion on this topic so I’ll reserve mine for the paper because it might just be too provocative and forward thinking for many readers.

Mom took the opportunity to check me on my statement in my last post about what people should do on Fridays. While I don’t think I meant it as scandalously as all that, Mom thought it was irresponsible and flippant enough to pack it into her bag of things to check me on next time we talked. “I’ve been meaning to get onto you about this,” she said.

So, as I have no wish to be irresponsible and sometimes just say things because they sound kinda poetic, I gotta say that perhaps Mom’s right about giving people the wrong idea. If there’s one thing I’m really talented at, it’s that. And it is a source of almost constant grief.

Therefore, the statement has been removed. Thanks Mom for caring enough to gently knock me back a step. Not everyone is lucky enough to have someone do that for them. Sounds weird doesn’t it?

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I’m so annoyed right now that anything I write will be a rant. And I’m trying to cut down on bitterness in my diet cause I hear it causes cancer. What I can say is that good business decisions are rarely made from personal motivation. In other words, doing what’s right for the business can be sharply disconnected from doing what’s right for you. How people who’ve been in the workplace for 20+ years and are well into their middle age years have let this escape them is beyond me.

For Friday, here’s the Lord Somber-offered Space Blog (he re-sent as payment for “the props”), here’s a sample of a really good local record that I’ve been re-visiting, and here’s one for my bitches.

It’s Friday people. Have a drink and [censored as unbecoming a lady by my mother]

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Wanna know how cool Lord Somber is? He sends me stuff about Borat and the future of computers and bad (really, really super bad to the point of being barely believable) children’s literature and the space blog (which got sent to the junk email bin and was inadvertantly deleted so google it).

He’s not as somber as he would have us believe.

And, for the record, Cute Overload is a stellar example of good web fare, and not just for the “awww, baby animals factor.” The owner of the site also talks about how she and her husband and their roommate had a Sears Christmas photo taken and it, as you can see, is the greatest photo. Ever. Pure, unadulterated genius.

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Avast ye scurvy mateys!

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