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I’m taking the week off next week to move and it occurs to me: I haven’t taken more than a couple days off in a row in over 4 years. Something is seriously wrong in my brain… No wonder it feels like my soul is dying.

Went and watered the rose bushes at my new house this morning. This was a good decision, albeit a tiring one…

One more thing: I heard that there’s a rumor circulating that La Jolie might try to induce labor for the day of the Aniston/Vaughn movie premiere. Having some fairly recent experience with someone who would do something that loopy I can say that self-loathing causes bad decisions and folks are never the better for it. I know girls that looked like Aniston probably made you feel pretty bad as a younger person Ange but get over it already, K?

Happy Friday.

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I never thought I’d say this because I considered it a harsh reality at the time, but I really miss working in environment where, if you didn’t know what the hell was going on you were considered a tool and people had no qualms about pointing out your faults in this regard. Having spent time in an, um, different kind of environment for the past few years I can honestly say I miss the brutal truth. At the very least it forces you to improve or perish, which is quite different (as much as I’m currently told otherwise) than backing the right horse or perishing, if you know what I mean…

Anyhoo, as soon as I bought a house, as Murphy’s Law dictates, everything else in my life began to fall apart, most recently the CD player in my car. So, while I’m waiting to have a new one installed (can’t decide if I want the dealership model — which is very nice — or go the cheaper route and have a dashboard full of filler…) I’ve been listening to a lot of radio. She Wants Revenge has a really good song out called “Tear You Apart” (video directed by my buddy Joaquin Phoenix). Very dark, very weird, very catchy.

Gnarls Barkley (Danger Mouse and Cee-Lo) have a record out of which the track “Crazy” is awesome.

I’m just passing along the info here kids.

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Stinker heads!

“Funny How? Funny like a clown? Am I here for your amusement?”

I’m seriously distracted by this site. My brothers are right — I’m such a girl… But, I mean, they have an all-bunny Tuesday… come on…I’m powerless to resist…

[make sure to check out May24th’s Bananaphone]

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I’ve been swimming since I was about 4. Competitvely for about 10 years in my youth. I even placed regionally in fly (13th, but who’s counting?). Water is almost as natural an element to me as air.

But once, when I was about 6 or 7, I jumped off my grandfather’s fishing boat while it was anchored about a 1/4 mile off shore in the Potomac River. My sister Laura and cousin Mary Maragaret, who were three years older, were being particularly dismissive of me and they had decided to swim to shore. So, by God, would I.

It is the one and only time I can remember a near panic in the water. About halfway in I became very tired and could feel myself losing strength (probably owing to the choppy water) and I’ll be damned if I didn’t really believe I might die in that murky water that day. Somehow I made it (most likely on adrenaline overload due to the panic because I don’t remember the rest of the swim). The next thing I do remember is dragging my tired ass onto my Aunt Dorothy’s dock (two houses down the river) and turning back to look at my relieved father on the boat who’s body language suggested something like this: “You’re an idiot…but nice swim.”

Now I’ve said all that to say this: This kid rocks.

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Michael Crichton has an excellent article on his site about fear and misinformation and how they do more damage than the things they are warning us about. Complete with lots of colorful graphs and photos. I found the part about what really happend to the wildlife at Yellowstone National Park particularly edifying…

“At any moment there are 1,500 electrical storms on the planet. A tornado touches down every six hours. We have ninety hurricanes a year, or one every four days. Again, right on schedule. Violent, disruptive, chaotic activity is a constant feature of our globe.

Is this the end of the world? No: this is the world. It’s time we knew it.”

Fear, Complexity, Environmental Management in the 21st Century

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It took me a while, but I finally understand the uproar over this show being canceled. It’s pure genius. A few clips to get you started but then go rent all three seasons…

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You know what I love? When someone does something shitty to you then punishes you for it. It’s so confusingly, masochistically cool…

Happy Friday.

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Apparently Maddox wrote a book. It’s likely to be lung-crushingly funny. Since I’m a girl, I have to act all offended; but maybe my guy friends can secretly tell me about it over a few beers…

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Hell yeah! My Uncle Lee can finally operate legitimately!

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“They say they want to give us incentives!” President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad declared to a crowd in the central Iranian city of Arak, news services reported. “Do you think you are dealing with a four year old child to whom you can give some walnuts and chocolates and get gold from him?”

Um, dude, you’re kinda acting like one…

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